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Mongo db in 3 minutes BoilerMake

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Mongo db in 3 minutes BoilerMake

  1. 1. MongoDB in 3 Minutes Valeri Karpov Kernel Tools Engineer, MongoDB www.thecodebarbarian.com github.com/vkarpov15 @code_barbarian
  2. 2. What makes MongoDB Special? •Open source, 100% free •Store data as objects, not columns •Sophisticated query engine and indices •Horizontal scalability built in •Drivers - write code in your favorite language And more: Go, C++, C, Perl, PHP, etc. *
  3. 3. Storing Data As Objects •MongoDB stores associative arrays: { name: “Val”, from: “MongoDB” } {‘name’: “Val”,‘from’: “MongoDB” } {“name”=>“Val”,“from”=>“MongoDB”} new BasicDBObject(“name”, “Val”) *
  4. 4. Getting Started with MongoDB •Setting up MongoDB is simple: •OSX: brew install mongodb •Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/1eF0ZO8 •Windows: get zip from mongodb.org/downloads • •And run mongod, the MongoDB core server • *
  5. 5. Using the Shell •Now you can do inserts and queries! *
  6. 6. Using a Driver - PyMongo •Github: http://bit.ly/1jgPAYq (or Google it) •Available on pip: pip install pymongo •Recommend version v2.6.3 *
  7. 7. Using a Driver - PyMongo *
  8. 8. Who Uses MongoDB? *
  9. 9. Big Financial Firms *
  10. 10. Sites You Visited Recently *
  11. 11. Products That You’ll Be Using Today *
  12. 12. Thanks for Listening! Tech talk tomorrow @ 4pm Slides on Twitter, @code_barbarian *