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Nirala final project presentation

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Nirala Marketing Strategy Project

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Nirala final project presentation

  1. 1. The Institute of Management Science
  2. 2. PRESENTED BY:Mr. Waleed Tayyab 102507Mr. Muhammad Tayyab 111405Mr. Muhammad Irfan 103125Mr. Zohair Ahmad 091521Mr. Ali Yazdani 113511PRESENTED TO:SIR ABDUL QAYYUM QURESHI
  3. 3. The Institute of Management Science
  4. 4.  Over half a century ago, the foundation of Nirala waslaid in Lahore, Pakistan, with the commitment toprovide people with delectable quality delights. The great journey started when Taj Din migratedfrom Amritsar, India, to Lahore and started a smallbreakfast shop in the inner city of Lahore in 1948.The passion for quality, uniqueness and hard work setby our founder is the spirit we seek as our guidingprinciple.
  5. 5.  The vision is to make Nirala a global brand, abrand recognizable for its uniqueness and qualityin ethnic food market all around the world. Inthis perspective it consider its self as aninnovative and a pioneer company, continuouslyoffering unique products and interesting serviceconcepts that others haven’t even dreamt of.The Institute of Management Science
  6. 6.  The core values of Nirala organization which theyconsider the Spirit of Nirala have not changed overthe past half century. Those values and traditionswhich have made the brand Nirala a market leaderfor the past 60 years are: Continuous Improvement Innovation Integrity Team work and Social ResponsibilityThe Institute of Management Science
  7. 7.  Quality Assurance Shop Operations MIS Value Added Services Human Resource Finance & Accounts Administration Design Production Stores & ProcurementThe Institute of Management Science
  8. 8. The Institute of Management Science
  9. 9. The Institute of Management Science
  10. 10. The Institute of Management Science
  11. 11. The Institute of Management Science
  12. 12.  Mithai Snacks Dairy BeveragesThe Institute of Management Science
  13. 13.  Anmol Co. N Design N Restaurants Nirala Canada Ltd. Nirala Dairy (Pvt) Ltd. Nirala Snacks (Pvt) Ltd. Nirala (Pvt) Ltd. Nirala (UK) Ltd. Porshe Pakistan Taj Trading LLC VCS (Pvt) Ltd.The Institute of Management Science
  14. 14.  AREA WISE:LAHORE• Gourmet• Fazal SweetsISLAMABAD-RAWALPINDI• Jameel Sweets• Fresco SweetsKARACHI• Qasr-e-SheerenThe Institute of Management Science
  16. 16.  In Target Market of NIRALA, it has differentproducts in Different Markets e.g. Sweets, Restaurants, Beverages, Dairy. IT IS BASICALLY MULTIPLE SEGMENTATION.The Institute of Management Science
  17. 17. The Institute of Management Science
  18. 18.  Inbound Logistics:Pure Desi Ghee, High Quality Dry Fruit, Milk,Rice Operations:• More than 20% of Mithai Production is Carried outat Automated Plants.• Snacks are also prepared on modern machines.• Milk production Plant is situated in Tandlianwalanear Faisalabad where more than 300,000 litersof milk is Processed per day.The Institute of Management Science
  19. 19.  Outbound Logistics:• N DESIGN is a Packaging Co. working under theUmbrella of NIRALA which is offering 80 different typesof Packaging.• It includes traditional paper andcardboard, tin, wood, glass and handmade Paper.• Customized PackagingThe Institute of Management Science
  20. 20.  Marketing and Sales:• Nirala Dairy and Snacks are sold at more than 30000 retailshops across more than 50 cities of Pakistan.• Supply and Distribution department of NIRALA ensurestimely and effective distribution of the products to thechain of Nirala Sweets stores spread all across Pakistan.• NIRALA is emphasizing more on Print Media and OutdoorAdvertisements. Supporting Activities:• MIS Department• HR Department• Store and Procurement Department.The Institute of Management Science
  21. 21. The Institute of Management Science
  22. 22.  Stars (=high growth, high market share) Nirala UHT and SWEETS Question Marks (= high growth, low market share) Nirala SWEETS and Nirala SNACKS Cash Cows (=low growth, high market share) Nirala BEVERAGES are in the category of cash cows. Dogs (=low growth, low market share) Nirala RESTAURANTS are in the category of dogs.The Institute of Management Science
  23. 23.  The threat of entry: The power of buyers: The power of suppliers: The threat of substitutes: Competitive RivalryThe Institute of Management Science
  25. 25. The Institute of Management Science
  26. 26.  Strength Strong Brand Name Its brand is widely acceptable as a symbol of quality. Independent decision making Weakness Heavily financed by financial institutions. Cannot take small orders with reference to homedelivery. They have not promoted their RestaurantThe Institute of Management Science
  27. 27.  Opportunities Being one of the best Mithai manufactures in Asia, thecompany has great opportunity in the export market inMiddle East, Canada, UK and USA. NIRALA is going into diversification by establishingrestaurants, café, diary business, snacks, etc Threat Primary Competitors in sweet business like Gourmetbakers, Fazal Sweets, and secondary Shereen Mahal inaddition of their growing branches Products of other bakeries and Mithai Shops are cheap.The Institute of Management Science
  28. 28.  NIRALA claims that “we don’t compromise on quality”, andit is proved to be right, that is why it is growing day byday. Nirala Sweet is an excellent sweet mart with the a largevariety of sweets. They are opening new branches internationally which noother sweet mart is providing.The Institute of Management Science
  29. 29.  Lower income class can not purchase NiralaProduct due to high price. By adopting reduce price strategy they canmake more and permanent customers. Not onlymore customers will come there will be increasein the number of loyal customers as well. They have to acquire new technology forproduction Sales promotions like prizes, lucky drawschemes should be introduced to attract morecustomers.The Institute of Management Science
  30. 30. The Institute of Management Science