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Ivan chakarov-2015.eng-1

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Vazrazdane gallery present Ivan Chakarov

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Ivan chakarov-2015.eng-1

  1. 1. gallery Vazrazdan invites you to visit painting exhibition of Ivan Chakarov from 07 april to 20 april 2015 www.vazrazdane-gallery.com
  2. 2. Ivan Chakarov continues to be obsessed with images of bulls in - less and horses. Different views of the animals create a situation of one constant corrida and we are really integrate into this passionate world. As their counterpoint are the paintings of the mother with child (portrait kind) and paintings with pathetic children bodies. Filled with love and mastery, these works refer us to the thought of the great drawing talent of the author. Krasi Aleksieva, 2015 Ivan Chakarov was born in 1971. Plovdiv. In 2002, he graduated the National Art Academy, Sofia in painting under professor Theophanes Sokerov. Since 2007 he is teacher of painting at art schools in Plovdiv. He has made 11 solo exhibitions and participated in many common ones. He has won two awards for
  3. 3. We expect you in the exhibition hall of gallery Vazrazdane or on our web address Bulgaria, Plovdiv Old town, 1 Stoyan Chalakov str. +359 32/63 53 39 +359 889 822 640 www.vazrazdane-gallery.com