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1-800-582-3990                 located in Southeast Florida2419 Hollywood Boulevard – Suite C, Hollywood, FL 33020-6605   ...
1-800-582-3990       “Contract an event expert, details will be handled by a trained professional.”                       ...
1-800-582-3990                                        The Accurate Event Parking division understands the importance of ho...
1-800-582-3990            “Protect your investment, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”                            ...
1-800-582-3990                   “Your guest experience begins with the ticket they purchase.”                            ...
1-800-582-3990                      “Inform your clients - if they donʼt know, they wonʼt go”                             ...
1-800-582-3990       “Hiring at the executive level is critical, do it with a professional recruiter.”                    ...
ABOUT US                                                           1-800-582-3990                                EVENTS AR...
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Accurate Event Group Brochure

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Accurate Event Group Brochure

  1. 1. 1-800-582-3990 located in Southeast Florida2419 Hollywood Boulevard – Suite C, Hollywood, FL 33020-6605 www.AccurateEventGroup.com
  2. 2. 1-800-582-3990 “Contract an event expert, details will be handled by a trained professional.” ACCURATE EVENT SERVICES Our experienced Event Services division recognizes no two events are alike and we strive to personnel, services, supplies and an extensive preferred referral network to ensure your event provides the best guest experience possible in a safe environment. EVENT STAFFING AND SECURITY • • Ushers and Ticket Takers • Models • Administrative Personnel • Event Security • Licensed Security Guards • Unarmed and Armed Body Guards EVENT SOLUTIONS • Logistics and PlanningClient testimonial: • Event Coordination • Ticketing ServicesArt Basel Miami Beach. • Preferred Event Vendor Referral NetworkAnnette Schonholzer, • Event MarketingMarc Spiegler,Maureen Bruckmayr:“Your presence was key to the greatsuccess of Art Basel Miami Beach andwe would like to extend our mostwww.AccurateEventGroup.com
  3. 3. 1-800-582-3990 The Accurate Event Parking division understands the importance of how your event is presented to your guests. Our reputation for providing professional, impeccable services and solutions to any parking situation is unsurpassed in the industry. NATIONWIDE PARKING SERVICES • Event Parking trained in guest services and experienced in parking on all types of topography. WeBefore Accurate Parking specialize in fairgrounds, convention centers, stadiums, arenas and festival sites. • Managed Parking and managing parking lots of any size, we have been parking vehicles since 1978. • Valet Parking centers, sports venues, race tracks, education facilities shopping centers, museums, and private residences. Our valet parking services are available on an ongoing contracted agreement or for single events.After Accurate Parking • Shuttle Services services.Client testimonial: • Garage Monitors and CashiersCountry Stampede. Accurate Parking cashiers are bonded and trained in the Disney Platform of guest services,Wayne Rouse: with multi-lingual personnel always available.“Simply put, Accurate Parking, Inc.did the best parking job we have everhad. We received zero complaintsfrom our patrons, only complimentswww.AccurateEventGroup.com
  4. 4. 1-800-582-3990 “Protect your investment, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” GLOBAL SECURITY CONSULTATION • Security Consultation review of your existing security contracts, plans, schedules, risk management procedures and assessments. • Security Management We monitor your guards to ensure they are properly licensed, trained and functioning according to plans with post coverage at all times.   • Law Enforcement Liaison We liaise and coordinate with federal, state, local and international law enforcement and include and advise emergency medical services of our plans. We also arrange for bomb technicians, K-9 explosive detection dogs and provide internet security services. SECURITY CONSULTATION SERVICES • Security and Risk Mitigation Plans • Customized Crisis Management Manuals and Presentations • Comprehensive Site Review and EvaluationClient testimonial:United  States  Department  of  SECURITY CONSULTATION TEAMState  –  Bureau  of  Diplomatic Security. from the FBI, US Special Forces, US Secret Service, ATF, NYPD and in Internet Security.Edgar Moreno:“Your organization was instrumentalin the successful planning andCommandʼs security plan and(Organization of American StatesGeneral Assembly) was a completesuccess”.www.AccurateEventGroup.com
  5. 5. 1-800-582-3990 “Your guest experience begins with the ticket they purchase.” ON-LINE TICKET SALES • Accurate Ticketing Solutions, powered by IMG Tickets Accurate Event Group provides ticketing services for any client and every event with our Accurate Ticketing Solutions division, powered by IMG Tickets. Our custom ticket solutions are available across the US and around the world. TICKETING SOLUTIONS Our ticketing system provides a single location to monitor all your ticket transactions and provide the most comprehensive reporting to reduce the time needed for accounting and reconciliation. We provide you with twenty-four hour availability to electronic and printed reports and information on ticket sales, inventory and bank deposits into a merchant account. Comprehensive Services Include: • Cash control and Ticket/inventory control • Complete ticketing infrastructure including all hardware, software and on-site or remote ticketing equipment • Real-time itemized sales reports and administrative access • Privately Branded WebSite for Internet Sales with the look and feel of your website • Market data gathering provides detailed customer list and database(s) • Fully staffed call Center with trained ticket agents focused on customer serviceClient testimonial: • Ticket printing and fulfillment services and E-Ticketing solutions • Selling opportunities for memberships, subscriptions, parking, souvenirs,Broward County Fair. merchandise, books, etc.Joseph Moticker:“Simply put, we received an updatedaccounting whenever we asked forone, and our ticket sales money wasreceived promptly and correctly. Thisis one of the best changes this fairhas achieved”.www.AccurateEventGroup.com
  6. 6. 1-800-582-3990 “Inform your clients - if they donʼt know, they wonʼt go” ACCURATE EVENT MARKETING We customize your objectives to accomplish your goals. Our Marketing Team will assist you in creating your sponsorship programs or review and evaluate your existing proposals. MARKETING AND SPONSORSHIP SERVICES • Marketing • Consulting • Traditional, Interactive and Social Marketing • Website Development and Web Based Marketing • Creative Design Services for Advertising: •Promotional •Rack Cards •Brochures •Signage •Ads • Public and Media Relations • Sponsorships • Assist in Development of Sponsorship Programs • Sponsorship Sales • Sponsor Relations and Support including Sponsor/Client HospitalityClient testimonial: • Develop and Produce On-site Promotional, Sales Materials and Signage • Create Websites or Micro-sitesSoutheastern Marketing • Event related Marketing and Public/Media Relations • Follow-up Research and EvaluationAssociates, Inc.Will Chupp:marketing really makes you a onestop shop for events”.www.AccurateEventGroup.com
  7. 7. 1-800-582-3990 “Hiring at the executive level is critical, do it with a professional recruiter.” EVENT MANAGEMENT RECRUITING for the event industry. We know the event business and we know the professionals within it. and experienced event professionals. We virtually eliminate the time you spend searching for the right person by providing you with the top prescreened candidates matched to your RECRUITER RESOURCES • Proprietary Network • Nationwide Database of Top Clients and Candidates • Extensive Screening • Specialized Event Industry Resources and Experience • Candidate EvaluationsClient testimonial:Tone Products, Inc.Bill Hamen:“Working with Accurate EventRecruiters saved much time and tookaway the prospecting and interviews.They worked with me from the startand found the perfect candidate.www.AccurateEventGroup.com
  8. 8. ABOUT US 1-800-582-3990 EVENTS ARE OUR BUSINESS.Mission StatementThe Accurate Event Group exists in the event industry to serve and provide superiorvalue to our clients by understanding their event requirements and delivering aquality product the first time and every time.Our Services• Event Services, Staffing and Security• Nationwide Parking• Security Consulting and Risk Mitigation• Professional Event Recruiters• Ticketing Solutions• Event Marketing and Sponsorship• Event Planning and ProductionContact usAccurate Event Group has offices throughout the country withcorporate headquarters located in Hollywood, Florida.Corporate Headquarters:2419 Hollywood Blvd., Suite C, Hollywood, FL 33020-6605Phone: 1-800-582-3990www.AccurateEventGroup.com