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V mware horizon 6 knowledge transfer

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V mware horizon 6 knowledge transfer

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V mware horizon 6 knowledge transfer

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VMware Horizon™ 6 Overview
  2. 2. Student Guide & Internal & Confidential Update Daly https://goo.gl/VVmVZ0 VK01 Overview http://ouo.io/ONvpf VK02 Architecture http://ouo.io/nmnRC d VK03 Administration - Management http://ouo.io/LIWzA VK04 Administration - VMware View Composer http://ouo.io/5bd9L VK05 Administration - Desktop Setup http://ouo.io/RTbrp VK06 Cloud Pod Architecture http://ouo.io/7frLWX VK07 RDS Hosted Applications http://ouo.io/xVkN9x VK08 Using Horizon Desktops http://ouo.io/DjIXo VK09 Persona Management Supplement http://ouo.io/OsDjAA VK10 VMware Horizon on Virtual SAN Supplement http://ouo.io/nW3hh VK11 Real-Time Audio-Video Supplement http://ouo.io/K7ivI VK12 3D Graphics Supplement http://ouo.io/HIifmd VK13 Horizon Client for iPad and Android Devices Supplement http://ouo.io/wfS7l VK14 PCoIP Supplement http://ouo.io/xBdl9 VK15 VMware ThinApp Supplement http://ouo.io/uvR1k VK16 Operational Verification http://ouo.io/ZWzm4 p VK17 Validation Workbook http://ouo.io/kxJTU
  3. 3. VMware Horizon 6 3 User Experience Display / Multimedia / Peripheral / Printing / Access Management Image / Apps / Brokering / Security / Persona Virtual Platform Server (Hosted) / Client / Mobile
  4. 4. How User-Centric Computing Is Better 4 Traditional Desktop VMware Horizon 6 Desktop tied to device Virtual desktop is encapsulated Slow provisioning Fast, self-service automated provisioning Unsecured endpoint Secured environment Difficult to manage and patch Easy to manage and patch large scale Difficult to enforce compliance Easy to back up and recover Capital and operational cost savings Application encapsulation Publish applications to users
  5. 5. How Horizon 6 Improves VMware vSphere 5 vSphere Alone Horizon 6 Adds… VMware vCenter™ for virtual machine provisioning Automated desktop VM lifecycle management Thin provisioning VMware View Composer™ for disk savings Individual desktop virtual machines Patch multiple desktops using shared image with persona management VMware vSphere® Client™ administrative UI Desktop broker with single sign-on Content based read cache (CBRC) PCoIP remote display protocol VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Array Integration (VAAI) USB device redirection Virtual and location-based printing RDS Hosted Applications Application encapsulation and deployment
  6. 6. VMware Horizon 6 – Components 6 VMware Horizon Administrator vSphere Horizon 6 Unified Access  Desktop broker, secured access  Active Directory integration  Cloud Pod Architecture for multi-site deployments Horizon Client for Mobile Devices  Access desktops from iOS and Android devices  Desktop VMs  VMware Virtual SAN™ Support View Connection Server/Security Server VMware Horizon Client for Windows, Mac  Support for desktops/laptops and thin clients  Self-service, single sign-on  Smart card support View Composer  Disk-saving via linked clones  Persona management  Quick update/patch management Horizon Desktop Multi Display  Real-Time Audio-Video Support Display Protocol  PCoIP  RDP Devices  USB redirection Printing  Driver-free virtual printing  Location based printing ThinApp  Application virtualization  Integrated deployment RDS Hosted Apps  Publish RDS applications
  7. 7. Horizon 6 Features • Horizon Administrator (connection and security servers) – Desktop connection broker – Maintains desktop assignment – Support for SSL connection to desktop with RDP – Support for RSA SecurID authentication – Support for RADIUS authentication • Supports a wide range of alternative two-factor token-based authentication options • Opens standard extension interface to allow third-party solution providers to integrate advanced authentication extensions into Horizon 6 – Works with VMware® vCenter Server™ to provision virtual desktops as needed • Option to create automated pools of desktop virtual machines that grow on demand • Integrates with Virtual SAN – Can broker connections to standalone virtual machines (VMware or non- VMware), physical desktops, or publish Windows RDS applications – Supported desktop operating systems • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 7
  8. 8. Key Horizon 6 Features • Horizon Unified Access – Credential authentication against Active Directory – Support for pre-created Active Directory machine accounts – Option for single sign-on to desktop console session – Smart card support – Kiosk mode for machine based authentication • HTML access – Access Horizon 6 desktop without installing a client – Compatible with major desktop and tablet operating systems and browsers • RDS Hosted Applications – Publish Windows RDS Applications to Horizon 6 users – Access with Horizon Client or VMware Workspace™ 8 Horizon Administrator
  9. 9. Horizon Unified Access 9 Access Method Horizon Client • Windows desktops, laptops, and certified thin clients Horizon Client for Mac • OSX 10.5 and higher Horizon Client for Linux (vendor-provided) • For certified thin clients and repurposed desktops Web Client • For Chrome 28, IE 9, Safari 6, Firefox 21 or later Vendor Client (vendor-provided) • For certified thin clients Horizon Client for mobile devices • iPad – Available in App Store • Android – Available in Play Store Horizon Desktops vCenter virtual machines • Automated desktop pools Existing desktops • Existing physical PC/blade machines • Existing virtual machines • Individual (standalone) and manual desktop pools Remote Desktop Services • Remote Desktop services desktop pool • Publish RDS applications
  10. 10. Key Horizon 6 Features (cont.) • vSphere – Scalability – Built for the largest desktop environments • Thousands of virtual machines per pod • Faster and more efficient VMware vSphere vMotion® leading to decreased migration time for virtual machines • Shrink and grow desktops based on demand and priority – Dynamic Resource Allocation – High performance • Optimized for desktop workloads • Performance acceleration due to lower memory swapping • Advanced storage performance optimization options leveraging vSphere 5.0 such as vStorage API for array integration, up to 32 hosts per cluster for NAS, content based read cache, and customizable View Composer disk drive letter • VAAI included as tech preview – Best density • Increased desktop virtual machine density – High availability and business continuity 10
  11. 11. Key Horizon Features (cont.) • Virtual SAN support – Deploy Horizon 6 on a Virtual SAN cluster to take advantage of performance and cost benefits – Horizon will create Virtual SAN policies based on the type of desktop pool – Virtual SAN provides SSD read and write caching backed by spinning disks for storage • View Storage Accelerator – Utilises content based read caching to accelerate frequently accessed, common blocks – Hot blocks are stored in DRAM for high-speed, low latency access – Helps mitigate the impact of boot storms – Compatible with shared storage and Virtual SAN deployments 11 Hard disksSSD
  12. 12. Key Horizon Features (cont.) • View Composer – Uses linked clone technology • Disk savings • Faster deployment – Image separation • Shared OS virtual disk – Replicate changes quickly across dependent VMs – QuickPrep or Sysprep for user customization • User persistent disk (optional) – Retains user-specific data – Can be archived and managed separately from VMs • Disposable disk – Writes temp and page files to separate disk – Deleted when virtual machine is powered off – Can be installed as an add-on on the same host where vCenter Server is installed or separately on a totally different host 12 Desktop A Master READ ONLY Desktop B Delta Disk B Desktop A Desktop B disk disk base disk Delta Disk A
  13. 13. Key Horizon 6 Features (cont.) • Horizon 6 Desktop – Display protocol – PCoIP • Adaptive technology for optimal user experience over LAN and WAN • Fully lossless • Perceptually lossless • Smartcard supported – RDP • Aero support with RDP 7 Client, Windows 7 – Blast • HMTL5 browser access • No client needs to be installed 13
  14. 14. Description Benefits • Adaptive protocol for delivering high fidelity desktops to end users • Select Build to Lossless or Build to Perceptually Lossless • Client side image caching • Highly tunable to suit different environments • Use GPOs to tune agents and clients • UDP based • Automatically adapts based on available bandwidth • Provide crisp lossless graphics for users that rely on graphics for their work • Configure for high user experience, low bandwidth, or somewhere in between • Maintain high user experience even on connections with loss or high latency Key Horizon 6 Features – PCoIP 14
  15. 15. Description Benefits • Choice of software, shared hardware [virtual shared graphics acceleration (vSGA)], or dedicated hardware [virtual dedicated graphics acceleration (vDGA)] for 3D graphics • Support for vMotion (software and vSGA) • Dynamically switch between software and vSGA • Enables DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.1 apps • vMotion, VMware vSphere High Availability, and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler™ compatible • Lower TCO / higher ROI for workloads requiring basic or medium 3D • No Windows client side dependencies • Broad application compatibility Key Horizon 6 Features – 3D Graphics 15
  16. 16. • Reduce TCO with more stateless desktops by allowing more use cases to share desktops • Profile migration – Windows user profiles from Windows XP to Windows 7 and profiles from physical computers to Horizon 6 or from Horizon 6 to Horizon 6 • Facilitates DR/BC – Files are stored in their native format on central file server • Easy administration – GPO-based management • Scalable – No database or login scripts to impede scalability Feature Benefits • Preserve user’s persona between sessions • Just-in-time file retrieval of user’s data reduces peak IOPS during login/logout storms • Uses standard CIFS shares. • Does not require roaming profiles but supports existing roaming profile users • Supports all Horizon 6 guests • Also supported on physical computers Key Features – Horizon 6 Persona Management 16
  17. 17. • Reduce bandwidth requirements for A/V while maintaining quality • Virtual Webcam driver increases application support • Can enable and set policies for clients through GPOs to reduce bandwidth Feature Benefits • Compress A/V from client device to Horizon 6 Desktop • Supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac clients • Supports microphones and Webcams • Utilizes virtual Webcam driver • Group policy control Key Features – Real-Time Audio-Video 17 Client Compressed A/V PCoIP A V A V
  18. 18. • Low TCO with a classic terminal services model, and favorable licensing from Microsoft • Cross-platform support for accessing applications • Leverage existing RDSH deployment in the organization • Provide access for key business applications to external stakeholders Feature Benefits • Publish applications to users instead of desktops • Seamless look and feel for the user • Utilize Horizon 6 Client across platforms including Mac and iOS to access Windows applications • Horizon 6 will spread users across available RDSH servers • Integrate with Horizon Workspace Key Features – RDS Hosted Applications 18 APP APP
  19. 19. • Increase Horizon 6 scalability • Configure Horizon 6 Pod architecture to direct users to their home site or to a DR site in the event of failure • Have users moving between sites get the correct desktops • Provide a single Horizon URL for users across the org Feature Benefits • Connect multiple Horizon pods together across sites • Support for active/active and DR use cases • Support for geo-roaming users • Single namespace Key Features – Cloud Pod Architecture 19 Federated Horizon Pods Pod 1 VCS 1 VCS 2 LDAP Replication Pod 2 VCS 3 VCS 4 LDAP Replication Global LDAP Replication Inter -pod com m.
  20. 20. Key Horizon 6 Features (cont.) • Horizon 6 Desktop – Horizon 6 USB redirection – Automatic USB redirection to connect peripheral devices • Storage devices • Printers • Scanners • Bluetooth adapters – USB redirection policy settings are applicable to Horizon 6 Agent as well as Horizon 6 Client • USB recognition – Horizon 6 Client reads the device family from the device itself, not from the device driver, so drivers need not be explicitly installed on the client • Horizon 6 Desktop – Horizon 6 clipboard redirection 20
  21. 21. Key Horizon 6 Features (cont.) • Horizon 6 Desktop – Horizon 6 printing – Driver-free printing from virtual desktops – Uses ThinPrint virtualized printer driver included in Horizon 6 Client – Uses compression to minimize network utilization – Location based printing integrated with Active Directory GPOs • ADM templates provided with VMware Horizon 6 21
  22. 22. Key Features – Location-Based Printing for Non-Windows-Based Clients 22 Description Benefits • No client side requirements or dependencies for Windows-based clients • Managed and configured through AD GPOs • Prints to the closest network based printer from any device • Extends support of location based printing to non-Windows based clients • Several location detection rules including • IP address • MAC address • User name • User group • Client hostname
  23. 23. Key Horizon 6 Features (cont.) • Horizon 6 Desktop – VMware ThinApp® – Virtualizes and encapsulates applications • Decouples applications and data from the operating system • Allows one copy of application to be run by multiple users – Integrated deployment in View Management Console • Deploy single, multiple packages to desktop pools • Push to desktop or stream from network 23 Capture Store Deploy
  24. 24. Key Horizon 6 Features – VMware Horizon Client for iPad 24 Description Benefits • Enables full Windows desktop experience on the iPad • Connectivity over 3G and WiFi • With App Store, client is always up to date • Horizon Client for the iPad • Horizon Client for the iPad with PCoIP support including remote connectivity support with the View security server • Available on the Apple App Store
  25. 25. Key Horizon 6 Features – Horizon Client for Android 25 Description Benefits • Access Windows virtual machines from Android devices with best possible user experience even over low bandwidth and high latency network conditions • Connectivity over 3G and Wi-Fi, supports multitasking • Support for Kindle Fire • Client is updated through the Play Store or Kindle Store • Horizon Client for Android • PCoIP support and remote connectivity support with View security server • Delivered through the Android Play Store or the Amazon Kindle Store
  26. 26. Questions 26
  27. 27. VMware Horizon 6 Overview VMware, Inc. 3401 Hillview Ave Palo Alto, CA 94304 Tel: 1-877-486-9273 or 650-427-5000 Fax: 650-427-5001