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The practice of everyday life

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The practice of everyday life

  2. 2. The Practice of Everyday Life Everday Practices ‘ways of operating’ or ‘doing things’ • The examination of such practices does not imply a return to individuality.
  3. 3. CONSUMER PRODUCTION • USAGE OR CONSUMPTION The analysis of the images broadcast by tv (representation) end of time spent watching tv (behavior) shoul be complemented by a study of what the cultural consumer ‘makes’ or ‘does’ during this time and with these images.
  4. 4. USAGE OR CONSUMPTION • Rationalized • Expansionist • Centralized PRODUCTION Clamorous • Spectacular CONSUMPTION
  5. 5. USAGE OR CONSUMPTION CONSUMPTION • Devious • Dispersed • Insinuates everywhere BECAUSE It does not manifest itself through its own productsi but rather throgh its ways of using the products imposed by a dominant economic order.
  6. 6. USAGE OR CONSUMPTION • For Example, The ambiguity that subverted from within the Spanish colonizers succes in imposing their own culture on the indigenous Indıans is well known. The Spanish subverted them not by rejecting or altering themi but by using them with respect to ends and refences foreign to the system they had no choice but to accept.
  7. 7. THE TACTICS OF PRACTICE STRATEGY – TACTIC Strategies things, activities which are implemented by goverment • Goverment functions with ‘strategies’ at place.
  8. 8. THE TACTICS OF PRACTICE Tactics benefits from fractures which emerge from strategies. • They are addicted time. • They are ‘everday life’. Production which is served by strategies is consumed within tactics.
  9. 9. THE TACTICS OF PRACTICE • While strategies are seen they dominate all times actually they are a dominant structure which exist within a part of time. • Tactics capture all times within the circulation of everday life.
  10. 10. EXAMPLES EXAMPLE 1 • Strategy is a policy which tries to impose yourself by defining rules or gramer of a language. • Tactic is using the gramer in different way, making mistakes, making unfinished sentences while speaking.
  11. 11. EXAMPLES • EXAMPLE 2 ‘city’ • City planner plans cities as a strategy. • Pedestrians put tactics in place while walking. • They change streets via everday tactics. • They reestablish the city unconsciously.
  12. 12. • Consumption is a production (as Marx said). • This is a ‘creativity’.
  13. 13. EVERYDAY LIFE • Everday life is full of creativities and discoveries of ordinary people. • Ordinary people develop tactics in everyday life against technique of power. • They initiate a ‘resistance’.
  14. 14. DISCUSSION • Why has tactics appeared? • How is everday life structed by tactics and strategies ? • Where are strategies in everday life ? • Where are tactics in everday life ?