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Magento vs. Prestashop

Magento vs. Prestashop both are the best platform but it's important to know that which one fulfill your needs.

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Magento vs. Prestashop

  1. 1. Magento and Prestashop both are great choices but of course both have their own strength and weaknesses and it’s important to know that which CMS is best for you. Both are open- source platforms biut after having a look at these points let’s see which one is the best.  Features  Performance  Ease of Use  Support  Security  Pricing
  2. 2. Magento is the king when it comes to features. It’s a highly focused platform that aims to arm the user with all that is needed to build a powerhouse of an online store PrestaShop is a slacker in the features department. From hundreds of templates to an easy website builder and plenty of payment gateway solutions, PrestaShop is a great competition
  3. 3. Magento is known to suffer from performance issues time to time. Users and developers often complain that the Magento backend tends to slow down and often results in a slower website as well PrestaShop does not suffer from being a heavy-duty CMS like Magento, and hence will not slow down your website.
  4. 4. Magento, however, is a CMS that is famous around the world and has a far bigger community. PrestaShop does not have an official support team and you’d have to rely completely on users and documentations.
  5. 5. PrestaShop and Magento are both designed to provide your store and your customers robust security. As is with most major CMSs, security is not much of a concern because there are all the standard security measures taken to ensure there is minimum risk for buyers.
  6. 6. Magento is by no means a game for beginners, and if anyone with no knowledge or experience of using a CMS tried their hand at it, they are going to find it really, really complex. Even installing Magento is a task that’ll challenge you a lot. PrestaShop is relatively easy to install and will not require you to have expert knowledge of the platform.
  7. 7. Both platforms come at a price of zero, which means they should be in the good books of most customers. However, as with most things in life, free stuff is never the best. While that is not completely true for either CMS, you’d still have to incur costs in order to structure a successful business.
  8. 8. In the end of this presentation I must say that both platforms are great and have their own importance. However, it depends on you that which platform is best and fulfill your needs. For More comparisons of other platforms with Magento you can go through these Magento Tutorials. Magento vs. WooCommerce Magento vs. Shopify Magento vs. Opencart Magento vs. BigCommerce