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the value
of data
revenue, value
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The New CMO-CIO Alignment [Infographic]

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Infographic on how to align CMO and CIO priorities for data-driven marketing success.

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The New CMO-CIO Alignment [Infographic]

  1. 1. MAXIMIZE the value of data BALANCE productivity with security INCREASE revenue, value & competitive advantage IDENTIFY which marketing initiatives are effective ALIGN your marketing with company objectives IMPROVE the overall customer experience great minds don’t always think alike +CIO CMO By 2017, the CMO will spend more on Technology than the CIO TODAY 48% of IT execs say marketing bypasses IT in project implementation 40% of customers are more likley to purchase when offers are personalized across channels 46% of marketers believe their CIO does not understand our marketing objectives 70% of an organization’s brand experience is currently delivered through IT resources WITH DIGITAL CONSUMERS BECOMING THE MOST INFLUENTIAL, IT IS NOW IMPERATIVE THAT GREAT MINDS MUST COME TOGETHER 3 Challenges for CIO’s: 3 Challenges for CMO’s: Learn more about CIO+CMO Alignment teradata.com/DataDrivenMarketing References: 1. 2013 Teradata Data-Driven Marketing Priorities Survey 2. Gartner Executive Program: Top CIO Priorities for 2013 Realize budgets and data will overlap See each other as revenue, technology & brand partners Leverage shared insights Meet often and with full disclosure HOW TO WORK TOGETHER $$ +CIO CMO The New CIO + CMO Strategic Alignment Top CIO Business Priorities Top CMO Business Priorities IMPROVE marketing efficiencies PROVE marketing effectiveness INTEGRATE cross-channel marketing INCREASE enterprise growth STRENGTHEN customer relationships REMOVE data silos DELIVER operational results REDUCE enterprise costs BI and supporting analytics #1 CIO PRIORITY want to improve data quality processes 86% OF MARKETERS see big data analytics as the 2nd most disruptive technology (behind mobile) 55% OF CIO’s are leveraging big data analytics today ONLY 30% OF MARKETERS Typically just 20% of IT budget supports new growth opportunities KICK THE 80/20 RULE say the technology they use is outdated or inadequate 40% OF MARKETERS The Current State of Alignment: Marketers and Information Technology Officers don't work together. There is no perceived need for collaboration. Ideas and data don't mix. How to work together for better CIO + CMO ALIGNMENT 80/20