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Open Elective-III Syllabus.pdf

  1. Cb£ 391 A Open Elective-Ill: Nanotechnology 3L, 3 Hrs, MM 100 Introduction to Nanotechnology: ln1r0duc1ion to nanotechnology and materials. Nanomateriats. Introduction to nano sizes and propcnics comparison with the bulk materials, dilTcrent shapes and sizes and morphology. Fabrication of Nanomaterinls: Wet Chemical Synthesis Methods. Colloidal Nanopanicles Product-ion. Sol Gel Methods, Microwave and Atomization. Gas phase Production Methods : Chemical Vapour Depositions. Kinetics at Nanoscalc: Nucleation and growth of particles, Issues of Aggregation of Panicles. Layers of surface Charges. Zeta Potential and pH. Carbon Nanomaterials: Synthesis of carbon buckyballs, List of stable carbon atlotropcs extended fullercnes, metallofullerenes solid C60, bucky onions nanotubes. Nanomatcrials characterization: Instrumentation Fractionation principles of Particle size measurements. Panicle size and its distribution, XRD, Zeta potential Microscopies SEM, TEM, Atomic Forced Microscopy, Scanning and Tunneling Microscopy Applications in Chemical Engineering: Self-assembly and molecular manufacturing : Surfactant based system Colloidal system applications, ZnO.TiO2• Silver Nanoparticles Functional materials Applications. Production Techniques of Nanombes, Carbon arc, bulk synthesis, commercial processes ofsynthesis ofnanomaterials, Nanoclay. Commercial case study of nano synthesis - applications in chemical engineering. EC 391 A Open Electh•e-fll: Elertronic Instrumentation 3L 3 Hrs, MM:100 Transducers: Construction, characteristics and circui~ for common types of resistive, capacitive, inductive, magneto-structive; piezo-elcctric. Photo-electric and thermo-electric transducers for measurement of process physical variables. Various sensing clements and for measurement of Force, Pressure, Humidity, Moisrure, strain. Velocity, Acceleration and pH. Inductive and Capacitive prorimity switches. Physical and electrical loading ofand by the transducer Systems. Signal CondUioning: Analog and digital signal conditioning for instrumentation. Objectives ofDAS. components ofanalog DAS and digital Data acquisition system. digital data recording system. multi channel DAS. modem digital acquisition system. Electron.ic Displays: Principle of LED numeric. ma1rix and alpha-numeric displays. flat panel CRT. LCD, electro-luminiscent and electrophoretic and touch screen displays.
  2. SE 39LA Open Elective-ID :Finite Eleme_ni Me_tbod 3L 3 llrs.M~1: 100 Introduction to Finite Element Me1hod, Basic Concept of Finite Element Mel.hod, Analysis of continuum:- Structural, thermal, Potential etc., Finite Element Analysis of an elastic continuum:- Displacement approach. Direct Forrnula1ion. Energy ln1cgral, Co and C I continuity, Convergence criteria. Elements:- Types and Properties. Conforming ond Non conforming. Shape FuncLions:- Longrangian and Serendity family for one ond two dimensional cases. • Puscnl triangle, Super / Sub and lso parametric clements. Steps in Finite Element Analysis ofan elastic continuum.
  3. M l 391A Open Eleeth•e-111: Project Emironment Clear.nee JL 3 ll rs, MM: 100 Brief in1roduc1 ion of Environment Protcc:tton Act 1986 nnd other rclcvnnt lcgnl provi~ion~ npplicable to gel environment clenmnce in lndin. Imp11cl of mnjor engineering projects on various components of the enironment. Socio•Economy. Land. Wnter, Air, Noihe 1111d others. Prepnrulion of Environment management pion: Public hcanng, collcctmg bnschnc data, Environment 1 mpoc1 11sscssmc111 and prcdicution, Environment mnnogcment pion. envtronment monitonng and manogemc:nL
  4. 3L PI 392A INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (Pl) {Open Choice Based Elective - O.C.B.E.) 3 hours, 100 Marks Credit 3 Introduction: Meaning and scope of Intellectual Property. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and its significance in Engineering, Place of intellectual property in other forms and kinds of property and respective characteristics, need for development and protection of intellectual property Commercial Aspects of IPR. Various forms of Intellectual Property Rights : Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Geographical Indications and Traditional Knowledge, Industrial Designs, Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits, Trade Secrets. Nature, te1m and conditionality in each such right, laws dealing with the rights, expiration of the right. International treaties pertaining to IPR protection, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and agreement in Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Indian Patent Act, 1970 : History of patenting system in India, Introduction to Indian Patent Act and Rules, Types of Patent Applications. Various Sections in an application. Introduction to The Copyright Act, 1957; The Trade Marks Act, 1999; The Design Act, 2000; The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999; The Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Act, 2000. Introduction to patent search; landscape analysis. IPR Management: IP portfolio management- Importance and significance of IP portfolio management in an organization, IP Audit.
  5. CS£ J91 A - WEB TECIIXOI..OGIES40pn,I JL, J lfn.. ,,,, 100 l'nJ.........i,n, h-.r....oft Mc"T 1"-"•n.aJ ASPJI/CT C'ruwt u,m,•011,,ilh III V1...t Cl nR. Fn,.,...Gri. 0.. I 1bu1'), t,J l )P,. 1""'1-11•1 d,e .NET ~,.....,.ock. Cumnui Typc,1, t..lh, Scnn11, Coti.:a-o. llqub,'«'"""'' C<ff T)'JIC',, Scnah1A1101>. Rcmoun1- Orar',,--.. R,-h Chcnl Arri.. - • Globaluauon. CW,....,...._ Ad,.,,...i eomr,-.. Sc- luludwadu11-Thread S)llCbroni-. law-lhr-..J c..___ 111111 Morua ~ &. lh-cnl, Vai.s.w.1 U- lnf'11 C'rt.illn& a c..,,...,_,Klll lll Iha 0.U:- Onplo)IOJ I ~ l,11 8"""" Coouul l'qin1 al Scl0<tli.. OwlGnJ Coou.... A.:.~11•1 Dill• "dh Oabll-ir,.-' SqlO.wtu.ln ~ ofS!Uffll ~ t.n.1ci1, SI.tit Slal• ffil1Ra,dilrfil. -'!'l!b.:auoti iC.J 'i.:,iloll lilNN,t,. C'• 6illl (',,.,l,.-lo,, ~ovui'i• (a1U1jw.... OpornmoJ l ""I 1~l -•1J,c ohjc.t R.!aJta1 and Wn11n1 XMI o..t.a. 0-Vic,, ul XML Ard•1ntlff. 0..&.'lcl Oli,u"I. XML Wdt Sc,nff Ct•wol 11~1 1. Traml'armon1--t Oupt..yUIJ XML, SOl<d Ou1a. Cmtt"'I a :XML WohScr,a Sc,unn1 ■ M"""'°lt ASP.l'ITI Wrt, AJ'Pl><..KJII, Wdl AppllulJ•• ~<CUnl)I o,.,.....,,.,W....S...., 111.o<J Authnik...,._ 1.,,,,,,, B.i.«I AutlM.'nlJullOO. ,.._,,io, Authffllt<'lltnft. Rq,-. ,.,. lhcn, flma1UD, l!wn kl S1111 Ou1. A.IA~ 1'11 I A11hl1n1urt. Wt•l,J"I ..,ti, AJA) Prn ..J C<.uol, A,.,.,J• ., C.l,,nd. Ca...JlnsOr,'1'0. ,11 l'oH.pll>k~•-1 Hll=d futll<n. ..__ Up O.,,,.n M...i.J l,p,p, l'opup l'<tltln>I P°"'J.-J li"111 .nJl'l,l b- l'roo;~. A.1J.n1 •cn.-r •--•I• IQ• ASPl'IFT Wrh ,_ .,_._.,, hlllllhna •~• ad ,:.,"
  6. EE 391A Oren Elcc1h c.- Ill: Son Comru1ing Techniques JL J llour$, 100 Mu~ Soll Comp111ing : lntroduchon of ,oil computing, .oil compuhng .,,,.. hiird computing, vnno15 types of ~oil compulang tcchmqucs, applicntion~ofsoil computm11 An1ficiol ln1clligcncc : lnlroduct1on. Vorious types of production systems, cborncrensucs of p.roducuon systems, brco.dth first sc:ircb, dcplh nm ~curch tcchmquci,, olhcr Sc11rch Technique~ like hill Climbing, Bc~t fir:.t Simrch, A• illgoritbm, AO" Algonthnb ruid various types of conirol strategics. Knowledge representation issues. Prepositional and predicate logic. monotonic ond non monotonic reasoning, forword Reosonmg, backward reasoning, Weak & Strong Slot & filler strucru~s. NLP. Neural Network : S1ructun: 11nd Function of u single neuron: B1olog1cal neuron. nn1fic1al neuron. definition of ANN. Tuonomy of neural net, Difference between ANN and hurnnn bruin. chlU'DCtenstics ond opplicntions of ANN. ~angle lnycr netork. Pcrcc:ptron tmimng ulgnrithm. Fuzzy rule base system : fuuy propositions, form.ition. dccompo,1llon &11ggr~ga11on of fuzzy rule:,, furey reasoning. fuzzy inference systems, fuzzy decision making & Applications of fuzzy logic.
  7. ME 391A 0 1 1en Elec1i,•e-lll: Design l'hrnnlng nnd Control of l'roduclion Sy:s1em JL 3 Hrs, MM:100 Production Plonning: Planning horizon, producl exploring, Mnkc and buy decisions. operations plonmng. dcmnnd forecnshng. conversion of forecast into production gout Scheduling: 0 1 ierntlon scquc11cing ond bnluncing. Scheduling for mn~s production 011djob order production. MRP. ERP. lnvelllQ l'Y Sy~1em; Co~! fo1;tQrs relevlml IQ qperntions 11ml inventory ~ontrnl, EOQ with shQrlllg~ 110<11mifQnn proo11~liQo, q11Mti1y discount. Project Plnnning nnd Control:Network control, cont.rol co,t con.~idcrotion and optimi7.lllion, Resource nllocntion 11nd levelling. Aggregnte productiun plunning, decision rules. Supply Chnin Manngcmcnt:: Stnitcgic frnmcwork ofSupply chnin - mcnmng, scope und performance of supply chnin, supply chain drivers 11nd ohstoclcs. Role of c-busincss in u supply chnin.
  8. CE 391A Open Elecllve-111: EcoS)slcm & Biodh crsil) JL. 3 Llrs. MM 100 Conccpl of an ecosystem. struclure & funcLion of ccosyslem. Bio-Geo chemical cycles (Hydrological carbon. oxygen. nitrogen.. phosphorm & sulphur cycle). energy flow in ccosys1em. food chain MoJor ecosystems (D~-scripuoo only) : Forest ecosystem. Grusslnnd ccosyslcm. Desert ecosystem, Aqwiuc ecosystem. RJcnne nnd stream ecosystem. Morine ecosysLem. Estunrine ecosystem. Biodlcn.ity : Definition and its impomncc. B1od,,.crsity ot global. national & locnl level. Hot spots of biodiven;ity. Thro!$ to biodlcn1ty & cou,es ofbiodi,cr>tty loss. Conseoa1100 ofb1od1vcr>1ty. Value ofbiodiversity: Consumptive use. productive use, social value. ethical value. oesthctic value& optional valui:. Bio-gcogrnph1cnl clnssifiaition ofIndio. Indio ns mega-diversity nn1ion