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How to use Instagram ads

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Instagram has launched advertising for all brands. Find out what's new, why you should use it and how to get started. Brands like Taco Bell, Electronic Arts and Michael Kors are already using Instagram ads. With over 300 million Instagram users, you don't want your brand missing out! By Social@Ogilvy's Hannah Law and Neo's Daniala Badalan.

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How to use Instagram ads

  1. 1. Instagram | Ads
  2. 2. Instagram Ads What’s new? q  Instagram carousel ads with “Shop Now”, “Learn More” & “Sign Up” buttons that link outside the app. q  Targeted based on demographics: age, gender & interests pulled from Facebook. q  Sophisticated API for automated managing, tracking & measuring of Instagram ads. Why should a brand use Instagram ads? q  Reach highly engaged younger audiences with content that allows deeper engagement off the Instagram platform. q  Instagram has run 475 campaigns to-date with ad recall 2.9x higher than Nielsen Brand Effect’s norms for online advertising. Brands that trialed Instagram ads included The Gap, Disney, Electronic Arts & Taco Bell. q  Allows full integration of the channel with the brand's social CRM strategy, moving Instagram from an awareness only touchpoint to the end of the purchase funnel. q  Demonstrate the value of a brand's Instagram presence beyond engagement on the platform, through number of clicks (consideration) & cost per conversion. q  Personalization of organic content based on advanced analytics from ads which will show higher consideration from the Target Audience through A/B testing. How should brands use Instagram ads? q  Focus on quality content that integrates with Instagram experience & drives one of these actions: Shop Now, Book Now, Download, Learn More & Sign Up. q  Ask your marketing software provider when Instagram ad integration will be available. Salesforce & Nanigans are already in the works! q  Learn more: https://business.instagram.com/advertising/ or ask us social@ogilvy.com 300M i l l i o n I n s t a g r a m u s e r s