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Tdwi chapter charter 0409

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Tdwi chapter charter 0409

  1. 1. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09PreambleThe Data Warehousing InstituteTM (TDWITM), a division of 1105 Media, Inc., is the premierprovider of in-depth, high-quality education and research in the business intelligence (BI) anddata warehousing (DW) industry. TDWI fosters a community of learning where business andtechnical professionals come together to gain knowledge and skills, network with peers, andadvance their careers. Through education, research, and training, TDWI enables individuals,teams, and organizations to leverage information to improve decision making, optimizeperformance, and achieve business objectives. As a trusted leader in the community, TDWIbelieves in delivering high-quality, vendor-neutral products and services and treating customers,partners, and suppliers with integrity and respect.Chapter Objectives and PurposeTo foster education and networking at the local level, TDWI sponsors Chapters in regionsthroughout the world. The purpose of TDWI Chapters is to:  Bring together BI/DW professionals in a geographic area to share best practices.  Create strong local networks of BI/DW professionals to share ideas and provide mutual support.  Educate BI/DW professionals about the critical success factors involved in building and maintaining BI/DW solutions.  Educate the vendor community about the unique requirements of BI/DW organizations in a specific geographic area.  Recruit new TDWI Members.  Promote TDWI events and programs to local BI/DW professionals.TDWI Chapters need to remain faithful to the spirit and guiding principles of TDWI. This meansthat TDWI Chapters will:  Deliver high-quality, vendor-neutral education, networking, and training opportunities.  Work to advance the professional development of local BI/DW professionals.  Be faithful ambassadors of TDWI at the local level.Chapter MeetingsTDWI Chapter meetings should remain consistent with TDWI’s mission of providing “no hype,no fluff, no bias” education and training. Recommended guidelines for the format of a meetingare: 1) Announcements/Welcome 2) Speaker Presentation 3) Roundtable or Panel Discussion 4) Networking Time 1
  2. 2. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09The speaker portion may be presented by a Chapter attendee (i.e., case study) or an outsideexpert. Members of TDWI’s faculty are good candidates for outside speakers.TDWI discourages Chapters from having vendors deliver presentations. Even the best vendorpresenters, no matter how technically astute and well grounded in customer needs andrequirements, may skew their content to align with their company’s product strategy andarchitecture and not provide a totally objective perspective.TDWI Chapter Meetings are open and free to all BI/DW professionals. However, individualswho are not TDWI members are encouraged to become TDWI Members to obtain the fullbenefits of Membership. Chapter Officers need to ensure that vendors and consultants do not usethe Chapter meeting or its directory of attendees to sell, pitch, or promote their products orservices.Governance of TDWI ChaptersTDWI Chapters are managed by local BI/DW professionals, who elect a set of officers every twoyears to compose a Board of Directors.Officers. The launch of a new Chapter requires a Board consisting of at least three officers: aPresident, a Vice President, and a Secretary. However, TDWI recommends that Chapters have atleast five officers to ensure momentum and succession by the end of the first year of operation.The minimum three officer positions are:  President: Runs the Chapter by leading the planning and execution of Chapter events. Organizes other officers to conduct the business of the Chapter. Serves as the primary point of contact with TDWI. Ensures that the Chapter stays within its allotted funding.  Vice President: Assists the President in planning and coordinating Chapter events. Conducts the business of the Chapter in the President’s absence.  Secretary: Maintains and safeguards the lists of attendees at Chapter meetings. Ensures that all attendees fill out an attendance form at each Chapter meeting and sends a copy of the forms to the TDWI Chapter Administrator. Writes a review of each meeting for the Web site.Other positions a Chapter should consider adding are: o Sponsorship Coordinator: Recruits and manages sponsors. Provides a point of contact for sponsors. Coordinates the delivery of sponsors’ benefits at meetings. Ensures compliance with sponsorship guidelines. o Membership Coordinator: Promotes TDWI Membership at Chapter meetings and between meetings. o Publicity Coordinator: Promotes upcoming Chapter meetings via the local 2
  3. 3. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09 press, calendar listings on relevant Web sites, and by working with local consultancies and the branch offices of BI/DW vendors to publicize events using their local mailing lists. o Events Coordinator: Provides help identifying meeting locations and organizing logistics for meetings.Eligibility. Any Chapter attendees may become Officers, as long as they hold high-level BI/DWpositions within their organizations and/or have considerable BI/DW experience and expertise.Chapter attendees who work for a BI/DW vendor will need approval from TDWI before they canbecome Chapter officers.Terms. New Officers are elected every two years. Terms of service for officers are 24 months.There are no term limits. Elections take place in the spring every two years (i.e., April/May).Benefits. TDWI provides up to seven complimentary TDWI Memberships to each ChapterBoard, to be used by Officers as long as they serve on the Board. TDWI will provide five days ofcomplimentary training per year to each Chapter Board to be shared by the Officers. Thesetraining passes are valid at TDWI World Conferences or Seminars, are nontransferable, andcannot be rolled over from one calendar year to the next.Board Meetings. The Board will meet regularly to plan Chapter meetings. All Officers areencouraged to attend these meetings in person or via teleconference. The Board is solelyresponsible for the content of each Chapter meeting.Chapter Officer Meetings. TDWI will hold quarterly meetings, inviting a representative fromeach Chapter Board. These meetings will be used to provide updates on the Chapter program.TDWI requires that one Board member from each Chapter attend and take responsibility forupdating his or her officer Board.Chapter OperationsTo minimize the administrative burden of running a TDWI Chapter, TDWI will assist theChapter in several ways.  Meeting Announcements – TDWI will market your meetings to our database of BI/DW professionals. The Chapter must submit meeting details, including date, location, and agenda at least six weeks prior to the meeting. This will provide TDWI with the 30 – 45 days needed to properly market the meeting. Upon notification to TDWI, Chapters may send meeting announcements to their own contact lists, including attendees of previous meetings.  Attendance Records – TDWI will maintain records of all past attendees of each Chapter meeting.  Membership – TDWI will process and support all Memberships that are created from a 3
  4. 4. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09 Chapter meeting.  Virtual Accounts – TDWI will maintain records of all incoming revenue from Chapter sponsorships. TDWI will also maintain records of all expenses. Chapters will send all check requests and/or expense reports, with receipts attached, to TDWI for processing within 3 weeks following each Chapter meeting. TDWI will provide each Chapter with a current status of their account on a quarterly basis or as changes occur. TDWI Chapters are not legal entities with bank accounts. Chapters may not collect TDWI Membership dues, open a bank account, or collect money directly to defray Chapter expenses.Chapter Membership Incentives and Discounts. As an incentive, TDWI offers 10% discountsto Chapter attendees who become new Members. TDWI provides a customized Membershipapplication, usable at each meeting, to promote this offer. In addition, online promotional codesare available for each Chapter on the TDWI Web site.TDWI provides further incentive for Chapters to recruit TDWI Members with awards of $25 foreach Individual Membership and $100 for each Team Membership, credited to the Chaptervirtual bank account.Attendance Forms. Chapter attendees will provide their contact information when registeringfor a Chapter meeting. Attendees who do not preregister must fill out a Chapter AttendanceForm at the meeting. The Chapter President is responsible for ensuring that TDWI receivescontact information for all onsite registrants.SponsorshipsTo fund its activities, each Chapter is expected to promote sponsorships to local consultancies,user organizations, or other BI/DW organizations. The cost of a one-year sponsorship is $2,500,nonrefundable. TDWI will provide $200 per meeting to support a Chapter’s first three meetingsif the Chapter has not already obtained sponsorship support. After that time, a Chapter must befinancially self-sufficient.Sponsors receive the following benefits:  Signage at Chapter meetings.  Sponsors can place collateral at a sponsorship table in the Chapter meeting room.  Sponsors are recognized at the beginning of each Chapter meeting.  Sponsors are recognized on the Chapter’s Web site.  Sponsors can offer “door prizes” at Chapter meetings (after coordination with the Board).  Sponsors can market Chapter meetings to their local customers and prospects, as long as they properly attribute their affiliation with the Chapter (i.e., their Chapter sponsorship) and adhere to TDWI branding policies. Sponsors should be made aware of the following: 4
  5. 5. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09  Sponsorship does not correlate to speaking opportunities. The Chapter Board extends speaking invitations based on valued expertise and knowledge, and a sponsorship will not influence the decision-making process.  Sponsors are not provided attendee lists or contact information, unless voluntarily provided by individual attendees.  Sponsors must receive the approval of the Chapter Board to distribute “giveaway” items to each attendee at Chapter meetings.  TDWI will review each sponsorship application and reserves the right to reject any application deemed incompatible with TDWI’s mission.How it Works. Sponsors send contracts directly to TDWI, which invoices the sponsors anddeposits payments into the Chapters’ virtual accounts. Chapters are responsible for “selling”their own sponsorships, and there is no restriction on the number of sponsors a Chapter can have.TDWI must approve any changes to the standard sponsorship contract. TDWI retains 35% ofsponsorship funds to help defray costs associated with supporting the chapters.Accounting and Reimbursements. TDWI will collect funds on behalf of TDWI Chapters anddeposit them into a “virtual bank account.” Virtual funds will be used on a first-in and first-outbasis. The funds will have an 18-month expiration date starting from the time they are receivedinto the "virtual bank account". If your Chapter sponsor funds are approaching this 18-monthexpiration date, please contact TDWI in order to reach a resolution.TDWI pays Chapter expenses upon receiving a check request or expense report with receiptsfrom Officers seeking reimbursement. Chapters will provide expense reports related to Chaptermeetings within 3 weeks following the meeting. TDWI requires one-month lead time for allcheck requests. TDWI then deducts these expenditures from the Chapter’s virtual account.TDWI will publish account balances on a quarterly basis to each Chapter and upon request.Virtual funds are designed to help TDWI Chapters pay the travel and speaking expenses ofoutside speakers or defray meeting room or other costs associated with holding regular meetings.Virtual funds cannot be used to pay Chapter Officers to speak at their own Chapter meetings,including expenses for traveling to and from Chapter meetings. TDWI’s policy is to reimburseexpenditures associated with group activities, not individual activities.Eligibility Requirements 5
  6. 6. TDWI Chapter Charter Updated 04/28/09To remain a TDWI Chapter in good standing and be eligible to spend virtual funds in its account,a TDWI Chapter must: 1. Adhere to the Chapter charter. 2. Hold at least four meetings a year. 3. Assist TDWI with maintaining updates to a directory of Chapter participants. 4. Provide information for updating the Chapter Web site between meetings. 5. Submit a detailed agenda for upcoming meetings at least six weeks in advance to allow TDWI the time required to market a meeting. 6. Send completed attendance lists and forms to TDWI after each meeting. 7. Attract at least 15 people, on average, to each Chapter meeting and maintain sufficient sponsorships to fund ongoing activities.MiscellaneousBranding. TDWI Chapter Boards may use TDWI branding (i.e., logo and designs) on mailings,signage, and other external communications vehicles as long as they send the material inadvance to the TDWI Chapter Coordinator for review and approval. Under no circumstances canTDWI Chapter Board Members put a TDWI logo or title on their business cards or otherprofessional documents without prior permission of TDWI.Web. TDWI provides Chapters with a TDWI Web page for displaying Chapter information,news, and links. Upon submission of Chapter meeting agendas, the Web page will be updated toreflect new meeting information. The Web page will include contact information for the Chapterofficers as well as sponsor information.Disbanding Chapters. TDWI may disband a TDWI Chapter at any time for failing to meet theeligibility requirements listed above and for any of the following reasons:  Not maintaining accurate attendance records  Not using virtual account funds for their intended purposes or incurring expenses that exceed the funds in the virtual account  Misusing TDWI’s brand according to TDWI guidelines  Other malfeasance 6