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Ko win mg training slide 24122012

  1. INTRODUCTION Name : U Win Maung Education : BE (Civil) 1987 : Specialist diploma in Workplace Safety and Health Occupation : Resident Technical Officer :Part Time Trainer at BCA Academy and SCALE Academy in Singapore Contact No : (65) 9029 8154 Email :
  2. 1. To develop the organizations related to Occupational Safety and Health in Myanmar. 2. To implement, review and maintain OSH systems in Myanmar. 3. To Provide Suitable Training courses in Myanmar. 4. To know the some of Training courses for Construction in Singapore.
  3. 1. Introduction to occupational safety and health. 2. Organizations related to workplace safety and health in Singapore. 3. Training courses for safety personals. 4. Training courses for management level. 5. Training Courses for Supervisors. 6. Training Courses for Workers . 7. Conclusion.
  4.  Occupational Safety and Health  Acts, Regulations and Code of Practices  Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE)  Need knowledge and training with intentional standards  Safety for everybody in all industrials  Need government enforcement
  5.  Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) • Workplace Safety & Health • Training  WSH Competency Standards Training Courses Continuing Professional Development Program me
  6.  Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) • Promote Safety & Health • Build Industry Capability • WSH Training  Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ)  SOC Requirements & Safety Assessment  Training Materials
  7.  Singapore Workforce Development Agency(WDA) • Training Organisation • Becoming a WSQ Provider  Approved Training Organisation (ATO)  Adult Education Network  Advanced Certificated in Training and Assessment (ACTA) • Capability Development  To built the capability of WSQ providers in various area
  8. 3.1 Certificate in Workplace Safety & Health (Level A) 3.2 Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety & Health (Level B) 3.4 Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety & Health (Level C) 3.5 Graduate Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level D)
  9. Legal Requirements Objectives • To provide knowledge and skills to implement WSH control measures and management system Contents • Hazard identification and risk control • Support WSH legal compliance • Employability skills system • Communication and relationship • Investigate WSH incidents • Promote WSH culture development Course Duration : 5 month Training Fee : S$ 1530.10
  10. Legal Requirements Objectives • To familiar with safety legislations, safety management system, accident investigation techniques, hazard identification Contents • WSH policy and coordinate with legal requirements • Coordinate WSH management system • Recognize WSH hazards and control measure • Prepare and facilitate classroom training • Communication and relationship management Course Duration : 126 hrs (6 month) Training Fee : S$ 2172.10
  11. Legal Requirements Contents •Bridging Module : Apply Basic Mathematics and Science Topics in WSH* •Establish and Review WSH Policy and Objectives •Advise on WSH Legal Compliance Issues •Establish Measurement and Monitoring of WSH Performance •Design and Implement Behavioral Safety Program me •Establish and Manage Incident Investigation and Analysis Processes •Manage Internal WSH Audit System
  12. • Establish and Review Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan • ESS Communication & Relationship Management (Managerial) • Identify WSH hazards and assess WSH risks • Control WSH risks • Manage WSH risks in construction industry • Manage Workplace Safety & Health System • Prepare and facilitate classroom training (T&D Framework) Course Duration : 219 hrs. (7mths) Training Fee : S$ 4494.00
  13. Legal Requirements Objectives • To prepare WSH officers and other WSH personal in construction industry to be competent WSH auditors or perform the role of an advisor in WSH matters. Contents • Manage WSH audit program me •Advise on WSH legal requirements and good practices •Recommend continual improvement to WSH management system Course Duration : 145 hrs (6 month) Training Fee : S$ 3317.00
  14. 4.1 Workplace Safety and Health Management System 4.2 Design for Safety Coordinator 4.3 Safety for Managers
  15. Course Contents  Overview of SS506:A Standards Approach to Managing OSH  Hazard identification & risk assessment  Policy , objectives & management programs  Legal requirements  Implementation & operation  Checking & corrective action  Management review Duration : 28 hrs. Training Fee : S$ 620.60
  16. Target Participants :Designers , Architects , Project Managers , Professional Engineers and Surveyors. Entry Requirements •University degree recognized by BOA and / or PEB •Minimum 10 years experience in a consulting firm(s) of Architectural and /or Civil / Structural or Mechanical & / or Electrical Engineering Contents •To identify safety and health risks associated with construction project •Maintain records of safety and health issues •Coordinate the flow of relevant safety and health information Course Duration : 14 hrs. Training Fee : S$ 1070.00
  17. Course Content • Understanding Workplace Safety & Health Legislations, & WSH • Workplace Safety & Health (Construction) Regulations • General Worksite Safety • Mechanical Material Handling & Scaffold • Overview of Risk Management • Safety & Health Management Course Duration : 40 hrs. Training Fee : S$ 420.00
  19. 5.1 Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (Petrochemical Industry , Shipyard, Tunnelling, Manhole…) 5.2 Formwork Safety Course for Supervisors 5.3 Lifting Supervisor Safety Course 5.4 Metal Scaffold Erection Supervisors Course 5.5 Work-At-Height Course for Supervisors
  20. Course Contents •Principles of accident prevention •The workplace safety and health act •Role and duties of safety supervisors •Safety in scaffolding •Safety in demolition, excavation and piling construction …… •Fire prevention and control •Accident investigation techniques Course Duration : 30 hrs. Training Fee : S$ 283.50
  21. Contents Legal requirements General Safety Safety Management System in Lift Maintenance Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation Roles and responsibilities of lifting supervisor Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation Safety factors and safe working load Safety Practices for lifting machine Course Duration : (29 + 3) hrs. Training Fee : S$300.00
  22. COURSE CONTENTS •Use and selection of metal scaffolds •Practices in the erection and dismantling of the various systems of metal scaffolding •The correct use of the various components used in connection with the erection of metal scaffolding •Factors affecting the safety of scaffolding •Course Duration : 10 days (75 hrs.) •Training Fee : S$819.00
  23.  Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers (Oil/Petrochemical, Manhole,Tunnelling,Metalworking  Explosive Powered Tools  Riggers Course  Signalmen Course  Metal Scaffold Erection Course  Lorry Crane Operator Course  Boom Lift Operator Course
  24.  Scissor Lift Operator Course  Folk lift operator  Excavator operator  Tower Crane Operator  Mobile Crane Operators  Crawler crane operators
  25. WSH (Construction) Regulations,R9(1) Mandatory for all construction workers Language Bengali, English, Malay, Mandarin, Myanmar, Tamil, Thai. Contents • Introduction to WSHA • Identify hazards in construction work • Employment Act • Wellbeing: Course Duration : 8 hrs ( 1 day) Training Fee : S$ 35 – 37.75
  26. Contents Module 1 (Theory) •Principal components and configuration of crawler crane •Safety devices and indicators •Introduction to WSHA and subsidiary legislations •Duties and responsibilities of crane operator •Interpretation of load chart •Job site consideration and safe operation of crane Course Duration : (22+2) hrs. Training Fee : S$ 321
  27. Contents Module 2 (Practical) •Daily & weekly inspection •Initial crawler crane operations •Safety in lifting operations •Hand signals and telecommunication •Practical lifting operations Course Duration : (64+8) hrs. Training Fee : S$ 1979.50
  28. Contents Legal requirements Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation Standard signaling Applied practice Roles and responsibilities of signal man Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation Safety factors and safe working load Slinging and Lifting Practices Course Duration : 23 hrs Training Fee : S$110.00
  29. Constants •Roles and responsibilities of a rigger •Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation •Maintenance of various types of slings •Safety factors and safe working load •Inspection Checklist •Slinging & lifting practices Course Duration : 15 hrs. Training Fee : S$ 240.75