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Happy Easter

May you have a little sunlight to guide you on your way.
May you discover, little by little, happiness that’s here to stay.
May you grow a little stronger and a little wiser with each dawn.
May you have a little time to believe in dreams to dream upon…
May all the joy your heart desires find its way to you.
And may the blessings that brighten up your days keep on shining through!
Happy Easter. Sanja

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Happy Easter

  1. 1. Christmas is glorious Of its Holy gift we sing Of a manger and baby Our blessed newborn king Thanksgiving is so grand Our thanks to God we give For His unending bounty Gracing each day we live
  2. 2. Valentines Day is romantic A day we are filled with love Love from spouse and family Love from the Great One above
  3. 3. But there is one holiday That rises above them all Rewarding each one of us Whether strong, meek or small
  4. 4. Of all of God's gifts Easter shows us our fate Forgiven we will rise And pass through Heaven's gate
  5. 5. This Easter remember The sacrifice of a Son And through His resurrection Eternal life we have won
  6. 6. This Easter I pray That the love of God Is resurrected Reborn, renewed Inside your heart www.slideshare.net/vusa
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