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Ready Student One: Creating Playful Online Spaces

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Gamification is nothing new, finding its roots as far back as 1896. In fact, the hunt for the key to student engagement through gaming has been formally debated since the 1980s. Attendees are invited to join game designer and educator, Tim Samoff, as he discusses his quest for creating a playful online space, ready for player (student) one to plunk in a quarter and learn.

Originally presented at D2L Fusion 2016 (https://www.d2l.com/events/fusion/) #d2lfusion

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Ready Student One: Creating Playful Online Spaces

  1. 1. Ready Student One creating playful online spaces @ Warner Bros.
  2. 2. http://sharksden.deviantart.com ➤ About Me ➤ Ready Student player One ➤ What is Gamification? ➤ A Brief History of Gamification ➤ What are Games? ➤ Gamification as Praxis ➤ Q/A AGENDA
  3. 3. ABOUT ME 1989 – Present: Freelance Web/UX/Game Designer 1992 – 1998: AAA Game Designer/Producer 1993: BUILT First Website 2001 – 2003: Substitute Teacher 2003 – 2005: Web/UX Designer 2005 – 2008: Serious Game/UX Designer 2010 – Present: Professor, Game Design & Multimedia
  4. 4. ERNEST CLINE, 2012
  6. 6. ➤ Socializing ➤ Learning ➤ Mastery ➤ Competition ➤ Achievement ➤ Status ➤ self-expression ➤ Selflessness ➤ the desire get to the end WHAT IS GAMIFICATION?
  7. 7. http://coherentpath.com/blog/green-stamps-first-retail-loyalty-program/ GAMIFICATION IS NOTHING NEW
  8. 8. GAMIFICATION IS NOTHING NEW http://coherentpath.com/blog/green-stamps-first-retail-loyalty-program/ ➤ ENJOYMENT ➤ ENGAGEMENT ➤ EXPERIMENTATION
  9. 9. WHAT ARE GAMES? flickr.com/therichbrooks
  10. 10. ➤ Challenges (for achieving goals) ➤ Choices (Voluntary Participation) ➤ Consequences (feedback systems)
  11. 11. “The real world just doesn’t offer up as easily the carefully designed pleasures, the thrilling challenges, and the powerful social bonding afforded by virtual environments. Reality doesn’t motivate us as effectively. Reality isn’t engineered to maximize our potential. Reality wasn’t designed from the bottom up to make us happy. And so, there is a growing perception in the gaming community: Reality, compared to games, is broken.”
  12. 12. “A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at (or getting better at) and enjoy. In other words, gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression.”
  13. 13. So how do we gamify our learning environments?
  14. 14. © Nintendo Not a class… A Quest!
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. THANK YOU! @timsamoff