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Tmv2pager editorial

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Tmv2pager editorial

  1. 1. “ “TMV turns communications into accountability movements, transforms technology into wealth and provides the right structure and resources to manage its clients’ value T echnology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. (TMV) helps clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes by formulating strategies, executing “next practices” and manag- ing ventures. TMV creates Electronic-Boardroom TMVi® Solutions in consulting, networks, educa- tion, television, database and newsletters. Clients that TMV has navigated through unchar- tered waters include CEOs, boards, policy makers, tech firms, marketing firms, financial firms, private funds, investment money managers, family offic- es, high-net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. TMV’s global FinTech initiatives include revo- lutionizing mobile retail strategy by providing m-commerce solutions that enable consumers to use smartphones to enhance their shopping expe- rience. TMV creates strategic customer relation- ships and barrier-to-entry ecosystems. With its collaborative partners, the firm turns communications into accountability movements, transforms technology into wealth and provides the right structure and resources to manage its clients’ value. “I am humbled by winning this prestigious Wealth & Money Management Award for Innovation in Corporate Technology,” says June Klein, CEO. “The award is important to TMV because an expert pan- el of independent industry judges acknowledged the value and success of our Electronic-Board- room TMVi ® Solutions. The award complements TMV’s induction into the 2014 Manhattan, NY Business Hall of Fame based on seven consecutive years of winning #1 Best of Manhattan Award in the International Consultants category. “Moreover, it is an opportunity to share with the Global FinTech community our ‘next practices’ for ‘money on the move’. Specifically, we are applying the Ignite geo-location, marketing and payments platform toward revolutionizing mobile retail strategy. We are enabling merchant clients to address the consumer’s desire to use smartphones to enhance their shopping experience.” TMV owes its award to its team and a focus on team areas, says Klein. “The team is more than just the direct TMV contributors in areas like UK-US venture development, formulation-exe- cution strategies, global-local product launches, tech-cyber security architectures, financial-tech- nology leadership programs, corporate-internet governance, inversions - spinoffs tax law and tech mogul-concierge wealth services. “Integral to the team is the collaborators who contribute their expertise and work together seamlessly to create an integrated Money Move- TECHNOLOGY & MARKETINGVENTURES, INC. TECHNOLOGY & MARKETINGVENTURES, INC. Innovation in Corporate Technology: Electronic-Boardroom TMVi® Solutions 78 | wealth&moneymanagement2014 A team of electronic business makers and game changers serving the financial industry, information vendors, corporate boardrooms and educational entities worldwide, Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. are specialists in architecting “killer apps” and maximizing shareholder value, helping clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes via venture development
  2. 2. ment with accountability and barriers. We are like ‘The Avengers’, which was the highest revenue grossing movie because each superhero brought in its own superpower to solve the problem in intergalactic time. TMV is the Empowernator™ and our superheroes include, but are not limited to: Paythru Ltd. a leading provider of m-com- merce solutions; Restoration Partners, a boutique technology merchant bank; Citibank NYC Small Business Team; Martin LLP, a US M&A law firm; and Alliance Bernstein, a global wealth manager. “One unique attribute of the mobile payments market is the fact that six different industries are actively exerting influence over the mobile pay- ment discussion. This is a very different dynamic than previous analyzed industries and sectors. Fi- nancial institutions, retailers, wireless, traditional and mobile payment services, and device makers are all in the mix of start-ups and established firms. “ “Partnering in mobile payments requires: ‘a cast of many’ driven by customer experience and with clear roles and responsibilities; an ‘open marriage approach’ driving brand hierarchy, customer own- ership and non-exclusivity; a ‘leap of faith’ with a mantraofmaximumreturn,minimalriskandapre-nup.” “TMV and Paythru have been successful be- cause of expertise as an integrator and focus on multi-disciplinary partners and relationships. We have a range of high quality partners which intro- duce new business across the sectors and geogra- phies in line with our sales and marketing plan. Our Paythru partners include Masterpass, Oltio, Parkeon, HS1, Jamie Oliver, FirstData, Cybersource and Credorax. We continue to utilize and add to these relationships to increase market share and global presence as well as developing direct sales opportunities where appropriate.” The working culture at TMV is focused, yet relaxed, says Klein. “We take our work very seri- ously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are professional with a healthy blend of humanity,” she says. “Once you are on our team of employees and partners, we trust you and don’t throw you under the bus. We see the bus coming and pull you out of the way and if we can’t, we take the hit. “Inherent in our deals is that everyone should be fairly compensated for their work and effort. We work to achieve company goals, but embrace a larger purpose of instilling a sense of pride and Contact name: June Klein Email: jklein@tmv.com Tel: +1 212 628 2178 Web: www.tmv.com Address: 444 E 82nd St, #11M, New York, NY 10028 USA wealth&moneymanagement2014 | 79 self-worth in others, as well as increasingly chal- lenging opportunities and results. As a leader, I strive to inspire others to achieve their dreams: by words, by actions and by example.” “As the chairman of a bank I once worked for said to me, do whatever you want, but if you make a mistake on your financials, you may get cut off at the knees and the discussion come after. “We don’t understand why ‘work’ is called ‘work’,” she adds. Everything the firm has to say is in the eight words of its corporate name, registered trade- mark and USA subsidiary name, says Klein. “We have a breadth and depth of technology blended with marketing. We recognize that ventures is the name of the game, and embrace it. Our goals are geared toward all stakeholders, not just share- holders. We have methodologies that transform technology into wealth. “If you are a large retailer or mall owner needing marketing and pin authentication, Paythru Inc. is who you want by your side to help you navi- gate through unchartered waters. Unlike mobile systems that are an add-on hampered by legacy systems, ours was built from scratch in an open architecture and works with any phone, carrier, bank, financial institution. We are differentiated from peers through our white label, non-propri- etary value added system platform, our focus on creating super merchants and our integrated marketing and payments platform, Ignite.” Over the coming year, a great opportunity lies in persuading more consumers to use their smart phones to securely pay for goods and services, says Klein. “Technology is not enough, which is why our blended marketing services are so powerful. you@tmv.com