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Week5 Assignment

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Week5 Assignment

  1. 1. T c  for  D opi ocum D gn  E ent  esi xerci se  #1 O r  proj ect  i s  to  l au ch a  n   com y  u n   ew pan creati n robots  th h p  peopl e' s  l i ves. g  at  el     T e  obj ecti ve  of  ou com y  i s  to  m a  h r  pan ake  u trou ed  an con i en l i fe  by  n bl d  ven ce  devel opm of  robots  w i ch su ent  h   pport  ou r  l i fe.
  2. 2. T c  for  D opi ocum D gn  E ent  esi xerci se  #2 O r  com y  w l l   sel l   a  w de  vari ety  of  u pan i i robots.     O   th on h n e  e  and  w si l l   sel l   rescu e  e  robots  th can m i t  easy  to  save  at    ake  peopl e.     O   th oth h d,   w w l l   w n e  er  an e  i ork  as  a  toym aker  for  peopl e' s  en tertai n en m t.
  3. 3. T im he  portance  of  the  documents  for  l aunchi ng  busi ness  (1) T e  docu en for  l au ch n bu n h m t  n i g  si ess  are  importan becau th are  an ou cem ts  t  se  ey  n n en of  stati n ou bu n g  r  si ess.     Wth t  th ,   w can ot  attract  i ou em e  n custom s  atten on. er’ ti
  4. 4. T im he  portance  of  the  documents  for  l aunchi ng  busi ness  (2) A so,   th are  i m l ey  portan for  t  stren en n ou determn on. gth i g  r  i ati     B w ti n th ,   w can get  ou y  ri g  em e    rsel ves  up  for  bu n si ess.
  5. 5. Importance of Robots ● First I think that to know fact for many people is important. ● So I want to announce information which In the disaster side with internet. ● In the disaster side, there are many dangerous zone even if professionals.
  6. 6. Working robot ● In these case, Robot can work efficiently. ● To rescue victim,to move rubble,to search victim and so on.
  7. 7. Major Heading。。:。。Creating robots Robots will be more important part of our lives 。。 in the future. 。。So we think it is needed that creating and launching a new helpful robot. Question。。:。。The society supporting the life of people by new robot 。。It is that people can live more useful by we product and put out robots. Key words。。: 。。To help many people 。。To continue to develop 。。To keep good quality of robots Our industry will more advance and develop in the future. Also, this industry may bring welfare in our society.
  8. 8. Why are they important? Reasons : Because to gain advantage both business and people. 。。。。To be able to use time wisely 。。。。To cost savings in work (For example : employment cost) 。。。。To make a untroubled and convenience life。。 。。Because of making the contribute to technology 。。。。To support the area of technology widely