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Big Data Apps on OpenStack

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The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data applications make cloud environments an ideal fit, and more so OpenStack, which is open and is emerging as a standard for both public and private clouds.
But managing your big data app is no walk in the park - configuration, orchestration, HA, auto-scaling are all quite hard to do - which is where Cloudify fits in.

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Big Data Apps on OpenStack

  2. 2. about:meHead of Product @ GigaSpaces @uri1803 github.com/uric
  3. 3. “Big data and cloud technology go hand-in-hand. Big data needs clusters of servers forprocessing, which clouds can readily provide.” Ed Dumbill, The O’Reilly Radar
  4. 4. Why OpenStack?• Everyone (well, almost…) is in – HP, RackSpace, Dell, IBM, RedHat• Same API for public & private clouds – Cloud bursting – Portability
  5. 5. The 3 V’s of Big Data
  6. 6. Big Data Is Not Just About Elephants
  7. 7. Distributed File System
  8. 8. Map/Reduce
  9. 9. Data Mining
  10. 10. Data Access
  11. 11. Discovery & Orchestration
  12. 12. Real Time Event Processing
  13. 13. HDFS, in Reality
  14. 14. Map/Reduce, in Reality
  15. 15. Mongo, in Reality
  16. 16. Storm
  17. 17. Storm, In Reality
  18. 18. And What about Other Parts of Your App??
  19. 19. And This is What Your Big Data App Will Eventually Look Like
  20. 20. Managing All of That In the Cloud• Start VMs• Install and configure components• Monitor• Repair• (Auto) Scale• Burst…
  21. 21. Managing Big Managing Big Data Apps ≠ Data
  22. 22. Some Existing (partial) Solutions
  23. 23. Introducing Cloudifythe Open Paas Stack (Pun Intended)
  24. 24. When PaaS Met DevOps…
  25. 25. Your App, Your Recipe
  26. 26. How It Works Process Install Bootstrap Application Configure Java & Cloudify Recipe Start Agent Monitor & Ensures H/ACommands ResourceAllocation Invokes IaaS API Compute Services
  27. 27. DemoApache
  28. 28. Q&A