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Besa mafia truth

This article shows how cruel and inhuman the service of Besa Mafia is, on their Deep Web site.Besa Mafia is real mafia with real hit men, killers and assassins for hire. They offer their services online to customers from the entire world; any person can order murder by just contacting them and having funds available. We must stop them!!! FBI and Police is working to shut down their site, but is verify difficult because they hide their site IP address using Deep Web.

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Besa mafia truth

  1. 1. Besa Mafia Scam or Legit This article purpose is to expose Besa Mafia, an Albanian group of gang members who do illegal things offline and online. We strongly belief that light is an disinfectant and that by exposing their activities and site we contribute to help police and law enforcement stop their activities before they make too many victims. We are not going to post here the Besa Mafia website addres because our purpose is not to promote them, but is to convince people to stop using them. Besa Mafia website is a legit website of the Besa Albanian Mafia that has expanded to take new orders from customers online with the protection of deep web
  2. 2. Not that they would need any business from online, they do have a lot of business offline involving drug dealing, gun trade, prostitution, money laundering, killing and beating people, but they probably thought why not enjoying the new customers and market share that would result from expanding online on deep web, as many other criminal organizations have expanded online do sell drugs and do illegal things on deep web and sites like Silk Road , Alpha Bay market and others? Sure, Silk Road was busted by FBI in 2013 but since then many other websites popped up, and they are not scams because they have escrow. Escrow means that customer can't be ripped because they do not pay directly the man who does the job, instead they are putting funds into a security safebox while waiting the job to be completed There are over 3000 searches per month for hire a hitman, hitmen for hire, hire a killer and hire an assassin according to Google keyword suggestion tool, and these are people who are looking to hire a hitmen. Ofcourse there are fake sites like hire-a-killer dot com , they take credit cards and ask for customer name, this will ofcourse result in any customer being arrested as soon as he would pay for murder But there are sites like Besa Mafia that do not ask for any information from the customer, no real name no address, no credit card no nothing, except target name and details. These sites are very dangerous because they are not a scam, they are actually getting real orders from people and they give it to their hitmen who do the job Customers don't pay with credit cards to expose their names, instead they pay with Bitcoin, a online currency that is not traceable, and through escrow with multi sig feature, this means that the customer has full control over his Bitcoin and can not be ripped off At the time of this article there are no complaints about their activity even as they are online since 2013
  3. 3. As with deep web many criminal organizations have moved online and expanded their business to new markets by selling online drugs on markets like Silk Road 3 and Alpha Bay. We do hope that Police and FBI will shot down the illegal website of Besa Mafia as soon as possible, to stop other people from ordering killings and beatings through their system. Know More Click Here.