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Sustainability vs profit motive picture ppt talk & pics

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Sustainability vs profit motive picture ppt talk & pics

  1. 1. An Insight IntoAn Insight Into Sustainability V/s. Profit MotiveSustainability V/s. Profit Motive
  2. 2. What is it that we all have in common regardless of gender, nationality, color, creed, caste or social status?
  3. 3. The one thing we all share…The one thing we all share…
  4. 4. We all have needs.
  5. 5. Our NEEDS
  6. 6. And when we have needs, it points to….???
  8. 8. If we look closely, we human beings have two aspects to our survival challenge or to say two types of needs.
  9. 9. Physical Survival The Body
  10. 10. Psychological Survival The Identify of Self (Self-Importance)
  11. 11. So survival is focal point of our life.
  12. 12. When SURVIVAL is at STAKE
  13. 13. Now, when survival is central to our life, what we would do if this survival is at stake?
  14. 14. If a pack of hungry wolves is chasing you… If you are going bankrupt… If your family is dying… Few examples of threat on survival
  15. 15. What would one do? Obviously, try to take control of the situation! Isn’t?
  16. 16. So You TRY to Take CONTROL!
  18. 18. So for survival what is that we need most? Food, Oxygen, Water, Growth, Love, Peace, Money etc? Whatever our physical need might be; we need money to fulfill it.
  19. 19. Money can buy our needs, it keep our survival safe!
  20. 20. When money can buy our needs, it helps keep our survival safe!
  22. 22. This is what we understand and apply in our life. This is our unwritten formula for survival! Earning money becomes sustainable for a person only when there is……
  23. 23. PROFIT
  24. 24. PROFIT PROFIT means gain - benefit – advantage
  25. 25. Profit means Profit = the margin between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.
  26. 26. Profit Counter Productive to Human Survival at long run Let us see what PROFIT really means in our society and How PROFIT is counter productive to Sustainability.
  27. 27. We Human Beings adopt our methods of living from nature, be it relationships, work, creativity or any other aspect of life…
  28. 28. Man Imitates Nature
  29. 29. So, when it comes to PROFIT we assume that we must have adopted it somewhere from NATURE itself.
  30. 30. However, MAN has disconnected from NATURE in its course of growth & intellectual evolution…
  31. 31. So called intellectual Evolution
  32. 32. And that is why the methods we adopted from nature are also NO more perfect and in synergy with NATURE.
  33. 33. So, if we want to understand the imperfection and consequent dangers of PROFIT we must understand PROFIT in NATURE
  34. 34. Profit In Nature
  35. 35. In Nature the PROFIT exists without disparity and imbalance. It is an exchange based on needs and not other motives and thus PROFIT in nature is equalized making it Sustainable.
  36. 36. It is an exchange based on needs and not other motivesIt is an exchange based on needs and not other motives and thus PROFIT in nature is equalized making itand thus PROFIT in nature is equalized making it Sustainable and it does not exist on loss of others.Sustainable and it does not exist on loss of others.
  37. 37. Let’s see some examples… • In nature lion is profiting out of killing a deer but its profiting on deer is not based on greed or insecurity of future or its need for self-importance as in humans. The Lion only kills when hungry and only eats as much is required for it to survive. • A lion and deer require each other and are interdependent. • If deer population exceeds they will over eat the grass and plants and thus the whole species will starve and become extinct but the lion keeps deer population in control thus making deer, lion and green population sustainable.
  38. 38. What made Profit Dangerous for us then?What made Profit Dangerous for us then?
  39. 39. • Why and how Profit became dangerous, and where do we stand today? • What can be done to make our society a sustainable model in harmony with ecology?
  40. 40. If observed carefully our perils started after
  41. 41. We have destroyed The ecology in less than a century
  42. 42. Science & Technology is not in support with ecology and our way of profiting and so called growth is counter productive to the self- interest of all humans at a long run.
  43. 43. If we don’t change our society, we willIf we don’t change our society, we will destroy ourselves & other life forms.destroy ourselves & other life forms.
  44. 44. If this system continues without any reform, it will take humanity to the road of extinction while destroying other forms of life. We keep shouting: "Save the earth, save the earth!" Well, it did not give damn to anyone yet. Save yourselves, people or it will shake you off from the space ride in a blow!!!
  45. 45. When profiting is priority; ecology is ignored
  46. 46. Profiting & Disparity Exist Together
  47. 47. What is the way out? Elimination of an economic model which perpetuates disparity in distribution through manipulation of complex monetary game focusing on short term profiting goals and good life for few while offering struggle and low quality of life for many ignoring long term benefits of the entire human race.
  48. 48. We need to create a better model for our society which is not based on profit motive; cares for universal abundance and sustainability.
  49. 49. We need to create a model of production and distribution which can run without unfair monetary system creating disparity.
  50. 50. We need to adopt positive science in harmony with ecology & nature.
  51. 51. Change Economic System for betterment of humans and ecology
  52. 52. • Now change in our PROFIT based ECONOMIC System is necessary for Sustainability of our Eco-System • If, reforms have to be done… We need to first understand the Game of PROFIT very well.
  53. 53. SURVIVAL CALLS FOR CONTROL… and to control we need to profit More Profit means More Control
  54. 54. To have Control Over Resources & Social Systems to gain Power we created a system where one can PROFIT.
  55. 55. • To control resources we require power And POWER comes only when you can PROFIT from the others. • Thus this need for power gives rise to profit motive by all means; profit in resources and profit in relationships as well. • And this PROFIT is again one sided creating benefit for one and loss for other. • The balance in exchange is lost and exploitation becomes the byproduct. The richer becomes richer and the poor poorer.
  56. 56. “No man can profit except by the loss of others and by this reasoning all manner of profit must be condemned.” Quote by --Michel Dey Montaigne 15th century French Philosopher & Essayist
  57. 57. When Profit comes through an exchange of a resource while one party befitting out of other's loss. 1. If the number of people fall in debt increases, IT IS PROFITABLE FOR BANKS. 2. If the number of patients increases, IT IS PROFITABLE FOR MEDICAL COMPANIES AND DOCTORS. 4. If there are competing students, IT'S PROFITABLE FOR A TUTOR. 5. If hundreds of people die every day, THE COFFIN MAKERS WILL BE HAPPY.
  58. 58. Our economic system is based on Competition for Survival.
  59. 59. Competition – The Method for Profiting • We have to use the method of competition for having more profit. Thus this competition breeds many ill things in our society. • COMPETITION IN LONG RUN IS NOT SUSTAINABLE! One must read the book: “No Contest” The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn to understand this, you may also find his talk on Youtube.
  60. 60. Goods such as foods are sometimes destroyed to keep prices up; when things are scarce prices increase.
  61. 61. Competition is based on FEAR And FEAR initiates the SURVIVAL Game we saw before… And where Competition enters, ISOLATION and MANIPULATION also start playing.
  62. 62. We forget human ways of dealing with people and take ruthless ways to win this competition.
  63. 63. Competition in long run is not sustainable for humanity when we already have enough for all.
  64. 64. Thus the System of PROFIT being based on COMPETITION is also operated through manipulation of people and things and brings isolation in human relationship. There is tremendous corruption, greed, crime, embezzlement, and more caused by the need for money.
  65. 65. Profit Motive and Its Disadvantages The impact of profit motive on society is that it feeds the fear based survival instinct in individuals and in turn they replicate the entire process of profit motive and thus it is multiplied in social structure.
  66. 66. PROFIT MOTIVE has become the very DNA of our human civilization and our entire society runs on this DNA of FEAR!
  67. 67. We are conditioned to think that.. “To survive, I have to sell.” “To survive, I have to profit.” Sell whatever possible; services or products..... And how does this system of profit work in our society?
  68. 68. Through MONEY
  69. 69. The profit motive is sustained easily by our economic model based on exchange of resources through money.
  70. 70. MONEY Creates Disparity Centralizes Power Brings Social Vices Perpetuates Slavery Feeds Manipulation Feeds Consumerism Controls Resources 95% Crimes are money or property related
  71. 71. Drawbacks of Monetary System • Power gets easily centralized through money. • Money can be preserved against resources and hence can be gathered thus making one single individual powerful who can exploit others. • Money losses its buying capacity every year thus you require to earn more and more while living under survival threat. • Resource are controlled and distributed through money and hence only people with buying power have benefits of quality products and services
  72. 72. • Lack of ability to compete and perform ends up with less money or poverty. • Disparity is perpetuated through monetary system. • If you know monetary manipulation; you can become rich without any social contribution • Social malpractices like prostitution, human trafficking, dowry thrives on this monetary system • People can be cheated for money • 95% of crimes in our society are related to money or private property.
  73. 73. The Money & Private Property • The other problem of our society is ability to own things as private property. • Private property breeds self-importance, gives a person power and access to control more. Thus having a private property becomes necessity for us. • Money is also hoarded to control more resources as private property. • Thus the goal of profiting is to hold such private wealth.
  74. 74. To understand the flaws of monetary system, we suggest watching movies and reading books giving detailed explanation of how the monetary system works to employ isolation, manipulation and control in our life and how it has now become a huge problem and what is the possible solution.
  75. 75. Exposing The Monetary System and Looking at Possible Solutions MOVIES The Zeitgeist Addendum The Zeitgeist Moving Forward Paradise or Oblivion
  76. 76. Let us now see, how and where this PROFIT Motive affects us…
  77. 77. PROFIT MOTIVE MAKES OUR Food Adulterated Health Risked Art and Entertainment Degraded Learning Commercialized Work Stressful And Relationships Conditional
  78. 78. DISPARITY “Food, Shelter, Education, Health care are our essential elements of survival and thus they should be our fundamental rights and thus should be available to each individual without any disparity and profit motive However, it is not so today…….”
  79. 79. Today all the essential elements are given to people according to their buying capacity and not according to their needs.
  80. 80. The examples for this can be seen everywhere A sportsman starves without proper diet & support while a rich brat splurges on his whims & fancies A doctor is paid high salary while a scientist struggles to sustain his family. A retail chain opens hundreds of outlets while hundreds of farmers commit suicide in debt.
  81. 81. • The basic goods and services of necessity are given for a price and the quality is determined by the size of the payment. • In reality food, shelter, health care, these which are our fundamental needs should be our first fundamental rights followed by the freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc but that is not the case today as well.
  82. 82. The benefits of technology and science are only distributed to those with sufficient purchasing power
  83. 83. Income inequality in monetary system "An average medical doctor makes about - $150,000 a year , and the biological research scientists, which are looking for cures and treatments for diseases which makes only about $68,000 a year. You get the point. Income inequality is here. " - quote from the video 'Social Pathology' lecture by Peter Joseph founder of a movement for social change “The Zeitgeist Movement”
  84. 84. Now let us see how & where PROFIT MOTIVE impacts our society
  85. 85. PROFIT MOTIVE MAKES OUR Law Corrupt Politics Immoral Education Commercialized Defense Profitable Religion Degraded Trade Ruthless And then we need CHARITY in the society to plaster the damages.
  86. 86. Most laws are enacted for the benefit of corporations, which have enough money to lobby, bribe, or persuade government officials to make laws that serve their interests.
  87. 87. Most important, when the corporation's bottom line is profit, decisions in all areas are made not for the benefit of people and the environment, but primarily for the acquisition of wealth, property, and power. Chevron’s Toxic Dumping In Amazon Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  88. 88. Now let’s see “Profit Motive in all the cultures and isms”. • We grew from hunter gatherer’s groups to tribal farming communities to monarchism, communism, socialism, capitalism and so on… • The profit motive has always corrupted people and culture in all the ages but today it has reached its heights in society and has degraded the whole society while we have become vulnerable to many problems and dangers in coming short future. • We have tried every way of living and every social structure…however we have failed to see the flaws in our system and failed to adopt a seamless and synchronized structure like Nature. And that is why we as humanity are at the dead end of our search for survival today.
  90. 90. There is tremendous waste of material and strain on available resources from superficial design changes for newer later fads each year in order to create continuous markets for manufacturers.
  91. 91. We failed to create a holistic sustainable social model because Profit motive was always there in all the structures inherently.
  92. 92. • If we look at nature, it seems interdependent and not profiting on each other but surviving on each other. • But the human society survives on profit motive and survives by exploiting each other knowingly or unknowingly through this monetary system. • And thus, as long as profit motive is necessary to survive, we will use such highly exploitative monetary system and the problems will not only exist in our society but will increase, and for this reason we will not be able to create a truly sustainable way of living.
  93. 93. OBSERVATION Monetary system is inherently flawed and it is vulnerable towards power getting centralized in few men’s or one man’s hand and thus the powerful continues exploitation, corruption and crime for further profit by shaking hands with law, politics and media. This is indeed profitable for all who are top in the system.
  94. 94. Centralization of Power
  95. 95. Most people are slaves to jobs they do not like because they need the money.
  96. 96. Wars Are Done For Profit
  97. 97. Hierarchical Model
  98. 98. What kind of system can eradicate these issues?
  99. 99. QUESTIONS! • So now the question is can human society go beyond poverty and war? • Can we create a truly sustainable society?
  100. 100. Can we create a truly sustainable society?
  101. 101. Yes, by eliminating PROFIT MOTIVE
  102. 102. At the moment our society is a competitive society which can be transformed into cooperative society by right education and a change in perspective leading to a change in our choice & actions.
  103. 103. An initiative in this direction has been taken by many people & organizations across the globe…
  104. 104. Jacque Fresco who proposed a model called Resource Based Economy
  106. 106. A holistic socio-economic system It is a holistic socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few.
  107. 107. Benefits of Technology Today we are technologically advance to produce enough for everyone but due to monetary system the resources do not reach to everyone in proper quantity and technology is misused. Resource Based Economy eliminates this basic problem in fulfilling our needs and thus it ends the reason for PROFIT MOTIVE to exist.
  108. 108. Automation for all!
  109. 109. Technological Solution of Automated Cities Mr. Jacque Fresco proposes a solution of building automated cities for everyone on Earth. He also sees a possibility where only 3% of population will require to work for maintaining the cities and humans can be set free from monetary slavery. H
  110. 110. The Venus Project
  111. 111. The Venus City Project • His project is known as The Venus City Project. • To know more about this project you may visit www.thevenusproject.com • This project may take many generations to get educated about the future possibilities.
  112. 112. The Venus Project
  113. 113. No disparity, no exploitation, no fear & no survival in question
  114. 114. The Challenge of Transition Implementing RBE Technological solution immediately is not possible as there is lack of education and understanding and the transition part is very difficult without proper approach and practices.
  115. 115. How can we do the transition from here to Resource Based Economy? By Spreading Awareness first.
  116. 116. What are our problems today at global level?
  117. 117. •Cyclical Consumption •Infinite Growth •The Value of Scarcity •Problems/Inefficiency = Profit. •Cost Efficiency & Irresponsible Obsolescence •Waste & Oppression of the Human Resource
  118. 118. Our approaches should be….
  119. 119. Use of Natural source of energy
  120. 120. We can only become powerful by • Collaborative Actions • Cooperative Mutual Ventures • Education and training • Spreading the message • Networking • Non-cooperation to profit motive and greed • Build Sustainable Cooperative Groups
  121. 121. Advance Actions
  122. 122. •No Money or Market System •Maximum Automation of Labor through possible sustainable energy and technological solution so that people are not exploited to produce resources •-Technological Unification of Earth via "Systems" Approach. •Access over Property for all in common. •Self-Contained/Localized City and Production Systems. •Science as the Methodology for Governance
  123. 123. Practical Actions - 1 •Group up/Team up •Become producers and become less dependent on monetary markets •Start Cooperative ventures without hierarchical models •Cooperative Resource Sharing through building community resource library •Support ecological sustainability with low carbon foot prints •Build strong security model inside the group or community rather being dependent on financial security model
  124. 124. Practical Actions - 2 •Build a like minded people’s community/action group •Build and intentional community for living together with like minded life style •Escape education system encouraging slavery of market systems •Build in-house learning center for open learning •Consume Consciously •Non-cooperation to pesticides, GMO, branded products/big corporations; buy local
  125. 125. Join us at www.twimf.weelby.com  Thank You!