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Best Practice Solutions for Frequest Ajax Use Cases With Prototype

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These use cases drop in time and again: checkbox lists; live login validation; dynamic form rows; server-side processing progress indicators; list reordering using drag and drop; and more… As always, there are a lot of terrible ways to achieve those, several decent ones, and precious few really good takes. This session will review several such use cases and detail various ways to implement them, contrasting the ugly and the beautiful, showing useful reflexes and rules of thumb, with a special focus on performance and maintenance.

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Best Practice Solutions for Frequest Ajax Use Cases With Prototype

  1. Best-practice solutions for common Ajax use-cases with Prototype Christophe Porteneuve CTO, Ciblo + Prototype Core member
  2. Hi • Christophe, 30, French, Paris-based • Day job = mostly Rails + Prototype/Scripty • Prototype Core since January 2007 • The Bungee Book
  3. So what’s this about? • Prototype’s one of the most popular JS libraries out there • It’s know a few “growth spurts,” but people haven’t always taken the time to catch up • A lot of sub-par / suboptimal code out there, that should be rethought • A few well-honed patterns will get you far.