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Best of ServiceMaster Cleans' Services

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Service Master Clean is professional carpet cleaning Company in Wichita Kansas and El Dorado. Call cleaning and restoration Services Company on 316 413 5738. – www.smbybest.com

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Best of ServiceMaster Cleans' Services

  1. 1. Best of ServiceMaster Clean’s Services
  2. 2. About ServiceMaster by Best in Wichita, Kansas (SMbyBest)… Since 2003, Service-Master by Best & ServiceMaster of El Dorado, both have been locally owned and operated and are serving the folks in Sedgwick County and Butler County. ServiceMaster by Best is independently owned & operated, and part of ServiceMaster the international franchise organization. ServiceMaster provides the technical support to bring cutting edge solutions to Derby, El Dorado and Wichita and surrounding communities. With the product support department behind us, it gives us the ability to bring leading edge technology and service that is exceptional to local and regional clients in Kansas.
  3. 3. ServiceMaster Clean Services Carpet & Fabric Cleaning Services Air ducts and their cleanliness are generally not given much attention because they are generally not inspected and thus most people do not realize the amount of dust and even debris that they contain. Just as cleaning out the trash or any other areas in your business or office is essential, it is essential to have clean air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning Services Vacuuming regularly a carpet is the first step in maintaining commercial or industrial carpet. However a carpet must be maintained and also deep cleaned periodically.
  4. 4. Green Cleaning Service Master Green Cleaning Services are detergent-free cleaning and use only ingredients listed by the FDA as safe for consumption and products that are free of surfactants. Suitable for individuals with certain breathing challenges such as asthma or with chemical and allergic sensitivities, our green-cleaning products and services do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or ingredients that are (alkaline or acidic) considered corrosive. ServiceMaster Clean green cleaning is a highly efficient and effective cleaning system that is built around these advanced and innovative products that are proprietary.
  5. 5. ServiceMaster Clean Services Industrial Floor & Facility Cleaning Services Service Master by Best (SMbyBest) in Wichita, KS is a leading solution provider for medical and healthcare facilities in south central Kansas. We partner with you to understand your facility and bring you the most stringent of cleaning processes as you serve your clients with their health care needs. Health Care and Medical Facility Cleaning ServiceMaster in Wichita by Best Corporation (SMbyBest) is a leading janitorial cleaning solution provider for large plant facilities in the south central Kansas region. We build partnership with you to understand your cleaning service needs and bring you the solutions and processes to achieve your objectives.
  6. 6. ServiceMaster Clean Services Post Construction Cleaning As a cleaning services solutions provider we customize solutions for your industrial facility. Each area of your facility requires a customized solution. Whether it is an office area where staff and clients interact or the warehouse where employees build parts; we tailor the solutions with the processes that ensure quality proven results. Janitorial Cleaning As a post construction cleaning services solutions provider, ServiceMaster customizes solutions for your construction project. Each newly constructed building needs detail cleaning from removing stickers on glass to professional carpet cleaning, to cleaning appliances through all your construction phases. Service Master has the solutions to open your facility open for use.
  7. 7. ServiceMaster By Best 729 E. Boston Wichita, KS 67211 Call : 316.413.5754 ServiceMaster of El Dorado 225 N. Main, El Dorado, KS 67042 Call : 316.321.1895