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Social media Strategy and Tactics Part 1 - Threesides

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Social Media Strategy and Tactics - Setting your goals, defining objectives, understanding your strategy and being clear about your tactics are all important steps to creating your social media plan.

This presentation is part 1 of a 2 part series that was presented by Todd Wright from threesides for ACT Digital Enterprise.

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Social media Strategy and Tactics Part 1 - Threesides

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy + Tactics (Part 1)
  2. 2. About this presentation This presentation was originally presented as a face to face 2 hour training workshop as part of the ACT Digital Enterprise Training workshop series. The session was presented by Todd Wright from Threesides Marketing in Canberra.
  3. 3. www.threesides.com.au www.Facebook.com/threesides www.Twitter.com/threesides www.slideshare.net/threesides www.pinterest.com/threesidespins
  4. 4. We help these businesses with their social media marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW – Wild about Whales Lantern Apartments Thredbo Cooleman Court Shopping Centre – A Mirvac Property Campus Living Villages Sportsmans Warehouse Deeks Health Foods Michael Milton Capital Region Farmers Market The RUC (and more…)
  5. 5. Your Name, your business and when was the last time you used Social Media for business purposes? (Hours ago, Days, Weeks?)
  6. 6. Overview 1. Where does strategy fit 2. Social media plan 3. Goals, Strategies, Objectives, Tactics 4. Audiences 5. Resources 6. Evaluation 7. How to succeed and how to fail…
  7. 7. Where does SOCIAL fit in your digital marketing?
  8. 8. Online marketing Strategy Website Exposure / Listings Links / connections Search Engines SEO/SEM Conversion / Sales Direct marketing Resources / People Social Media
  9. 9. Social media is all about people (right?)
  10. 10. So…without a plan the people (them and us) won’t know what we’re doing.
  11. 11. Where does strategy fit?
  12. 12. The difference between strategy and tactics: strategy is done above the shoulders, tactics are done below the shoulders http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2013/01/14/the-difference- between-strategy-and-tactics/
  13. 13. Goals Strategies Objectives Tactics
  14. 14. The terminology What? Goals High Level Achievement – Broad outcomes Strategies The collection of approaches you will take Objectives Measurable steps to achieve the strategy Tactics Specific actions / tools you will use
  15. 15. Overall purpose of social media Awareness? Sales? Customer service? Research? Loyalty and retention?
  16. 16. The simpler the better • "Improve customer loyalty" • "Grow our market share." • "Make our brand a word of mouth success story." Goals
  17. 17. 1. Awareness / Advertising 2. Networking 3. Customer service 4. Education (for yourself) 5. Education (for your potential clients/customers) 6. Market research 7. Competitive research 8. Advocacy 9. Create expert status 10. Entertainment 11. Grow your list/fill your funnel 12. Attract media attention Example Goal content
  18. 18. The collection of approaches you will take to achieve your goal. They are Verbs: create, hire, develop, launch, implement Need a mix of Low, Medium, High engagement activities Strategies
  19. 19. S.M.A.R.TObjectives
  20. 20. Increase Followers by _____% Increase Traffic to Website from Social Media Platforms by ______ % Increase Online Engagement (comments/ mentions/ retweets) by ________% Increase Brand Awareness – number of new platforms/ updated profiles _______ Sample Objectives
  21. 21. Goals The goals for whole-of-Library external activity are: Primary – Generate public awareness of services, collections and activities. – Manage the Library’s reputation and strengthen our brand. – Build relationships through engagement with the community. Opportunistic – Research and user insight – Customer/client support – Collection building. – Community engagement eg co-creation of Trove tags – Build staff digital skills. – Foster knowledge sharing eg the web archiving blog. It is assumed that these will serve as case examples for the development of goals for niche / specialised social media activity undertaken in other parts of the Library. NLA Social Media Strategy
  22. 22. Objectives The objectives for the whole-of-Library activity are • To increase use of National Library services and collections • To enhance and preserve our reputation through quality activity • To be seen to be active in the social media space with its broad user base • To increase engagement with online audiences • To solicit feedback in order to improve our services. We will make progress towards meeting these objectives over time and as resourcing permits. NLA Social Media Strategy
  23. 23. The detail and activities of what you are actually going to do. • Create a content plan • 3 weekly posts on facebook about agreed topics • Use Sprout social each day to check posts Tactics
  24. 24. Finding and building your Audience
  25. 25. “It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s what you do with them that counts”
  26. 26. STEP 1: Start with the end in mind > What will success look like? STEP 2: Profile your audience > Who are they, what do they look like, what do they like, what do they want from you? Audience Building 101
  27. 27. STEP 3: Identify the influencers > Look for influential individuals who will help get the word out. > What will be your members’ motivation for engaging with you online? > How will you deliver the message – photo, video, comments, links? Audience Building 101
  28. 28. Types of social media users 1. Fans. These participants like your product or firm. They’re willing to show their association with your organization. 2. Information seekers. These social media participants are focused on finding out more about your products and organization. 3. Discount hunters. These are the price savvy shoppers. They associate with you on social media only to get access to discounts and promotions. 4. Thought leaders. When these social media participants communicate, others listen. They tend to have influential blogs and large numbers of followers. 5. Detractors. These people have issues with your firm and want others to know it. Often they’ve tried other routes to get their grievances addressed.
  29. 29. 1.People 2.Time 3.Dollars 4.Tools Resources
  30. 30. Where to spend $$ in Social media • Ads / Promoted posts • Account setup / customisation • Custom Pages / Third Party app costs • Planning and strategy • Training • Community Management • Developing content – photo / video • Website integration • Competitions • Reporting tools and analysis
  31. 31. Managing & Evaluating
  32. 32. www.sproutsocial.com
  33. 33. Why plans fail 1. No monitoring. 2. No specific goals. 3. No understanding of where your audience engages on social media. 4. No content beyond one-way promotional blasts. 5. No optimisation for search. 6. No supporting advertising. 7. No management engagement. 8. No integration with the rest of your marketing. 9. No dedicated staff. 10. No budget. 11. No way to track results.
  34. 34. Social media planning – TO DO LIST 1. Define the purpose 2. Have clear goals 3. Outline your strategy 4. Set objectives 5. Identify the audience 6. Confirm resources 7. Set your evaluation measures
  35. 35. www.actdigitalenterprise.com.au www.threesides.com.au www.Facebook.com/threesides www.Twitter.com/threesides www.slideshare.net/threesides www.pinterest.com/threesidespins Stay in touch