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Presenting work to clients

How does a content writer present web copy? By showing the site it's on!

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Presenting work to clients

  1. 1. Web content writerand professional blogger
  2. 2. Introducing Sharon• 25 years’ writing experience• 7 years’ experience writing web content and blogging• Fanatical about grammar and deadlines• “Sharon was truly a pleasure to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable of her craft and very professional. I was impressed with how well she knows SEO and she is an amazingly gifted writer. She helped me grow my business and substantially increase traffic to my site.” ~ Nikki Purvy
  3. 3. Catalyst Consultants
  4. 4. Catalyst Case Study• This client had no web site.• Identified keywords related to niche• Built those into web copy to create a narrative about the person and her business• Also authored/edited flyers for different aspects of the business.
  5. 5. McFarlane Translations
  6. 6. McFarlane Case Study• This client had an existing web site.• Discussed the job via Skype/client questionnaire• Identified suitable keywords in English and French (she is a translator)• Wrote English web copy to present the personality behind the site.
  7. 7. Annalise Cakes
  8. 8. Annalise Case Study• Content was for a site being developed• Met and interviewed client to get a feel for personality• Did keyword research for SEO• Combined both to create a history of the client showing how she ended up in the specialty cake business.
  9. 9. RC Fun Spot
  10. 10. RC Fun Spot Case Study• Home page rewrite for existing site• Discussed job via client questionnaire• Carried out keyword research for SEO• Incorporated these into a rewrite emphasizing the fun aspect of the product.• Included opportunities for links to other part of the site.
  11. 11. The Process• Meeting/client questionnaire• Provide quote and deadline• Keyword research and recommendations• Draft copy once keywords agreed• Revise copy (one revision included in quote)
  12. 12. Learn more about Sharon• Writing portfolio and testimonials• LinkedIn• Facebook page• Twitter• Google+