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WordPress Use Cases - Wordpress Can Do Anything

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This is powerpoint deck of a talk that I gave in 2012 at WordCamp Pune. The slides talk about various use cases of WordPress. There are very few things that WordPress cannot do. It is highly extensible publishing platform that can be moulded into any way that a publisher wants.

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WordPress Use Cases - Wordpress Can Do Anything

  1. 1. WordPress Use Cases BY ARUN PRABHUDESAI HTTP://TRAK.IN | TWITTER: @8AP / @TRAKIN | FB: FACEBOOK.COM/ARUN.P Note: This talk is intended for people who are newly introduced to WordPress
  2. 2. “ ” WordPress can do EVERYTHING! Ok.. Maybe not everything….but on the web, WordPress can create almost any solution you can think of!
  3. 3. What do I know about WordPress? • WordPress user for about 7 years! • Spent over 4000 hours on WordPress till date (for one thing or other) • Created 10 different WordPress based applications • Tried over 300 different plugins • Used hundreds of WordPress based apps.
  4. 4. Why WordPress?
  5. 5. Plug and Play Architecture Real Reason for Growth – Extensibility via Plug & Play architecture
  6. 6. WordPress Stats  Over 25000 plugins  Over 10000 Themes  15 percent of Internet running on WordPress  24.5 percent domains running on WordPress  Over 60 million WordPress Sites in the World  About 40 percent of WordPress on Self-hosted platform (.org vs .com)
  7. 7. WordPress Use Cases Blog (duhh…) News / online magazine Static Websites Dynamic Websites Private Journal / Diary But WordPress does much…much more…
  8. 8. E-Commerce Websites  Full Fledged E-Commerce website can be built on WordPress  Entire shopping cart flow and PayPal payment gateway integration  Many Free as well premium plugins and themes available  Plugins: WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop, ShopperPress (premium), eshop, WooCommerce & many more
  9. 9. Job Board / Classified Websites  Using WordPress you can create a entire Jobsite or a Classified website in matter of hours.  Businesses can use it for their recruitments and attracting resumes  Many Full-featured Job-board themes and plugins are available  Themes & Plugins: JobRoller, JobPress, Tapp Jobs, WP Job Board, WP Careers, Templatic Job Board, 9 to 5, and many more…
  10. 10. Private Social Network / Community Website / Intranet  BuddyPress, a full-featured Social Networking platform, comes from Automattic, the company behind WordPress.  With BuddyPress you can create a fully featured niche social-network with a few easy clicks.  BuddyPress installation can be used as community website or even as an Intranet for a large office setup.  And again, it is free…
  11. 11. Portfolio Websites / Showcase  WordPress offers hundreds of themes and plugins for professionals to showcase their work  WordPress is probably the most popular platform used by artists, photographers and designers across the world
  12. 12. Q&A Website / Discussion Forums
  13. 13. Membership Websites
  14. 14. Wiki Websites
  15. 15. And Many more…  Comparison Engine  Event Management sites  Full Fledged Project Management  Video Sites  Directory sites  Recipe / Cooking sites  Fan Sites  Landing Pages  Music Sites  Hotel Bookings  Real Estate Showcase
  16. 16. Most Important Resources  WordPress Plugin Repository - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/  WordPress Theme Repository - http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/  WordPress Showcase - http://wordpress.org/showcase/ And lastly just search in Google… 
  17. 17. “ ” Question to Audience: Can you name 3 Web apps that are not available (or can’t be developed) on WordPress?