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Brand plan

  1. Brand Plan Once upon a time in Sthlm Once upon a time in Stockholm
  2. Brand Positioning Once upon a time in Stockholm is going to have a leading position within the digital agency segment by end of 2013. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  3. Strategy Once upon a time in Stockholm
  4. Brand Promise Once upon a time use the digital community to build social, emotional and interactive brand experiences in an entertaining, relevant, measurable and sustainable way. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  5. Brand Mission (short-term) To establish a base of relevant & devoted followers that can help us building brands. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  6. Brand Vision (long-term) To become a leading global digital agency brand in Europe and Asia that is associated with authenticity, passion, innovation and quality. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  7. Our WHY In everything we do, we believe in challenging people´s view of marketing. The way we challenge people´s view of marketing is by combining storytelling, social media & technology. And we happen to build innovative & measurable brand experiences. Its not WHAT we do that distinguishes us. Its WHY we do it. It is our cause that inspires loyalty and develops true relationships with our users and makes them follow us. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  8. Once upon a time´s Golden Circle . Once upon a time in Stockholm
  9. Core Values Once upon a time in Stockholm
  10. Brand Persona • X is a spontaneous 32 year old woman with an iron will and a big love for people. On her spare time she likes to socialize with her friends and make new ones, both in real life and online. She also likes to travel and to learn new things. • X treats her friends with respect by always being honest and help them even though there are no immediate reward in sight. X is a born communicator that influences people naturally, and this talent comes handy in her profession. • X always uses her expertise for the good of the customer and gives her professional opinions even though the customer may think differently. X is careful with measuring results in order to give her customers concrete proofs of her excellence. • X reads about marketing, technology ,innovation and digital trends. X love stories where she can dream away and express the imagination that bubbles inside her like a Jacuzzi. The imagination that she awakes while reading is brought into her daydreaming where all the thoughts and feelings are blended and transformed into ideas. The diversity of the ideas that is created by X: s wide range of interests enables her to help customers create brand value in a different way, outside the frames of what is standard. • X loves to analyze the complex process of human decision-making. X thinks that behavior should be the starting point for building strategies and a presence online. X is passionate about the combination of technology and the social revolution, and her knowledge within behavior and trends enables her to help customers finding the buttons of their target group. • X is self-confident and aware of what she knows, but she´s humble and does not brag about it. X acts as an advisor and educates her customers about benefits and disadvantages in an honest way. This makes the customers see her as an authority, a person that both companies and people relies on and whose knowledge they trust. • X build trust for her customers by communicating relevant, personal and honest. X is convinced that the future belongs to those who can generate emotional value in a world where physical attributes are almost the same everywhere. Therefore she helps her customer building brands on soft values. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  11. Miss X is: Once upon a time in Stockholm
  12. Miss X communicates: • Consequent. Use a consequent communication tone that makes people see a red thread through everything X do. • Informal. X should communicate causal but still show that she is really smart and professional. • Indirect & long-term focused. Communicate indirect. X should not tell people to follow her or to do stuff; she should make great things and communicate them so that they want to follow her by heart. • Humorous. There is a close relationship between the “ha-ha” of humor and the “aha” of discovery. X uses humor to plant seeds for relations. • Emotional. X should always get people to feel something. That is when our users are most open for impressions. • Unselfish. X: s job is to make others feel smart and pleased while giving them the tools to create their own story. We inspire people instead of manipulating them. • User-experience focused. X shouldn’t be customer focused. She should be user-experience focused, caring about the customer as a human instead of a customer. Relations are the long- term road to more business. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  13. Target Groups Primary target group (Y) • Media agencies, PR agencies, Production companies – PR-managers – Product managers – Marketing managers – Brand managers – CEO:s Secondary target group (Z) • Influencers in social media (1% create, 9% contribute, 90% consume) Once upon a time in Stockholm
  14. Who is our target group? Primary target group Y is a man 35 years old man that has got a family and a positive attitude. Y wants to enjoy life and appreciate learning new things and drinking good wine. He has got an advanced (although not completely crazy) sense of humor and likes to laugh at situations that he can recognize himself in. Y also likes to read Dagens Media and Résumé as well as visiting Fotografiska and Dramaten. He is using Facebook for leisure and is not very active on Twitter or LinkedIn. Secondary target group Z is a man born in the beginning of the eighties that is interested in stats and news around Internet and social media, technical innovations, and creative design. He likes to share his inspiration with his followers on Twitter. If the content is good enough, the length of the text or the sender doesn’t matter. the geekier the better. Z throws himself into any discussion without any fear of being personal. Once a year he attends the Sweden Social Media Camp where he meet up with his digital friends (while twittering about it). Once upon a time in Stockholm
  15. 1. Attracting Influencers We aim our communication towards our secondary target group because this is the influencers that has the power to affect the crowd. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  16. 2. Attracting the Crowd When the influencers have implemented our brand into the crowd´s heart, they will continue building Once upon a time in Stockholm for us. We can tweak the direction, but our followers will build it. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  17. 3. Attracting Customers When we have the influencers AND the crowd on our side, we will have a lethal weapon for building brands that make us interesting for our primary target group. When they need the services that we offer we will have a head start in the race. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  18. Once upon a time in Stockholm offering Once upon a time in Stockholm
  19. Offering • Storytelling – With a strong technical department we can reinforce the power of our stories and make them even more striking. • Concept development – We are good at ideas, but it is when those ideas are put in a bigger picture that they become valuable. Our employees have multicultural backgrounds and can therefore develop more diverse and innovative concepts. • Content production – We are good at details and create content that drives traffic. Both through SEO and the quality of the content itself. Good content for us makes people act. • Site & App management – Because of our wide range of competence in-house, we are capable of taking care of your sites and apps in exactly the way you want it. Your wish is spiced with our knowledge. • Social media management – The social media is our workplace. We have a strong base of follower that we use to give your brand the injection that it needs to grow and flourish online. • Research & analysis – We go through company’s digital presence, finds value gaps that leaks value and comes up with suggestions for how the value gaps could be eliminated using Customer Activity Cycle. Once upon a time in Stockholm
  20. Offering • Interactive entertainment & Games – We build interactive solutions that engage the crowd, create a buzz and leads to positive brand awareness. We don’t want people to just see, we want to feel and act. • A holistic online presence – We create a holistic online presence that combines the benefits of all 4 screens. The sum is bigger than it parts, and we can offer the extra value that is created when attacking on four different fronts simultaneously. • Outsourced marketing department – We take responsibility of company’s digital presence and marketing, handling everything from strategy to social media. This approach lets you focus on your core business while getting a fresh “outsider” perspective on your business and marketing. • Design / UI – Our designers works close with the technical team, making the work both visual attractive, user-friendly and easy for search engines to find. • Copywriting – We manifest the ideas behind your concept with clear and profound text that strengthen the other parts of the concept. It is the copy that binds it all together. • Strategy – We create long-term strategies, aiming at building sustainable value that will work today as well as tomorrow. Once upon a time in Stockholm