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SDN a strategic assessment

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A look at software defined networking now and in the future.

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SDN a strategic assessment

  2. 2. Biography • Technology Strategist for Universal Data, Inc. • Over 25 years of Industry Experience • Industry Certifications include: Cisco CCNP, CCDP, Voice and Wireless Specializations, Microsoft MCSE, Novell Master CNE, HP ASE, Marconi ATM IOM, Extreme and Juniper Design Certifications, and more than 20 others Richard Tando Chief technology Officer Universal Data, Inc.
  3. 3. • Founded over 30 years ago and built on the principle as technology changes UDI will adapt while helping our clients realize change • New Orleans owned and operated • Single source provider of IT solutions and services • UDI is not identified by a single product but by the adaptability and the strength of our team Universal Data Overview
  4. 4. Universal Data has over 30 years of experience in providing World Class Service to our community while strengthening their ability to manage and access their business information continuously and securely, today and in the future, by utilizing existing and emerging technologies. For 3 consecutive years, UDI has been selected as the top 1% of technology companies in North America for both its deep technical expertise and premier certifications As an established, experienced technology provider to state and local governments, schools, and institutions, we work with leading IT manufacturers to maximize discounts for government and nonprofit clients. Universal Data is experienced in the E-Rate process. We can also work with you to identify, solicit, and obtain grants or other alternative funding, enabling you to deploy technology that your principal revenue sources could not otherwise support.
  5. 5. SDN agenda SDN Defined1 SDN Drivers and Impact2 State of the Industry3 Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here?4
  6. 6. Myth 1 FACT: Like most new technologies, SDN is somewhat misunderstood and over-hyped! However, it does offer substantial benefits for dynamic virtual networks.
  7. 7. Source: 2013 Tail-f Software Defined Network Survey
  8. 8. What is the problem?
  9. 9. What is the problem?
  10. 10. • BYOD • Increased use of Mobile Devices and Tablets • Increased demand for applications and services • Growing Use of Cloud Computing • Need for more granular control • Security and Compliance Requirements • Big Data and growing Data Stores • Desktop and Application Virtualization Drivers
  11. 11. What brings the two world together? Objective: An Open, Programmable, Application-Aware Network Network Programmability THE APPLICATION WORLD THE NETWORK WORLD Inform application of data intrinsically in the network Inform network of desired behavior VPN/mobile/security gateways Billing profile Business edge service profileEnterprise edge Hypervisor stack User service profile CDN Programmable Touch points
  13. 13. Basic SDN Operation Data PlaneControl Plane Switching Device Switching Device Switching Device Switching Device SDN Controller
  14. 14. Where did the protocols go? Switch Control Plane OpenFlow Controller Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch • Switches do not run any protocols besides OpenFlow Switch Control Plane: • Switching and Routing protocols are run from a central controller • xSTP, LACP, Ethernet OAM • OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, etc. OpenFlow Protocol LACP RSTP OSPF …
  15. 15. SDN agenda SDN Defined1 SDN Drivers and Impact2 State of the Industry3 Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here?4
  16. 16. Myth 3 FACT: HAH! Software has to run on something! A common corollary to this myth is that SDN deployments will consist of cheap minimalist platforms in the field. This too is highly unlikely. Intelligence will still be necessary to communicate with the controller and manage the device. SDN is likely to fuel new hardware innovation.
  17. 17. SDN drivers and impact Private cloud is not just about cost reduction. will be a key benefit. By 2020, devices will be connected to wireless networks. SDN market will grow to by 2016… driven by the growing need for scalability and network programmability. HUMAN MIDDLEWARE DEVICE PROLIFERATRATION MARKET GROWTH Gartner G00238288, Five Things That Private Cloud Is Not, 3 August 2012, Thomas J. Bittman Ericsson white paper, “More Than 50 Billion Connected Devices,” February 2011 IDC #235074, “Technology Assessment: The Impact of OpenFlow on Data Center Network Architecture” June 2012
  18. 18. What are the benefits of SDN? • Agility and Manageability • Scalability • Optimal Path Computation • Network Function Virtualization
  19. 19. Agility and Manageability and Scalability
  20. 20. Optimal Path Computation.
  21. 21. Cloud Computing Prediction why didn’t it happen?
  22. 22. • Virtualization will be a huge consumer of SDN but it also makes it possible. Virtual Servers present an ideal platform for Network Functions • Standards are getting better • Open source is a strong and respected development process • Technological advancements like programmable Asics and the fact that many vendors have already started down these paths on their own has paved the road to SDN SDN enablers
  23. 23. SDN agenda SDN Defined1 SDN Drivers and Impact2 State of the Industry3 Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here?4
  24. 24. YOU USED TO GET EXCITED ABOUT NETWORKING? For the first time in years, networking is driven by new ideas and new technologies. SDN promises to end the stagnation of legacy networking. “Game Changer”
  25. 25. SDN Offerings can be divided into 4 segments • Pure ApproachPure Approach1 Overlay Approach2 Management Approach3 Component Approach4
  27. 27. Logical “switch” devices overlay the physical network Logical switches define their own topology Underlying physical network carries data traffic for overlay network OVERLAY APPROACH
  28. 28. Centralized Management System Interface to existing control planes SDN Capabilities are achieved by centrally managing existing individual devices Control Forwarding Control Forwarding Control Forwarding Control Forwarding Control Forwarding Global Network View MANAGEMENT APPROACH
  29. 29. COMPONENT APPROACH Router Wan Accelerator NAC, Etc.
  30. 30. Most Deployments are Early Trials
  31. 31. SDN agenda SDN Defined1 SDN Drivers and Impact2 State of the Industry3 Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here?4
  32. 32. Myth 4 FACT: SDN is in its infancy. Standards are going to be debated, defined, and re-defined. Many more test beds will be necessary. It will be adopted step-by-step. “Prime time” is still a couple of years away.
  33. 33. Top Barriers of SDN Adoption 41% 32% 23% 22% 18% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Concern that the technology won’t scale to support enterprise-class networks Confusion and lack of definition in terms of vendors’ strategies We don’t see a compelling value proposition Immaturity of current products Lack of resources to evaluate SDN Data: Information Week 2012 Software-Defined Networking Survey of 250 business technology professionals, July 2012
  34. 34. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 2013 2014 2015 2016 or Later Not Sure Never 2% 11% 32% 36% 18% 2% When will SDN Be Widely Adopted to the Point That It Significantly Impacts the Competitive Landscape for Services? Source: Heavy Reading
  35. 35. • Large distributed Data Centers- Cloud Providers, ISPs, Large enterprises. • Network Function Virtualization as a component replacement. • Hybrid Cloud and Disaster Resilient Designs • BYOD and Context Based Networking Where do we expect to see SDN first?
  36. 36. SDN is the new network BUT SDN is in its infancy-don’t overact to the hype and don’t assume that all information is entirely accurate. As you deal with the issues that SDN addresses make a point to check up on it over time. The environment is ripe for some very quick development cycles. After all if you are developing solutions designed to help companies react and change quickly you should be able to develop quickly Unless you are in one of the groups we listed as the initial adopters consider approaching SDN in a functional manner. Purchasing solutions designed for SDN to solve specific needs you have today such as network functions and adopting SDN as your needs and SDN functionality match up Recommendations
  37. 37. • If you are in one of those early adopter categories or you are just a progressive thing organization with some good ambitions talent. Grab an overlay solution, jump in and get your feet wet. And keep in touch with UDI. Recommendations (continued)
  38. 38. Phone: 504.934.7124 Email: info@udi.com Web: www.udi.com linkedin.com/company/universal-data-inc. #universaldata facebook.com/UniversalData
  39. 39. Questions
  40. 40. Thank you Richard Tando Universal Data, Inc. | CTO Email: rtando@udi.com linkedin.com/in/richardtando