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How to promote your brand with quality custom signage

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You know your brand and your product more than anyone else. So while listening to the signage professionals about best practices in signage design, factor-in your own custom message and idea.

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How to promote your brand with quality custom signage

  1. 1. Promote Your Brand with Quality Custom Signage You know your brand and your product more than anyone else. So while listening to the signageprofessionalsabout best practicesinsignagedesign, factor-in your own custom message and idea. Whether a new business or launching a new product or replacing a much used signage with a new one, a custom sign is great way to draw your customer’s attention. While at the signage office check out the new LED and LCD signs. They are more expensive but they are also more attractive and attention grabbing - isn't that what you are looking for? Custom signages more than pay for themselves in the long-term.
  2. 2. Gone are the days when a signage had to be a certain Vehicle Lettering size and printing incolour meant more expenses and results were less than expected. Today, you can have a custom signage to promote your brand or product in the exact size and shape you require. The colours you see are the colours you get and the professional designer at the signage company will show you what your completed signage will look like in his computer. If you feel it does not suit your requirement, feel free to suggest changes or even reject the design but be sure to have your own idea ready in your mind. That said, there arecertaincoloursthat look great during theday and others that look great at night while still other colour combinations that look great both during the day and night. There are text fonts that are easy to read and many that are not. Pay close attention - your signage designer will guide you on these. Before you visit your signage company, it might be a good idea to look around at the existing signages in the city. Are there any that you liked? Makenotes so it will help you createanidea in your mind on how your own signage should look like. Also remember that the signage company itself will have digitalcopiesofhundreds of signages they created in the past. Leaf through their album and feel free to select one or multiple designs. You can pick out elements from each and combine them to create a whole new design. Whileselecting words, it might be a good idea to have a sales expert with you. All wordsdon't sell. A sales expert knows which words to use. Selling is not just the design but also knowledge on human behaviour. If you are making a signage for
  3. 3. use in a foreign country or even in a different State, be sure that the words or even the signage graphics does not clash with the local language, customs, traditions or sensibilities. Custom signage can be created for indoor, outdoor and even for Boat Lettering. You can have custom wraps for your corporate fleet to successfully advertise your brand, product, service or company. Sky is the limit and nothing is impossible.