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6 Easy Steps to Making PLR Unique

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6 Easy Steps to Making PLR Unique

  1. 1. Because your Success Is Mandatory Today
  2. 2. Make it truly relevant to your niche Change the title, either keeping the keyword or changing to another keyword that you have researched.
  3. 3. Take next step and go all the way Ifyou have changed the keyword, obviously you need to change it throughout the article. Or better yet, optimize for multiple keywords so focus has additional impacts on the reader
  4. 4. Keep it simple do the basics Rewritethe first and last sentences of each paragraph, keeping your keyword in both of them.
  5. 5. Change some elements of the structure: Splita long sentence in two, or more Join two short sentences into one Turn sentences around, swap thought order Change the order of sentences or paragraphs Change where paragraphs end.
  6. 6. Adjust the length of your PLR Change at least one word in each sentence and/or add or delete words. Deleting is easy with longer PLR articles.
  7. 7. Make different extry and exit points Summarize your approach how you will implement the PLR recommendation. Add a paragraph, a sentence or two of your thoughts at the beginning and end of the article.
  8. 8. VisitSuccess Is MandatoryToday.com to learn more.