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  1. ChatBot Presented By: Utsab Neupane
  2. Presentation Outline Introduction Background History Evolution How Chatbot Work? Applications Benefits Challenges Future Perspective Statistics Conclusion
  3. Introduction Known with various names: Talkbot, Chatterbot, Bot, Chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity 1. A computer program that conducts a conversation via audio or text 2. Uses Natural Language Processing or a list of keywords stored in database to scan and match the similar wording pattern 3. Part of Virtual Assistant and instant messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger
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  5. Background 1. ELIZA is considered as first Chatbot developed in 1966(Weizenbaum, 1966) 2. Was able to fool user in believing them to have conversation with human 3. Works on a principle of recognizing the words from sentence and giving a pre programmed or pre prepared output on the basis of recognized words 4. Alan Turing proposed a paper called “Turing Test” that is considered as a criteria of Intelligence(Turing, 1950) 5. ELIZA was the first to pass this test
  6. History
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  13. Evolution(Six Stages) 1. The Character Actor • Look for key phrases in user’s text or speech and based on it give output of scripted responses 2. The Assistant • Narrow down the task and assigned to do that particular task only • Each task represented with a form. Similar to stage 1 but rules has been split down the middle into two set of rules. One set looks for key phrases and other set checks if form is filled. If yes calls web services. Started from late 90s • Used for ordering pizza, making reservation
  14. … contd 3. The talking encyclopedia • No longer require predefined form • Build up a representation of what you mean by word by word(Semantic Parsing) • Used for weather forecasting, finding chinese restaurant nearby • Google’s Syntaxnet is one of the example 4. The Historian • Above this stage bots are not good at understanding how the given sentences connects to one another • Maintains discourse history • Integrate gesture understanding with language understanding
  15. … contd 5. The Collaborator • In Earlier stage chatbot recognizes the task that needs to be performed but it really cannot relate what user are actually trying to achieve • This stage of chatbot will suggest and recommend the best possible option using AI 6. The Companion • Similar to Human Counselor • Inspired from movie “Her” (Source: Link:
  16. Video: How Chatbot Work? (Link: How Chatbot Works?
  17. Application 1. Messaging platform: ➔ Eg: Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Twitter and more 2. Apps and Website: ➔ Eg: Ask Jenn from Alaska Airlines (2008) 3. Company Internal Platform (Automated online assistance): ➔ Eg: Chatbot instead of call centre 4. Toys (Chatbots are incorporated in device): ➔ Eg: Hello Barbie, a combination of Hologram and Chatbot - by Toy Talk company
  18. Benefits • 24 x 7 Availability • Enhance Shopping Experience • Maintain and Engage Customers (via message) • Reduce Cost by Reducing Chat Operators • Efficient Marketing Tool
  19. Challenges • User Acceptance • Human-Less Communication • Job-Loss • Unable to Perform Complex Task
  20. Future Perspective • Single Entry Point • Artificial Intelligence • Internet Of Things • Personalization
  21. … contd Video: Future of chatbot(Link:
  22. A Survey on Whether Chatbots Will Replace Human Counterparts Completely? Statistics: Source: ( survey-2017-72a6a4fc209c)
  23. Industries That Will Benefit The Most From Chatbots Source: ( 2017-72a6a4fc209c) … contd
  24. ● A new technology with great future potential ● Still in incubation phase Conclusion
  25. References: Mauldin, M(1994), "ChatterBots, TinyMuds, and the Turing Test: Entering the Loebner Prize Competition", Proceedings of the Eleventh National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI Press Turing, A.M. (1950), “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” Mind, Vol. 49, pp. 433-460 Weizenbaum, J (1966), "ELIZA—A Computer Program For the Study of Natural Language Communication Between Man And Machine", Communications of the ACM, 9 (1): 36–45 Mindbowser, (2017). Retrieved from Futurism, (2016).Retrieved from Octane AI, (2016). Retrieved from Pautler, D., (2016), Retrieved from Triskyl Technologies, (2017). Retrieved from
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  1. Weizenbaum, Joseph (January 1966), "ELIZA—A Computer Program For the Study of Natural Language Communication Between Man And Machine", Communications of the ACM, 9 (1): 36–45
  3. Explain “chinese restaurant nearby” noun restaurant is indexed to database table of restaurant, adjective like chinese and nearby add constraints for querying the database.
  4. Benefit:
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