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Talent Gallery 2016

Talent Gallery - Scandinavian Search Group - offers Global executive search through a network of selected partners around the world.

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Talent Gallery 2016

  1. 1. Executive Search | Selection
  2. 2. Dear Client, We live in one of the most interesting and challenging decades within recruiting. Many companies have trouble finding the right co-workers and we have reached a point where candidates can pick and choose in possibilities. Young talents are “bought” from the beginning of their higher education, which is a situation we have to live with the coming years. This is a result of Baby Boomers retiring and Generation X and Y consisting of fewer people to fill their shoes in the workforce. Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group develop our business according to the needs in the market: A recent comprehensive client survey in Norway revealed the following feedback to consultants: • Understand the industry • Listen • Give us new ideas • Be honest Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group already have these four elements on our agendy and we will continue developing through: • Industry focus – across country borders • Process focus – to tell is not to sell • Innovation – and knowledge sharing • Honesty – one of our core values We hope that you experience a different company in this presentation. We wish that you, as a potential or existing client, will understand how we work – and how we expect that our advisors should work. Trond Larsen Managing Director Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group
  3. 3. Services • Headhunting • Selection • Advertised Recruiting • Profile Testing • Coaching and Mentoring • Organisational mapping • Business Development • Prosject Management – Recruitment processes and organisational changes The company is located in modern premises in the historic Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik. TALENT GALLERY Talent Gallery is an independent network of executive search companies with offices in Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. The company has existed in Norway since 1997 and has since carried out more than 1500 management recruitments on C- level, mid-level and specialist level in Scandinavia. All our advisors are authorised to perform our comprehensive processes. MARKET ORIENTED COST EFFICIENT TEAMWORKING DIFFERENT
  4. 4. Market • Norway • Sweden • Denmark • Finland • Iceland • Europe (Talent Gallery network) • Asia (Talent Gallery network) • USA (Talent Gallery network) • South America (Talent Gallery network) Positions • Managing Director • Sales/Marketing Director • Area Sales Manager • Sales/Marketing Manager • Production Manager • Engineers • Specialists Industries • Construction w/sub suppliers • Consulting • Retail • Logistics • Energy • IT • Sales/Marketing B2B • Technical management positions • Production
  5. 5. Trond Larsen, +47 9130 2220, tl@talent-gallery.no Executive, Sales, IT, International Search Sondre Larsen, +47 9340 5195, sondre@talent-gallery.no, Construction Anne Verdich, +47 4677 2020, anne@talent-gallery.no, Logistics Roar H. Olsen, +47 9130 2225, rho@talent-gallery.no, Production, Packaging, Banking, Energy Leif Stråtveit, +47 9580 8001, leif@talent-gallery.no, FMCG, Retail Tom Augestad, +47 4803 4452. tom@talent-gallery.no. Energy Reidun Pedersen Ringel, +47 9205 0437, reidun@talent-gallery.no, IT Anne OUR EXPERTS Trond Anne Leif ReidunSondreRoarTom
  6. 6. NPAworldwide Local knowledge, global reach NPAworldwide is a network of recruitment firms located across 6 continents. Members work co-operatively to fill your talent needs locally, regionally, and internationally. NPAworldwide is owned by its members, so each firm has invested in the long-term sustainability and success of the network. What does it mean for you? • Successful placements made in all industries and occupations on a global basis • Access to a private network of recruiter-sourced candidates on a global basis
  7. 7. PROCESS Assignment agreement – complete work analysis. Prepare advert – SSG website, other media. Research - LinkedIn, Boolean/Google, database, Monster. Planning Production Start search on relevant channels. Compare candidates – complete interviews. Send the best talents to clients. Complete test of finale candidates. Dialogue on results of job match. Structured reference check. 1. First meeting with client 4. Research 3. Prepare adverts 2. Work analysis 8. Brief candidates/ clients 7. Present candidates 6. Interview candidates 11. Debrief candidates/ clients 13. Reference check finale candidates 12. Test candidates 10. Second time interview with client 9. First time interview with client 5. Contact candidates
  8. 8. PROCESS (continued) Support in negotiations, resignation and notice period. Feedback to candidate(s) after profile testing. Follow-up of client and candidate – minimum the first year. Quality assurance14. Bistå i å forhandle betingelser 17. Follow up trial period 16. Follow-up notice period 15. Support candidate through notice period 14. Support conditions negotiations
  9. 9. FIVE GENERATIONS IN THE WORK FORCE We have all heard that, according to public statistics, it will be more positions than people in the nearest future. The estimates vary, but the experts agree that it will be between 3 and 10 millions of work places than people within 2020. These are scary statistics, and we experience today that we are facing shortages within certain disciplines. If you have used one day of recruiting in the health care sector or IT, you know what we talk about. The consequence of this will be: 1. The time you spend on filling critical positions will increase from 1 month to 6 months, a year or more. 2. The companies will lower their candidate standards to get the positions filled. 3. The salary levels rise. What is high income today, will for certain disciplines be medium level the coming years. Generation Born Characteristics Definition Traditionals 1925 - 1945 Hard working and dedicated Respects rules/authorities Conservative/traditional Old fashioned Dovetails Rigid Autocratic Opponents of change/risk Baby boomers 1946 - 1964 Young self image Optimists Team players Competitive Self centered Unrealistic Politically interested Workaholics Generation X 1965 - 1981 Balance work/leisure Confident Pragmatic Couch potato Selfish Impatient Cynical Generation Y 1982 - 1994 Quick/multitasking Wants to have fun Technologi freaks Short attention span Spoiled and little respect Technology addicts Generation Z 1995 - 2004 Strong opinions Big social networks Want immediate results Impatient Little interest for education and career Bad listeners
  10. 10. THE CANDIDATES The candidates have their own way of analysing the job market. In today’s online centered society, it is important for businesses/instutions to have a conscious relationship to the web based world we live in. It is worth noticing the following: • 84% of the candidates will look at the company’s website prior to an interview • 54% of the candidates will look at the company through social and professional networks • 53% of the candidates will check news about the company online The best candidates will always do thorough research of a future employer early on in the process. It also worth mentioning that: • 54% of the candidates use social and professional networks to look for new jobs • 83% of the recruitment advisors search candidates based on online profiles
  11. 11. FOOD FOR THOUGHT To get a job offer includes two factors: It can be easy to focus on the ”get the job” characteristics and forget about the ”do the job” characteristics Doing the job: • Drive • Team skills • Ability to reach goals • Technical skills • Leadership skills • Ability to plan • Intelligence Getting the job: • Personality • First impression • Handshake • Social safety • Performance • Extroversion