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ICO - The Next Big Thing in Digital Gold Rush

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This document is a study on Initial Coin Offerings (or ICO).
Discover what is an ICO crowdfunding and why it's silently changing the world.

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ICO - The Next Big Thing in Digital Gold Rush

  1. 1. Vincent Fontaine – June 2017 vincent.f@intp.com ICO The Next Big Thing In Digital Gold Rush
  2. 2. 2 AGENDA 1.  Context 2.  What is an ICO? 3.  Benefits for Entrepreneurs 4.  Benefits for Investors 5.  Why it’s so hot? 6.  The Next Big Thing 7.  Benefits for the Tech Industry 8.  ICO vs Kickstarter vs VC vs IPO 9.  Digital Currency Market 10. Top Digital Assets 11. ICO Market 12. Market Share 13. Press & Media Coverage 14. About the author
  3. 3. 3 •  Bitcoin is up 150% to All Time High $3,000 •  Ethereum is up 3000% since January 2017 •  Crypto-currency market is flooded with more than 750 digital assets •  Ethereum is used to create and sale tokens to raise money (ICO) •  Bitcoin is used to buy all the digital assets, which increases demand CONTEXT
  4. 4. 4 à $1.5B raised via ICO these past 12 months à ICO just outpassed VC funding this year The so-called ICO (IniGal Coin Offering) in a decentralized crowdfunding process, without any third party (no banks or regulators). à Investors are backing projects by directly purchasing tokens emiced by entrepreneurs (token price and supply decided before the ICO) à The tokens are then traded on the market for Bitcoin or USD, almost immediately aeer the crowdfunding campaign ends. WHAT IS AN ICO?
  5. 5. 5 -  Entrepreneurs raise money in days, minutes (or even seconds) to develop their project and bring it to life -  They get paid in real-fme, thanks to Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts -  Strategy: Fail Faster à Learn Faster à Succeed Faster BENEFITS FOR ENTREPRENEURS à BAT ICO raised $35M in 24 seconds last month à BANCOR ICO raised $150M in 3 hours this month
  6. 6. 6 -  Invest in inspiring, disrupfve and game changing projects -  Find visionary entrepreneurs in minutes, before VCs -  Get ultra liquid digital assets (tokens) to lower their risk BENEFITS FOR INVESTORS Smart investors and insftufonal traders oeen make astonishing profits on exchanges, shortly aeer purchasing tokens from the crowd- sale campaign.
  7. 7. 7 WHY IT’S SO HOT? à New tokens and young crypto-currencies are extremely volafle. à Most assets fail, but it’s usual to see up to +500% daily increase for the top performing digital assets. à From an investor’s point of view, ICO allows ultra liquid investments à Tokens are a vehicle for faster returns (or faster loss too, of course) So basically, an ICO is a crowdfunding campaign with all the benefits of an IPO or FOREX trading, where people invest or speculate on assets.
  8. 8. 8 THE NEXT BIG THING IS HERE To grasp the real scale of the ICO phenomenon: 1)  Have an idea + Launch a market study 2)  Develop the project + Get Friends & Family funding to build a Tech Startup 3)  Make a working prototype and raise seed capital 4)  Test the Proof Of Concept on real clients (are people willing to pay for that product or idea?) 5)  Convince VCs, make a Series A, then a Series B, then a Series C 6)  Then, if all of this was successful, list the company through an IPO 7)  Then, see the market reacfon to the new listed stock (are investors willing to buy the new listed stock? Is it valuable for long term investment or for pure speculafon?) à ICO = all of this in one month. Yes, it’s frightening. Tech industry will grow faster than ever starfng from right now.
  9. 9. 9 BENEFITS FOR THE TECH INDUSTRY •  Like always, 90% of ICO funded companies will fail to deliver •  But Top 10% will bring disrupfve and game changing innovafons to the world, faster than ever before (in weeks or months, not years) •  ICO can be seen as an IPO simulator and the perfect A/B tesfng tool to accelerate Research, Development and Innovafon. ICO is the perfect tool to quickly test market reacfons to a new enfty (Brand + Team + Product + Company etc.) with real money and real investors.
  10. 10. ICO Kickstarter VC IPO Investment @ project phase YES YES n/a n/a Investment @ prototype phase YES YES YES n/a LisGng Process Days Weeks Months Years What are investors buying? Digital Tokens Products / Goodies / Rewards Shares of the company Stocks Third party / Escrow service / Control Computers (arGficial intelligence) Humans (kickstarter) Humans (VC and lawyers) Humans (banks and regulators) Downside / Risk for investors Loose the money Loose the money Loose the money Loose the money Upside / Reward for investors You can make $50,000 with a $500 investment in months You get the product for half the price You can make $50,000 with a $5,000 investment in years To make $50,000 you must invest $500K @ 10% for one year ICO vs VC vs KICKSTARTER vs IPO 10
  11. 11. 11 DIGITAL CURRENCY MARKET $112B MARKETCAP – EXPONENTIAL GROWTH Source: coinmarketcap.com
  15. 15. 15 MARKET SHARE ETHEREUM WILL OUTPASS BITCOIN SOON BTC (BITCOIN): falling from 90% to 38% of the market ETH (ETHEREUM): jumped from 2% to 32% of the market (ICO uses Ethereum Blockchain) Source: coinmarketcap.com
  21. 21. ABOUT THE AUTHOR 21 Vincent Fontaine is a French entrepreneur and computer scienfst. Throughout his career in computers and engineering, he worked on various excifng topics, including operafng systems, digital signal processing, distributed P2P networks, mobile adverfsing and robofcs. Vincent is an early crypto-currency adopter and trader. He is also the founder of MineField Ventures, a tech studio backing promising startups like Kasomi and Nidium. Vincent Fontaine MineField.VC