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Caz Makepeace E-mail Marketing at TBEX North America

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How to Build a Loyal and Engaged Community With Your E-mail List from Catherine Makepeace of YTravelBlog at TBEX North America 2018.

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Caz Makepeace E-mail Marketing at TBEX North America

  1. 1. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m How to build a loyal and engaged community with your email LIST W W W . Y T R A V E L B L O G . C O M AND WHY YOU SHOULD Caroline Makepeace
  2. 2. For slides and resources text your First Name and email to +1 919 816 2513 E.g. Caroline cazcraig@ytravelblog.com @yTravelBlog
  3. 3. Founded: 2010 Full Time: 2013 Over 500,000 UMV Multiple Six Figures Proving travel does not have to stop after kids
  4. 4. Why email?
  5. 5. • You OWN it • Automation and leverage • Personal + targeted • Authentic + simple • Funnels to your content • Age appropriate
  6. 6. • Email: 2.6 billion users worldwide • 91% of people use email daily vs 51% on Facebook • 77% prefer email over social media for permission based promotional messages. • Email marketing delivers highest ROI • Higher lifetime value of the customer Exact TargetSurvey Get Response study
  7. 7. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m EMAIL REACHES 79% OF THE PEOPLE YOU SEND IT TO VS FACEBOOK’S ORGANIC REACH IS 1-6 %
  8. 8. • 1,000 - 3,000 • 13,000+ • 23,000 (very doable) Instagram Email 100,000 followers 1- 3% engagement 13% open rate
  9. 9. You don’t need thousands of subscribers to make money
  10. 10. What’s the Purpose?
  11. 11. 1. Build a loyal community ENGAGE, BE REAL, CARE, HELP A. Ask questions B. Reply to emails C. Update on useful content on your site (the more targeted the better)
  12. 12. 2. create a trustworthy, relevant likeable brand CONNECT, LEAD, EMPATHIZE A. Share personal stories – challenges & wins B. Walk the talk C. Show your authority and expertise
  13. 13. 3. grow your income TARGETED, RELEVANT, USEFUL A. Products + Courses B. Affiliate partnerships C. Email Direct Marketing (EDM) D. Banner ads
  14. 14. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Email community building questions • How is this building trust? • How is this personal and building connection? • How is this bringing them to useful content? • How is this helping me earn money?
  15. 15. How to get the opens?
  16. 16. How I went from BLAH to BOOMin one email. i.e. 14% to 26% open rate that has lasted over 6 years
  17. 17. • Personal trust • Value • Interesting/ different stories • Be real and vulnerable • Consistent communication • Have a conversation
  18. 18. How to get in the box?
  19. 19. • No spammy language • Give an unsubscribe option • Use trusted email providers • Never do anything dodgy!! • Original emails • Engagement signals (opening, clicking, replying) • Get them to add you to your white list DELIVERABILITY TIPS
  20. 20. Automated List Cleaning Campaign Every six months, if they have not engaged (i.e. opened or clicked) delete them. WARNING: Send them three emails first inviting them to reengage . 1. Is there something wrong? 2. You may have missed this recently? 3. How can we help (final chance) DO NOT JUST RELY ON OPEN EMAIL SIGNALS. GET THEM CLICKING
  21. 21. The nurture sequence
  22. 22. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Know, Like, Trust
  23. 23. How it works Usually 5 – 10 days long over a series of 4 – 7 emails Give them what they opted in for in the welcome email. Implement the three question strategy Send them further relevant information that will help Slowly weave in your story and expertise in a natural way After the sequence funnel them to where you want to go next.
  24. 24. Family Travel Ebook on Life Learning Email 5: Favorite Family Travel Resources Email 4: 9 Reasons you Won’t Travel With Your Kids Email 3: How Travel Benefits Learning Email 2: How Travel Benefits Families Email 1: Welcome Delivery Send to YT:Newsletter Invite to Family Travel Planning Toolkit
  25. 25. Three question strategy
  26. 26. three question strategy CONNECT, ENGAGE, LEARN 1. What is your travel dream? (desire) 2. Why is travel a priority for you? (why) 3. What is the biggest obstacle in your way? How can we help? (challenge) • Please note, this information is private. It helps us understand how we can create content that helps you!
  27. 27. How to Deliver the right messages
  28. 28. Who are your readers? What do they want What are their problems? • Surveys • Optins • 3 question strategies • Living and breathing the avatar • Data
  29. 29. Tag and segment Send that segment the relevant content You can tag your subscribers in accordance to many different categories and interests.
  30. 30. Targeted content doesn’t just help the user, it gives me valuable information. PLANNING MONEY LOGISTICS IDEAS
  31. 31. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m rules If Planning Field is selected on optin form add to Travel Planning Nurture Sequence If optin to Free Blogging Course tag Digital Lifestyle If clicks Link Number 4 in Welcome Email, add Family Travel Tag
  32. 32. Send Happy Birthday email Survey
  33. 33. If selects Australia, add to the Australia Interest list If checks Family Travel, tag YT:FamilyTravel
  34. 34. A little about optins
  35. 35. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Basic 1 Email updates 2 General freebies 3 Targeted freebies
  36. 36. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Specific landing page
  37. 37. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m intermediate 1 Targeted Email Series 2 Content Upgrades
  38. 38. Email series with PDF worksheets
  39. 39. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Within content
  40. 40. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m advanced 1 Quizzes 2 Travel Planning Checklists
  41. 41. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m
  42. 42. Nurture sequence with information specific to spiritual travelers
  44. 44. Your welcome landing page
  45. 45. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m What to include Video welcome Who are you What to expect Whitelist Targeted information Call to survey Social channels
  46. 46. The right tools for the job
  47. 47. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m Email software essentials Professional and high deliverability rates Good security and support Automation Segmentation abilities through tagging Create custom forms Landing pages FB integration?
  48. 48. $0 - $500+ a month yTravelBlog.com/ontraport
  49. 49. https://www.ytravelblog.com/DesignPickle Code: yTravel 20% off first month •Unlimited Designs •Unlimited edits •Monthly rate
  50. 50. Try Interact Quiz Builder https://www.ytravelblog.com/Interact
  51. 51. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m
  52. 52. Mistakes to watch out for
  53. 53. • Not cleaning your list and focusing on quantity not quality • Not knowing your tools • Not targeting enough • Not making the time • Not having a strategy and mapping it out
  54. 54. One last thing
  55. 55. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m
  56. 56. w w w . y t r a v e l b l o g . c o m QUESTIONs?
  57. 57. For slides and resources text your First Name and email to +1 919 816 2513 E.g. Caroline cazcraig@ytravelblog.com @yTravelBlog