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The Path to Understanding: Making the Complex Simple

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I gave this talk at the World IA Day Boston pre-party on 2/19/16.

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The Path to Understanding: Making the Complex Simple

  1. 1. @KyleSoucy #WIAD16    #WIADBOS www.usableinterface.com
  2. 2. I’m  not  an  IA
  3. 3. I’m  not  an  IA but I do IA work >
  4. 4. Confused?
  5. 5. Theme: "InformaCon  Everywhere,   Architects  Everywhere"
  6. 6. Who  has  the  Ctle  IA?
  7. 7. Who  does  not  have  the   IA  Ctle,  but  does  IA?
  8. 8. H E L L O my job title is (Go  ahead,  pick  your  Ctle.   We’re  cool  like  that.) ???
  9. 9. Frameshi$ing
  10. 10. “…it  makes  less  and  less  sense   to  design  taxonomies,   sitemaps,  and  wireframes   without  also  mapping  the   customer  journey,  modeling   the  system  dynamics,  and   analyzing  the  impacts  upon   business  processes...” - Peter Morville without  also
  11. 11. “We  like  to  say  that  if  you’re   making  things  for  others,   you’re  pracAcing  informaAon   architecture.” making  things  for  othersmaking  things  for  othersmaking  things  for  others
  12. 12. Defining  the  damn  thing #dtdt
  13. 13. “I  fear  that  we  have  become  lost  in  a   war  of  dividing  responsibility...” - Abby Covert http://alistapart.com/article/pain-with-no-name
  14. 14. The  UX  Unicorn hUp://blog.scoUlogic.com/rmarcalo/assets/uxscotland2015/
  15. 15. WTF?
  16. 16. The  path  to understanding...
  17. 17. “...It  doesn’t  maDer  who  comes  up   with  the  label  or  who  decides  how   something  is  arranged.  What   maDers  is  that  someone  thinks   about  it  and  decides  a  way  forward   that  upholds  clarity  and  intenAon.” - Abby Covert http://alistapart.com/article/pain-with-no-name
  18. 18. You  can’t  create   a  usable  product   if  you  don’t  care   about  people.
  19. 19. When  people  interact   with  a  product   they’re  interacCng with  YOU...
  20. 20. ...and  every  decision  you   made  about  that  product   on  their  behalf.
  21. 21. hUp://www.katherinebarrow.com/author/katherine-­‐barrow/
  22. 22. We  are  the  sense-­‐makers
  23. 23. Hooah!
  24. 24. www.usableinterface.com @kylesoucy Thank  you!