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Shopping2020 - Wearable Tech in Shopping Today

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Shopping 2020 is a programme bringing together experts from industry to imagine what shopping will be like in 2020. This presentation was for Shopping 2020 and submits that wearable tech will be a feature of life and shopping in 2020.

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Shopping2020 - Wearable Tech in Shopping Today

  1. 1. Mede mogelijk gemaakt door: SHOPPING 2020 – SHOPPING TODAY Orientation © Shopping 2020 Victor Hoong – Director, Deloitte Almere, 26 September 2013
  2. 2. Our orientation expert group © Shopping 2020 Sanoma Media Interbest Snelwegreclame Museum WebshopDeloitte Thuiswinkel.orgING Insurance ATAG Search Result Van Haren Schoenen B.V. Deloitte Hunkemoller Noppies Symfony|XIB Zanox Deloitte Social Inc. Ahold Google D-reizen GfK Carat Nyenrode University Samsung Electronics Benelux Deloitte Bol.com Social Inc. IAB Yourzine Totaal Markt Deloitte Lectric Group Deloitte ComscoreAdobe 2 Wehkamp Haagse Hogeschool Nyenrode University
  3. 3. © Shopping 2020 3 How to engage the consumer in 2020? Orientation Expert Group Today’s best practices Trends Visioning 2020 Recommendations 
  4. 4. © Shopping 2020 4 A bit of history Evolution of orientation
  5. 5. Orientation – 70 years ago Print advertising (television emerges) © Shopping 2020 5
  6. 6. Orientation – 20 years ago Television advertising (and internet emerges) © Shopping 2020 6
  7. 7. Orientation – 10 years ago Internet shopping (and the rise of social media) © Shopping 2020 7
  8. 8. Orientation – 6 years ago Consumer devices emerge © Shopping 2020 8
  9. 9. Shopping Today Consumer devices © Shopping 2020 9 • Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYBURgFgP7w
  10. 10. Question Use the voting app © Shopping 2020 10 Imagine this: • It is the last week of November. Adidas has rolled Neo window shopping across major cities. • You are walking through a city centre while other stores are closed and come across a Neo store • How much would you use it? A. I walk past it without stopping - what a gimmick! B. I stop to have a play and mention it to my friends later C. I look up sports equipment to check the price D. If I find a good product I make a purchase – why not try it! E. You get engaged in some way and return to try again later
  11. 11. Orientation – Consumer technology trends Evolution of devices through natural selection © Shopping 2020 11 Use mobile phone to interact with consumer; activated by consumer “Today” “Tomorrow” “Next week” Consumer - Identify & Interact Use wearables for natural transactions and interaction (remove the user interface) Use bio-sensors to identify consumer & consumer needs (and use throughout other phases) Mobile, social, sensors, smart TV and other digital elements generate continuous streams & huge amounts of diverse data (big data) that identify needs
  12. 12. “Tomorrow”: Wearables © Shopping 2020 12 • Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu9TFJjHaM
  13. 13. © Shopping 2020 13 Orientation – Tomorrow: Wearables Wearables are (being made) available for many parts of the body 1 • Helmets 20% • Glasses 55% • Contacts 20% • Wristbands 65% • Armbands 40% • Shoes 20% • Shirts 31% • Coats 26% 1. Percentages indicate preferred locations for wearable technology. Source: Wearable Technology Grows in Popularity, SSI, 18 sept 2013 Location Preference
  14. 14. A closer look: Smartwatches Smartwatches are extension to mobile phone © Shopping 2020 14 "In this world the role of the smartwatch is not to replace the phone but to keep the data feed going and make it even more accessible“ Cambridge Consultants, September 2013 “Most of the smartwatches set to be introduced into the market in the near term are expected to use a similar approach as the Galaxy Gear device, with the devices only working as accessories to smartphones” IHS, September 2013 "I don't see that any vendor, with the possible exception of Apple, can make smartwatches a mainstream success.“ Forrester, September 2013
  15. 15. © Shopping 2020 15 Wearable Service: Vivino +
  16. 16. A closer look: Quantified Self Self-knowledge through self-tracking © Shopping 2020 16 • 69% of adults track a health indicator for themselves or others • 21% of individuals who track use at least one form of technology such as apps or devices • 34% of trackers share their data or notes with someone else Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, January 2013 “The broader potential for wearables is huge. Body-generated data could be applied to any domain, such as relationships, productivity, gaming, shopping, personal safety and identity validation, just to name a few possibilities.” Gartner, February 2013
  17. 17. © Shopping 2020 17 Example - Quantified self: Jawbone up + There’s a discount today on Omega-3 cod liver oil at the Etos (400m away)!
  18. 18. A closer look: Smart Glasses A natural enhancement of the senses © Shopping 2020 18 “Computing began, with mainframe computers in a backroom, evolved to desktops, then to smartphones, and now to devices we will wear, such as Google Glass.” Ken Restivo, IDC, september 2013 “[Google glass is] a cognitive prosthesis, an extension to you, enabling a computing environment where each experience is uniquely tailored to your preferences, habits and personality.” Forbes, April 2013
  19. 19. © Shopping 2020 19 Example - Wearable Service: Glashion + = Pay per gaze
  20. 20. Orientation – 2020 What’s next © Shopping 2020 20
  21. 21. © Shopping 2020 21 ABOUT SHOPPING2020 How do consumers shop in 2020?
  22. 22. © Shopping 2020 22 About the Shopping 2020 research program How do consumers shop in 2020? Shopping 2020 is a research program whose goal it is to answer the following central question: “How do consumers shop online in 2020 and which actions need to be undertaken on an national, sector and company level upon that Dutch B2C selling companies can act on this successfully, nationally, within Europe and globally.” The motive for this research program is that the current retail, finance and travel landscape is changing rapidly and despite the current economic crisis, companies have to reposition themselves in order to survive beyond 2020: • Changing consumer behavior (from single- to omni-channel); • Disintermediation of the value chain (producers sell direct); • Rise of new media (Google glasses, voice/virtual recognition) • Product digitalization (gaming, 3D printing); • Internationalization and global hyper competition (Amazon, Wallmart); • etcetera… Many of the developments are universal and reach across multiple Industries and sectors. Source: http://www.zazzle.nl/nederland_de_nederlandse_macht_van_het_honkbal_van_tas-149333394796361450
  23. 23. © Shopping 2020 23 19 key themes were defined to create a Shopping2020 Vision & Actionplan In each expert group experts from the scientific, political and business community are participating Shopper Behaviour Cross border (e)Commerce Technological Future Touchpoints Ecology Political / Legal Orientation Selection Transaction Delivery Business Models Omnichannel Organization Security & Fraud The New Shopping Street Smarter shopping Supply Chain Future Trends Customer Journey Key Themes Travel Action plan Finance Action plan Retail Action plan … Action plan Action Plan Shopping2020 Customer Care Customer Data Value Management Online Entrepreneur- ship … Shopping2020 Vision
  24. 24. © Shopping 2020 24 In total more than 460 experts are working for half a year on Shopping2020
  25. 25. © Shopping 2020 25 The Shopping2020 has been made possible by a large community Of Founding Partners, Hosts, Industry Organizations, Knowledge, Network & Media Partners Founding Partners: Wetenschappelijke partners:Kennis partners: Program mgt: Jorij Abraham Mar/Com: Inge Demoed Research: Eveline Poerink Congres: Marin Wiellersen Travel Retail Finance Expertgroep Shopper Behaviour Expertgroep Cross Border (e)Commerce Expertgroep Technologisch Expertgroep Future Touchpoints Expertgroep Ecologisch Expertgroep Politiek / Juridisch …… … … … Expertgroep Online ondernemen Expertgroep Business models Expertgroep Veiligheid / Fraude Expertgroep Omnichannel Organisatie Expertgroep De Nieuwe Winkelstraat Expertgroep Supply Chain …… … … … Expertgroep Orientation Expertgroep Selection Expertgroep Transaction Expertgroep Delivery Expertgroep Customer Care Expertgroep Customer data value management Arjen Bonsing …… … … … … Commissie van Aanbeveling Program Board Future Trends Key Themes Customer Journey Support Team …Dymfke Kuijpers …Axel Groothuis Ed Nijpels (voorzitter) Bernard Wientjes (VNO-NCW) Arie van Bellen (Directeur ECP) Martijn van Dam (kamerlid PvdA) Jan Kees de Jager (vml. Min. Fin.) Cor Molenaar (Erasmus Universiteit) Kitty Koelemeijer (Universiteit Nyenrode) Walther Ploos van Amstel (VU) Erik Fledderus (Directeur TNO) Heleen van Oord (Directeur DQ&A) Giovanni Colauto (CEO Bijenkorf) Harry Bruijniks (CEO Euretco) Ronald van Zetten (CEO Hema) Joost Romeijn (CEO Sundio Group) Paul Nijhof (vml. CEO Wehkamp) Annemarie van Gaal (CEO van Gaal) Herna Verhagen (CEO PostNL) Nick Jue (CEO ING NL) Michiel Buitelaar (COO Sanoma Media) Danny van der Eijk (Chairman Achmea) Harry van Dorenmalen (CEO IBM Europe) Netwerk partners: Smarter Shoppin g Media partners:
  26. 26. © Shopping 2020 26 More information can be found at www.shopping2020.nl Here you can find all (intermediate) reports of all expert groups Visiting address: Horaplantsoen 20 6717 LT Ede Postal address: Postbus 7001 6710 CB EDE Phone: +31 318 64 85 75 Email: info@shopping2020.nl