psychology mental abnormality abnormal psychology psychiatry unit 3 developmental psychology bachelor in audiology and speech-language patholog baslp baslp first year under kuhs psychology related to speech and hearing developmental psychology intellectual insight assesment grades of insight multi-dimensional model of insight impaired insight insight true insight mental status examination judgement psychodiagnostics emotion and facial expression cognitive component identification of emotions behavioral component nature of emotions emotional expressions secondary emotions primary emotions positive and negative emotions characteristics of emotions physiological component components of emotion experimental psychology ulterior transactions complementary transactions transactional analysis eric berne adult ego state parent ego state child ego state life positions ego states a sketch of eric berne ego states- pac model counselling psychology ta counselling crossed transactions training committee assignments apprenticeship job rotation coaching mentoring job instruction training (jit) training vs. development learning principles: the philosophy of training training vs. education applicability of training human resource management hrm training methods systematic approach to training evaluation of training types of training training and developing employees: need for traini training depression major depressive disorder anxiety generalized anxiety disorder generalized anxiety disorder (gad) gad disorders neurosis psychological disorders
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