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Microblogging 101 for Corporate Communicators

Microblogging presentation for Social Media class. Year 4 Term 2

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Microblogging 101 for Corporate Communicators

  1. Good things, when short, are t wice as good.
  2. Oombee home find friends settings post a note... Cicero righteous pagan What is Micro-blogging? Friends Add Michael N. Tools of the Trade Julius C. View all 2 friends Professional Micro-blogging Consequences & Problems “So What?!” - Michael N.
  3. twitter.com/xmacrob
  4. What is blogging ?
  5. txt
  6. How do you explain to your grandma?
  7. Mah-Jong tomorrow at 3pm, my place.
  8. Simple Free Convenient
  9. Why do we love micro-blogging?
  10. “Share Anything You Find”
  11. “Send Stuff to Your Friends”
  12. “Your Life-stream”
  13. “What are you thinking?” “What are you doing?” “What catches your attention?”
  14. @
  15. Why 140 characters?
  16. Tumblr Pownce Jaiku Twitter API Yes Yes Yes Yes RSS in/out out in/out in/out SMS Yes No Yes Yes Desktop App mac only Yes Yes Yes Text limits none none 140 char. 140 char. background & Customization complete templates background colors threaded replies Conversation comments threaded replies reply & ratings Filtering n/a Yes No No Message Public Public/Private Public Public Distribution
  17. Occasional Continuous Presence
  18. Conversation Social + RSS = Ecosystem
  19. White Box www Mashups Apps
  20. Simple Free Convenient
  21. Cumulative blogging Intimate Real-time
  22. Tim e, T rus ta nd At ten tio We are in n control Micro-blogging as a Market is in e-commerce control marketing r ce tte i lu ho tool C C & uct od Pr Before Now
  23. Greater Visibility Archive of Share more customer communications than text Drive Traffic
  24. Uses of Micro-blogging: Source: Doshdosh.com Personal Branding Get Feedback Hire People Increase Traffic Read News Use as a To-Do list Business Management Notify Your Customers Event Updates Take Notes Find Prospects Provide Live Coverage Time Management Set Up Meetings Acquire Votes
  25. Uses for Online PR/Marketing: Source: 11marketing.com promoting events building conversation sending press releases website traffic generation facilitating collaborative experience promoting special offers or daily specials building relationships with prospective clients providing insight and commentary on an event in real time opening dialogue between promoter and promotion participants
  26. Uses for Bloggers: Source: Problogger.com Research Tool Knowledge Network Expand Personal Brand Promote Content Extend & Attract New Readers Networking Speed-linking Story Previews Gathering Find Out What People Think
  27. Uses for Corporate Communicators: Source: Junlgerating.com ? what is the stock price what does the product do what is the company doing what vacancies are available what do your colleagues know what are the corporate bloggers doing what is an employee doing at company x
  28. Is it worth it?
  29. Abuse
  30. Privacy
  31. “We extract a lot of information automatically, especially from mobile phones... This kind of information paints a picture of what a person is thinking or doing.” - Petteri Koponen, Co-Founder of Jaiku
  32. Reliability
  33. Clutter
  34. 5 Tips on Micro- Blogging
  35. x mitchjoel mitchj mjoel mitchy j
  36. So What?!
  37. We want you, not to join because...
  38. Will grandma use it?
  39. With micro-blogging, flickr photo by foreveravalon YOUR customer’s threshold level = micro
  40. You don’t have to be involved with everything... but be with something.
  41. Please join the microblogosphere, because...
  42. Flickr photo by antzpantz Amplify your existing social media.
  43. Spread your wings, widen your network.
  44. “If you tell people how to consume their content, they will ignore you…let people do what they want to do and try to be in their circle of choice.” Josh Tyrangiel , Editor of Time.com
  45. end.