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The Garment Industry

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The Garment Industry

  1. 1. The Garment Industry 1880-1924
  2. 2. The Levine family’s sweatshop at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
  3. 3. A Necktie Workshop in a Division Street Tenement, 1889
  4. 4. Making knee-pants at a Ludlow Street sweat shop
  5. 5. A Twelve-year old boy pulling threads in a sweatshop, 1889
  6. 6. A man and woman from the University Settlement are shown entering a tenement sweatshop.
  7. 7. Young Jewish Factory Workers
  8. 8. New York Garment Factory Circa 1910-1930
  9. 9. Many American girls wanted to look like the “Gibson Girl”, who wore ashirtwaist and wore her hair knotted on top of her head. This led to the increase of shirtwaist factories.
  10. 10. Young men and women work in a garment factory as foremen look on, ca. 1900.
  11. 11. Young women pose for a picture at a garment factory, ca. 1900.
  12. 12. Sewing machine operators work at long tables, ca. 1900.
  13. 13. Workers in the dressmaking room, ca. 1900
  14. 14. Girls in shirtwaist blouses sit at a long table, ca. 1900.