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Drunk Driving in Pennsylvania

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The dangers of impaired drivers on our roads.

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Drunk Driving in Pennsylvania

  2. 2. A BAD DECISION WITH DISASTROUS RESULTS Most people who get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks feel confident in their ability to safely drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s often other motorists or passengers who suffer harm because of a drunk driver’s poor decisions. In the pages that follow, we’ll look at how drunk driving poses a threat to Pennsylvania motorists and legal options for those injured in drunk driving crashes. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  3. 3. FAST STATS ON DRUNK DRIVING IN PENNSYLVANIA  Around one-fourth of all fatal vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania involve a drunk driver.  On average, 28 alcohol-related crashes occur every day in Pennsylvania.  As a result, an average of 18 people are injured each day in an alcohol- related crash.  There are more than 10,000 alcohol- related crashes in our state every year. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  4. 4. DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES IN PENNSYLVANIA…  Most often involve drinking drivers that are male.  Are more likely to occur at night.  Are more likely to occur on the weekends.  Increase during and around holidays. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  5. 5. ALCOHOL INCREASES THE CHANCES OF SERIOUS INJURIES In 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, crashes involving drunk drivers were nearly four times more likely to result in a fatal injury than non-alcohol-related crashes. Not only is an inebriated person’s ability to drive impaired, but the consequences of an ensuing crash tend to be much worse. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  6. 6. HOW ALCOHOL IMPAIRS OUR ABILITY TO DRIVE Even before a person’s blood alcohol concentration reaches the legal limit (0.08%), they may experience…  Depressed reaction time  Difficulty concentrating  Loss of muscle coordination  Decreased accuracy and focus of vision  Diminished reasoning, judgment and self-control. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  7. 7. IT’S NOT JUST ALCOHOL No discussion of impaired driving is complete without referencing other substances that might curb one’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Those substances include:  Marijuana  Illicit drugs  Some prescription medications  Some over-the-counter medications  Any substance that can cause dizziness or drowsiness. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  8. 8. PLAN TO AVOID DRUNK DRIVING While none of us has control over the actions of others, we can do our part to make sure we are not responsible for putting more impaired drivers on the road.  If you’re hosting a party, make sure that every attendee who has been drinking has a designated driver.  When going out with friends, either designate a sober driver beforehand or plan to have another form of transportation.  If you know of a drunk driver on the road, report them to the authorities. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  9. 9. WHEN A DRUNK DRIVER CAUSES OTHERS HARM As we’ve seen in the statistics, many people are injured by drunk drivers every day in Pennsylvania.When someone is hurt by a drunk driver, they can take legal action to recover any costs associated with their injury, including…  Cost of medical treatment and long-term rehabilitation or care  Lost wages from time missed at work  Diminished earning ability, if the injuries affect their ability to work  Pain and suffering. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  10. 10. WHO BEARS RESPONSIBILITY FOR A DUI CRASH? The person who chooses to drive while intoxicated bears responsibility for injuries they cause, but sometimes liability can extend beyond the drunk driver. For example, if a drinking establishment knowingly serves an intoxicated patron who then injures others in a vehicle accident, that establishment or the server could also be to blame for the victim’s injuries. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  11. 11. IF YOU’VE BEEN INJURED, YOU HAVE LEGAL OPTIONS No one should have to pay the costs for a drunk driver’s decision to get behind the wheel.The law offers recourse for those who’ve been harmed in a drunk driving accident. By filing a personal injury claim, you can seek compensation for the damages you’ve suffered and hold a drunk driver accountable for their actions. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600
  12. 12. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE To learn more about filing a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania, contact Wapner, Newman,Wigrizer, Brecher & Miller to schedule a free consultation. We make sure our clients get the compensation they deserve. Call us at 1-800-529-6600 or fill out our online contact form today. CALL FOR A CASE EVALUATION: 1-800-529-6600