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Web Analytics Wednesday - Session Replay Tools are Vital

Session Replay or Screen Recording tools are now part of an arsenal of discovery toolkits that can drive optimisation, bug fixes, funnel and journey analysis - using qual and quant techniques. Without these tools, the analytics data misses emotion, frustration, friction and more - I've collated the best tips, tricks, tools and approaches to yield the most valuable insights for CRO / Growth Hacking.

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Web Analytics Wednesday - Session Replay Tools are Vital

  1. 1. @OptimiseOrDie WAW London Jan 2016
  2. 2. • UX and Analytics (1999) • User Centred Iterative Design (2001) • Agile, Startups, No budget (2003) • Funnel optimisation (2004) • Form analytics (2004) • Multivariate & A/B testing (2005) • Conversion Optimisation (2005) • Persuasive Copywriting (2006) • Lean UX (2008) • Holistic Optimisation (2009) • Psychology and Conversion (2010) • Velocity & Scaling testing (2011) • Optimisation Mentoring / Workshops (2013) My Timeline @OptimiseOrDie Ruuhijarvi
  3. 3. @OptimiseOrDie 1. What are these tools we’re talking about? 2. What stuff do they do? 3. What do optimisers find most useful? 4. Summary Sep 2015, Ruuhijarvi
  4. 4. What are these tools we’re talking about? @OptimiseOrDie
  5. 5. @OptimiseOrDie 1. What are these tools? Naming these tools is quite hard! What are the characteristics? • Session recordings (all of them) • Attention / Click / Scroll maps (all) • Polls, Surveys, Feedback (VOC) (most) • Funnel or segmentation tools (some) • Form Analytics (some)
  6. 6. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Who should you consider? • Helping you find out WHY! Decibel Insight www.decibelinsight.com Hotjar www.hotjar.com Inspectlet www.inspectlet.com SessionCam www.sessioncam.com Clicktale www.clicktale.com Mouseflow www.mouseflow.com Ghostrec www.ghostrec.com Yandex WebVisor (free) metrica.yandex.com/promo/webvisor
  7. 7. @OptimiseOrDie 4. If you have 4 hours PLUS • Snap interviews (Sales, Customer Services, Tech Support) • Run a quick poll or survey (See my tools slides) Less Bullshit!
  8. 8. What stuff do they do? @OptimiseOrDie
  9. 9. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory1. Session Recording – what? PROS • Video recordings of people using the site • Vital to ‘see’ a qualitative layer with data • Spot form problems, annoyance, friction, validation issues, errors, repetitive or confused behaviour. • Push code live, watch people interacting in near realtime. Fix stuff – very lean! CONS • NOT a substitute for form analytics • Hard to ‘view’ thousands of recordings • Will hit site performance! • It’s always an abstraction of reality*
  10. 10. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory1. Session Recording – tips? • Record only when you need to • Use it tactically – turn on for the landing page, collect 300 recordings, run them at high speed, crunch in an afternoon • Recording all users is fine, as long as you accept the drag on experiences (especially on mobile) • Use the GA DOM timings report to check the hit (ask me) • Ensure that the tool records not just mouse but touch, swipe, zoom layer and the right device groups. • Filtering is vital – if you have shite filtering of session recordings, it’s now a shite tool vomiting data. • JavaScript errors/browser & device problems – use these tools to mine for large bugs in your device experiences.
  11. 11. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory1. Session Recording
  12. 12. 1. An Opportunity? Modelling! 22% 65% 13% 92% 6% 2% 65% 34% 61% 37% 2% 100%
  13. 13. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Examples • US Underwear Brand x.xM per month, 2 bugs • European Travel site x.xM per month, 13 bugs • UK Mobile Telco x.xM per month, 3 bugs • Travel Aggregator x.xM per month, 5 bugs • Gambling / Event site x.xM per month, 11 bugs • Total developer time to fix ALL of these = < 5 days! • At a cost of £8000 to find and fix, the ROI was 91,150% • In many cases, savings larger than the ENTIRE IT budget
  14. 14. Browser Checks www.crossbrowsertesting.com www.browserstack.com www.spoon.net www.saucelabs.com Mobile & Tablet www.appthwack.com www.deviceanywhere.com www.opendevicelab.com Article & Info bit.ly/devicetesting 1. Here is our £84 Million testing rig!
  15. 15. @OptimiseOrDie 2. Heat, Scroll and Click Maps • All these session recording tools also have heat/click/scroll maps • How far do people read down this page? What do they click on? Where did they interact?
  16. 16. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Scroll maps – what? PROS • See how far people scroll down a page • Can be used with analytics data to analyse and optimise read/scrolling behaviour, particularly on long form pages. • Helps spot where you have fold issues with the line landing on white or solid colour space (users don’t see cues to scroll) CONS • Biased if people see different grid layouts • Needs filtering/segments to bring out power
  17. 17. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Scroll maps – tips? • Split by device experience category (mobile, tablet, desktop) • Make sure you can split by viewport or resolution (or at least design breakpoint) • If you can integrate your own segmentation, this makes it a really good tool – see ‘high spending customers’ segment, for example. • Useful for optimising the bottlenecks and flow problems sometimes introduced into long page designs. • Allows you to focus optimisation on actually where the eyeball attention is!
  18. 18. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Click maps – what? PROS • Helps you see where people click (that is NOT ACTUALLY clickable) • See broad brush visual representation of data you can also get from analytics CONS • I find using analytics event tracking to be easier to get what I want. Looks nice though!
  19. 19. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Click maps – tips? • Look for non clickable areas with high volumes of clicks • Sort it out!
  20. 20. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Heat / Attention maps – what? PROS • Models where attention is being given on a page, by deducing this from mouse movements. • Yes – there is a correlation between mouse movement and eye gaze (but not big). CONS • There is also a correlation with frustrated behaviour (wheeling, meerkatting, dogshaking) • Interesting but not as useful as the other two, IMHO
  21. 21. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory2. Heat / Attention maps – tips? • Look for non clickable areas with high volumes of clicks • Sort it out!
  22. 22. • One of the most useful yet undervalued parts of these tools! • Insider tip! • If you don’t know what to do with this page/process/step/widget/badly designed piece of crap – why not ASK SOMEONE! • Polls are one of the easiest ways to remove bullshit from your organisation. • Surveys often turn into a bunfight over how many useless questions you can add (that’s a whole presentation in itself) • Snap polls (landing pages, triggers) – are really bloody useful. • Open ended questions can yield some surprising stuff 3. VOC / Polls / Surveys – what?
  23. 23. • Task Gap Survey (above) • General site feedback • Funnel Abandonment Survey • Site Exit Survey • NPS and Customer satisfaction • Landing Page Polls 3. VOC / Polls / Surveys – types Based on today’s visit, how would you rate your site experience overall? Were you able to complete the purpose of your visit today? If NO, why were you not able to? If YES, what did you value most about the website? Thank You Page survey “Thank you! Was there one thing that nearly stopped you from purchasing a flight today?”
  24. 24. • If you have integration with Google Analytics (or another package), tick! • If it integrates with your AB testing tool, tick! • If it has decent segmentation capabilities, tick! • Ask what methods the tool supports (poll overlay, inpage, survey, exit survey, inline questions etc.) • Talk to customers who’ve actually used this part of the tool • Check out my list of qualitative tools at the end of this deck. • Try usabilityhub.com • Follow @Contentverve 3. VOC / Polls / Surveys – tips?
  25. 25. @OptimiseOrDie 1. Change Growth Trajectory3. Competitive Advantage • When hacking the growth of LOVEFiLM (now Amazon) • Regular competitor surveys – we LOVED this! • Survey your OWN customers AND competitors • We got a quarterly sample of 1000 surveys from each brand • NPS data collected as well as Service Metric Ratings • Allowed us to know where competitors were weak Speed of Email response Question Answered first time • Here is one example • Spend where it will shift delight • Spend where competitors are weak • Stop spending where it doesn’t make a difference • Prioritise based on ROI
  26. 26. 4. Funnel and Journey Optimisation • Some of these tools have very nifty funnel optimisation capabilities. • Too much to cover here, but always weigh up whether you want to add meal to your salt (or salt to your meal). • I’d rather have the tool data in Google Analytics, to do my analysis there (using flow reports, ring models, horizontal funnels, step drops) • The data layer collected in your tool may not be as rich as your analytics (or collected in the same way) so decide where you want to integrate!
  27. 27. @OptimiseOrDie 5. Form Analytics • Where do people pause? • What fields or form areas cause people to abandon you? • What errors make them leave? • You’d notice this on a phonecall, so why not the website? • Absolutely vital for maximising yield of your forms • Prioritise your effort around where the leaks are, not the whole product! “This is so we can call you in case there’s a problem delivering your order.”
  28. 28. What do optimisers find most useful? @OptimiseOrDie
  29. 29. @OptimiseOrDie 1. What do optimisers find most useful? 1. High fidelity recordings, segmentable, filterable 2. Tactical insights before optimisation – inspecting small areas, template groups, funnel steps 3. Polls – too few people use VOC for instant, lightweight feedback – it cuts stupid effort. Bullshit in the office? “Ask a Customer” is the cry! 4. Form analytics – underutilised and yet rich in money 5. Validation and submission errors in forms can be one of the largest drivers of abandonment. 6. Device experiences = Money
  30. 30. Summary @OptimiseOrDie
  31. 31. @OptimiseOrDie Summary “Who cares if your conversion rate is 5%. You need to care about why the 95% don’t buy and invest huge effort in understanding - WHY?” @OptimiseOrDie
  32. 32. 32
  34. 34. Guessaholics Anonymous
  35. 35. @OptimiseOrDie Summary “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking
  36. 36. @OptimiseOrDie Email me sullivac@gmail.com Slides Will be mailed to you! LinkedIn linkd.in/pvrg14 Mentoring Teams/People - ask!
  37. 37. Som, feedback Crowdsourcing Tools: Usertesting (P/S)* www.usertesting.com Userlytics (P/S) www.userlytics.com Userzoom (S) www.userzoom.com What Users Do (P) www.whatusersdo.com Loop11 (S) www.loop11.com Open Hallway (S) www.openhallway.com Ethnio (For Recruiting) www.ethnio.com Feedback on Creatives: Usability Hub www.usabilityhub.com Five second test www.fivesecondtest.com Pidoco www.pidoco.com Usabilla www.usabilla.com Conceptshare www.conceptshare.com * P = Panel, S=Site 38 12. Crowdsource your Research!