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What Developers Need To Know About LBS

Mobile Monday Silicon Valley on "What Developers Need to Know About Launching Location-Based Services"

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What Developers Need To Know About LBS

  1. 1. What Developers Need to Know About Launching Location-Based Services July 2, 2007 Blair Swedeen
  2. 2. About Partenza Consulting • Founded in August 2006 to focus on providing clients Location-Based Services (LBS) product strategy and business development expertise. • Eight total years of experience in product strategy, management, marketing for software and content products. • Four years experience in LBS working with: – Application Developers – Middleware Providers – Content providers – Device Makers – Wireless Carriers – Local Search Portals Unique value proposition: LBS experience cutting across all LBS channels, geographies and value chain positions 2 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Questions for Discussion Today • What is LBS? • What makes LBS different for developers? • Why should I consider developing an LBS app? • What’s the LBS market look like? • How do I get started developing my own LBS app? • What are some of the challenges in LBS? • What about Europe? Most importantly ask questions! 3 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. What is Mobile LBS? • Mobile Location-based services (LBS) allow end-users to answer questions such as: – Where am I? – What’s near me? – Where is ______? – How do I get there? 3 1 – When did Bobby leave school? • This is accomplished through the 2 combination of some or all of the following technologies: – GeoSpatial software – Spatial databases – (Assisted) GPS – Wireless data networks – Mobile applications 4 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Why LBS? Consumers Want It 5 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Why LBS? Largest Revenue Generator in Downloadable App Category Application Category Share of Downloadable Revenue 10% All National Carriers, US 4% Location Based Services 31% Weather 7% Sports Wallpaper/Pics Music Maps/Directions 9% PIM/Tools Chat/Community Other 8% 13% 9% Source: Telephia Mobile Applications Report Q1 2007 9% 6 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Why LBS? Significant Price Premium in the Downloadable Apps Space All National Carriers 30.0% $10 Q107, US $8.25 Share of Downloads $8 Avg Price Paid 20.0% $5.31 $6 $4.74 $4.29 $4.12 $3.93 $3.39 $4 10.0% $2 0.0% $0 S rt s ic er s ns LB ls re us th o oo io tu ea M Sp ct ic /T W ir e /P er er /D iz an ap s ap rg lp M al O W al on rs Pe *Total revenue received in Q107, covering downloads and subscription fees Source: Telephia Mobile Applications Report Q1 2007 7 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. What’s Next? Location is Moving from a Vertical Stand- alone Application to a Horizontal Supporting Multiple Apps Turn-by-turn Navigation Service Workforce Management Comparison Shopping Social Networking Active Lifestyle ENABLER of ENABLER of Location Awareness Location Awareness 8 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. As a Result, There are Now Many Different Types of LBS Apps Consumer Enterprise Navigation Vertical-specific –Insurance Family Tracker Social Networking –Construction –Transportation Shopping/Coupons –Real Estate Active Lifestyle Mobile Local Search Workforce management Real Estate Search Fleet dispatch & tracking Imaging Stolen vehicle tracking Gaming 9 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Enterprise Has Very Different Functional Requirements than Consumer Mobile asset and people tracking 1 Route optimization and generation 2 Schedule management 3 Workflow management (paperless order processing) 4 Integration with back-office ERP/inventory systems 5 Business models also differ greatly. Enterprise requires direct sales force and large marketing budget. 10 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. What Makes LBS Different? Assisted-GPS. GPS satellites Time To First Fix Normal GPS - Outdoor 45 - 120sec. - Indoor N/A Assisted GPS Assisted GPS -- Outdoor 1 -- 5 s. Outdoor 1 5 s. -- Indoor 10 -- 30 s. Reference Indoor 10 30 s. Reference Network AGPS Server AGPS Server Assistance data: -GPS Time -Visible satellites -Ephemeris data (position) -Almanac data A-GPS Makes LBS a True Client-Server Network Service Source: BlueSky Positioning 11 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. What’s the NA LBS Market Look Like? Developers GPS Chipsets Handset OS/ Dev Platform Branded Carriers Customers Tier 1 Enterprises Handset Makers Tier 2 White Label LBS Platform Spatial Content Consumers Internet Brands Location Server Internet Brands Off-deck On-deck Non-GPS Windows GeoSpatial Platform Live Search 12 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. What Does the LBS Platform Do? GeoSpatial Platform • Provides the database management technology for location based services: – Searching – Geocoding – Map Rendering – Navigation/Route Calculation Middleware • Communicates with the Carrier’s internal systems and manages those functions not related to the core geo-spatial actions – Location determination interfaces – Authentication and Privacy – Hooks into carrier billing systems – Messaging interfaces (SMS, MMS) – Content management Spatial Databases • Provides all the necessary Map and POI data for a location-based service – Verizon mandates NAVTEQ – Sprint allows developer to choose between TA and NT Location Server • Provides API to access the subscriber’s A-GPS Lat/Long • Defined by carrier 13 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Developer Programs Essential to Shortening Time to Market and Assisting in Marketing Several players have developer programs with LBS support: • Geospatial Platforms – Autodesk: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=7764394 – deCarta: http://www.decarta.com/products/dz/index.html – ESRI: http://www.esri.com/industries/locationservices/business/enterprise.html • Carriers – Sprint: https://developer.sprint.com/site/global/develop/technologies/location_based_serv/p_lbs.jsp – Verizon/US Cellular (BREW): http://brew.qualcomm.com – Alltel: http://developer.alltel.com • Handset Makers – Motorola: http://developer.motorola.com – Samsung: http://developer.samsungmobile.com – Nokia/S60: http://www.forum.nokia.com • Map Providers – NAVTEQ: http://developer.navteq.com/site/global/home/p_home.jsp – TeleAtlas: https://developerlink.teleatlas.com/index.cfm?ses=1 • OS/Dev Environments – BREW: http://brew.qualcomm.com/brew/en/developer/resources/dev_resources.html – Microsoft: http://msdn.microsoft.com/mobility/default.aspx – Symbian: http://developer.symbian.com 14 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. To Be Successful, You Must Build Your Business Case Market Analysis • Is there a large defined market opportunity? • Who are you targeting to buy the service? • Is your solution unique and differentiated vis-à-vis the competition? • How will you market and sell the application? Product • What pain point are you solving? • Will it meet the privacy requirements from the carriers? • Could your grandmother use it? • Are you a mass market or a niche application? • Consider your scope carefully and be specific about what you do that is better. Launching with Carriers1 • Align sufficient financial backing to support the service once it’s launched. • Don’t oversell what you have to carriers. • Admit what you’ve accomplished versus trying to sell what is really a work in progress. • Align yourself with good partners to introduce you to carriers. 1. Paul Reddick, “10 Tips for Startups Who Want to Work With Sprint” 15 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. A Quick Word About Europe EU expected to be second largest LBS market after US, but is at earliest stages • Virtually no A-GPS infrastructure • Very few GPS handsets Navigation, Local Search and Enterprise expected to be largest app opportunities Handset makers will likely dominate • Swappable SIM cards • ~50% pre-paid data and voice • High cross-country data roaming charges means ‘on-board’ more attractive • Fragmented carrier base • Consumers used to autonomous GPS and ‘on-board’ distribution Nokia has early lead • Purchased Gate5 navigation software vendor • Adding GPS to entire N-Series within 1 – 2 years • Nokia’s Series 60 client UI contains all the handset interfaces for A-GPS and LBS EU LBS market could now ramp up quickly • Europe poised to adopt E-112 regulation which will mandate positioning a la E-911 within 18 months • New technologies such as SIM A-GPS and software-only GPS mean vastly improved economics for adding GPS. 16 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Challenges in Getting to Market Expect to test, test, and test some more1 • Handset differences • Infrastructure differences for location data • Spatial data issues • Different players own and operate different components Limited distribution options • Verizon pursuing carrier-branded strategy, and have filled much of their current LBS needs2 • Sprint more open with open ecosystem approach • Tier 2 BREW carriers such as US Cellular and Alltel can be a good place to start Cost per device goes up as you add location • Porting becoming a larger issue as more handsets support GPS • Certification covers signal strength, power, compliance for privacy standards, etc. • It’s very difficult to track down all of the issues you run into, and it ultimately falls on the developer. It’s a long process. Be prepared and be persistent! 1. Kevin Tsurutome, TCS, BREW Conference 2007 2. Barry Ross, Verizon, BREW Conference 2007 17 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. Contact Info Blair Swedeen Partenza Consulting e: blair@partenzaconsulting.com o: +1.415.513.5650 m: +1.773.727.1375 w: http://www.partenzaconsulting.com Presentation will be made available at http://www.partenzaconsulting.com. Thanks and good luck! 18 Copyright © 2007 Partenza Consulting. All Rights Reserved