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MPub Last Class: pulling it together

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Review of the theory and practical aspects we discussed in class related to integrating offline and online marketing.

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MPub Last Class: pulling it together

  1. 1. Marketing for Publishers Putting it all together by Monique Trottier
  2. 2. Marketing is how we relate to each other and how we relate to the organizations that serve us. • Conversation • Collaboration • Community monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  3. 3. It’s not the tools,it’s how we use them monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  4. 4. The Culture of the Web monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  5. 5. If we believe Clay Shirky ... that the web is a network of people who organize themselves
  6. 6. The Cluetrain Manifesto• Markets are conversations.• Markets are networks of people.• Markets make buying decisions by talking amongst each other.• Companies are networks of people.• Companies should use a human voice instead of corporate-speak. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  7. 7. Open Brand• On-demand: Brands need to be accessible, immediate, & findable.• Personal: Brands need to build relationships with consumers.• Engaging: Brands need to be interactive and provide meaningful experiences that foster relationships.• Networked: Brands need to leverage the potential of word-of-mouth marketing – market to ‘true fans’ who will spread the word for them. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  8. 8. Positioning Statement Exercise1. For (who is the customer?)2. Who need (what is their pain?)3. Product X is (what is your product?)4. That provides (how does it solve the pain?)5. Unlike competitors (what competes with your product?)6. Our product (what makes your product superior?)7. The company also provides (what added punch is providedto seal the deal?) Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  9. 9. 7-Sentence Marketing Plan Goals > Actions > Response > KPIsSentence 1: What is the purpose of your marketing? (1, 2, 5, 7)Sentence 2: How will you accomplish your purpose?Sentence 3: Who is your target market?Sentence 4: What is your niche in the marketplace? (4, 6)Sentence 5: What tools and tactics will you use to carry out your marketing?Sentence 6: What is your business identity?Sentence 7: How will you measure success and allocate time and budget? Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  10. 10. Remember all the math• Profit and Loss Statement• Click through rate (CTR)• Conversion rate, abandonment rate• ROI• Cost per lead (action), cost per conversion (sale) Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  11. 11. What haven’t I told you yet?1. Start early2. Market longer3. Engage authors4. Connect directly with readers5. Collaborate with partners to kickstart new channels
  12. 12. 1. Start earlier. 2. Do it longer.
  13. 13. 1. Start earlier. Do it longer.Stretch your marketing program:• Start planning in acquisitions• Digitize as much as you can• Release early, release often• Author, author, author• Partner, partner, partner• Leverage everything• Focus resources
  14. 14. 3. Engage Authors
  15. 15. 4. Connect directly with readers• Make available everywhere• Cultivate your communities of interest• Give something of value• The real risk is being ignored
  16. 16. 5. Collaborate to open up new channels• Open new channels to the market• Create new platforms for books• Find non-industry partners
  17. 17. Collaborate to kickstart new channels• Try different models. • Search for Freakers on kickstarter.com • Watch TOC interview with Harvard Common Press Associate Publisher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk-9cWGgyUI&feature=youtu.be• Watch for people who get technology (first adopters, advocates) and have experience (work experience, experience rallying different stakeholders across an org, experience leading teams, experience in social media)• Watch for people who are multi-disciplinary and can wear many hats• Watch for people will to take risks and understand rewards (KPIs, goals) Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  18. 18. Understand the Tools and How to Select Them Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  19. 19. Online Public Relations PRWeb, PRLeap monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  20. 20. Content Sharing SocialCollider.com monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  21. 21. Facebook & Twitter Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  22. 22. Facebook Case Study: Scholastic Goals > Actions > Response > KPI Goals (#1) > Actions (#2, 5, 6) > Response (#3, 4) > KPI (#7) Actions that Desired Goals will achieve Why Audience KPIs the goal Response• Connect with existing • Introduce new • Teachers and parents • Email subscribers also • Initial # fans notified community of teachers community to existing are brand become FB fans about FB and parents community ambassadors; • Share FB page with • # FB fans during initial• Support a long-term, • Give loyal email recommendation friends campaign period loyal base of brand subscribers the sneak between friends is • Actively engage on the • # page impressions ambassadors peak at FB stronger than from page; supporting each • # shares to other• Share resources with • Giveaway incentive to Scholastic directly other friends core fans generate excitement • Reward the existing • Redeem promotions • # referrals to online• Increase sales • Share exclusive content base with previews and • Sales store promotions • # sales • Great content • Average order value encourages repeat • Lifetime value of visits customer • Supporting fan base leads to them supporting Scholastic through sales Read a full case study: http://smartblogs.com/socialmedia/2010/12/23/andys-answers-how-scholastic-is-using-facebook-to-create-loyal-brand-ambassadors/
  23. 23. Social Media Best Practices• Post helpful, valuable information• Give your fans a reason to become fans• Create conversation: Use updates to ask questions and elicit responses• Have an editorial strategy• Be fan-centric not brand-centric• Integrate Online Offers with Offline Experiences Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  24. 24. Integrate Offline & OnlineJustalilhype! is on online magazine on the streetculture of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  25. 25. Start with a solid base. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  26. 26. Create an ecosystem.Use tools to bring your audience back to your base monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  27. 27. Flickr.com Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  28. 28. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  29. 29. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  30. 30. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  31. 31. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  32. 32. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  33. 33. Video Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  34. 34. Embed Code Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  35. 35. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  36. 36. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  37. 37. monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  38. 38. Other Marketing Tactics Facebook ads, Eventbrite, QR Codes monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  39. 39. Online / Offline Tactics Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  40. 40. Ecommerce Store BigCartel.com monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  41. 41. Goals What can we do to acquireAcquisition Visitors to the site? Do Visitors take action, likeActivation follow us, friend us, subscribe?Retention Can we retain visitors attention? Do they like us enough to Referral recommend us? Revenue Do they buy something? Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  42. 42. Goals > KPI > Tools (Sentence #1) (Sentence #7) (Sentence #5) Website Visitors, time on site,Acquisition referral traffic from YouTube, Flickr and other social media Number of pageviews,Activation repeat visits, subscription (email, blog), Fan/FollowerRetention Email Opens, Click-throughs, Repeat visits, Unsubscribes Press Mention, Likes & Referral Shares, Retweets, Refers 1+visitors to the site; Refers 1+ visitors who activate Revenue Event tickets, eCommerce purchases monique@boxcarmarketing.com twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  43. 43. What’s Next?HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE TEST (Oct 5)• P&L scenario: tell me X (i.e., calculate net profit or ROI)• Write subject line for email newsletter, tweet, FB status• Write press release or blogger outreach letter• Based on a given scenario, write a 7 Sentence PlanEMAIL REVISED 7 SENTENCE PLAN (Oct 7, 5 pm)monique@boxcarmarketin.comOPTIONAL READINGSTop 10 Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successfulhttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top-10-facebook-pages/An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquettehttp://www.chrisbrogan.com/socialmediaetiquette/Presentation on Metrics with Audio: http://blip.tv/file/5079381Olivier Blanchard’s Basics of Social Media ROIhttp://www.slideshare.net/thebrandbuilder/olivier-blanchard-basics-of-social-media-roi