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School Growth Expert | Anupam Kaushik

  1. Transforming schools A n u p a m K a u s h i k SCHOOL Growth Helping K12 Schools to iimprove their communication EXPERT
  2. Transforming schools School Growth Training He has been guiding many School Leaders on how to grow school enrollment and improve brand value of a school.
  3. Transforming schools Public Speaker He speaks at various platforms about school growth
  4. Transforming schools Published Author He has published one book and two e-Books on topics like SCHOOL BRAND AUDIT, SCHOOL GROWTH, and COMPUTATIONAL THINKING
  5. Transforming schools School Innovation Enthusiast He writes a weekly newsletter on School innovation
  6. Transforming schools Community Maker in Education He has been building various communities and help many startups and organisations to build brand communities.
  7. Transforming schools Former Tech Entrepreneur During 2013 to 2016, he ran 'MadResistor' an open source technology startup that reached to a list of global top 10 products by none other than HackADay.