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Mindfulness on the go 2 day workshop

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Whether we like it or not, a large part of our thinking is wasteful. It expresses itself as repetitive and compulsive thought patterns typically labelled as worry, anxiety, frustration, blame, guilt etc. This drains our energy and hinders creative decision making. Mindfulness is about recognizing thought patterns to be wasteful while thinking. This workshop explores how mindfulness can be experimented with on the go - any time, anywhere.

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Mindfulness on the go 2 day workshop

  1. 1. Mindfulness on the go A 2-day workshop Facilitator: Vinay Dabholkar For information / registration contact: vinay@catalign.com, 9945757913 1
  2. 2. Workshop learning objectives • Learn to step out of train of thought • Learn to notice wasteful thinking • Learn to investigate cognitive illusions • Learn to experiment on the go 2 Mindfulness on the go
  3. 3. Outline 3 Time Focus 9:30-11:00 Introduction What & Why of mindfulness on the go 11:15-01:00 Step out from train to platform Background test: Feel softer changes First practice session: 1 hr 02:00-03:15 Observe the train from platform Case story from the movie: A beautiful mind, depicting the 3 stages of creativity, madness and awakening 3:30-5:30 Check if it is really your train Repeat test: Notice wasteful thinking Second practice session: 1 hr Day-1 Time Focus 9:30-11:00 Mindfulness as an investigation Case story from the magic show: Penn & Teller - fool us 11:15-01:00 Where is the train coming from? The fuel test: Look for the source Third practice session: 1 hr 02:00-03:15 The slow-motion train The button test: negative emotion Observe the automatic reaction in slow motion 03:30-5:30 The perfect train to dreamland Gabbar test: for self-deception Fourth practice session: 1 hr Day-2 Mindfulness on the go
  4. 4. Highlights 4 Secular Not aligned to any religion, sect, guru Investigation Presents mindfulness as an investigation, not just a practice On the go Exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere Movies & Magic Uses metaphors from Movies, magic & music Experiential learning Several short exercises, Four 1-hour practice sessions Mindfulness on the go
  5. 5. 5 Facilitator: Vinay Dabholkar 20+ years of experimentation in self-discovery Influenced by the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, S. N. Goenka, David Bohm, Eckhart Tolle among others 40+ blogs on self-discovery since 2008 Co-author “8 steps to innovation” 10+ years of consulting in innovation B.Tech. IIT Bombay & Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo USA in Computer Science
  6. 6. Selected blogs by the facilitator • Four hurdles in self-discovery • 3 flavours of mindfulness • A beautiful mind and the three acts of creativity, madness and awakening • Learning mindfulness through “Penn and Teller: Fool Us” magic show • Gabbar Singh and self-deception • What’s wrong with practicing mindfulness to become better? • The problem and the paradox of “becoming” • Catch yourself getting LOST in wasteful thinking www.catalign.in 6 Mindfulness on the go
  7. 7. Podcasts Conversations between Gauri & Vinay 1. What is mindfulness? 2. Why “Mindfulness on the go? 3. Tips from the movie Dangal 4. Is there a problem right now? 5. Am I aware that I am breathing? 6. Is this thought useful? 7. could I be wrong? www.catalign.in 7 Mindfulness on the go
  8. 8. Thank You 8 For more information / registration contact: Email: vinay@catalign.com Mobile: 9945757913, 94481-92117 http://www.catalign.in/p/mindfulness-on-go.html