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We Create Brands - Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design Adelaide Portfolio

Check out some of the great branding work by We Create Brands. You'll see examples of brand identity design, including company logos, graphic design, web design, packaging and wine label design, social media marketing and more.

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We Create Brands - Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design Adelaide Portfolio

  1. 1. Hello. Are you looking for a competitive edge for your business? We Create Brands is an integrated branding, digital and graphic design studio, based in the heart of Adelaide. We Create Brands helps businesses achieve a competitive edge, win more customers and grow into profitable brands.
  2. 2. Blackwood Family Medical Centre Challenge: Develop and launch a new brand identity and website for Blackwood Family Medical Centre. Solution: A brand strategy to develop a family-orientated, caring, professional and approachable brand identity. Results: A caring and approachable brand identity that conveys the values and vision of the medical centre. Within 4 weeks of marketing the business, Blackwood Family Medical Centre attracted over 200 new clients.
  3. 3. addcash Challenge: Rebrand AddCash Finance after a brand review highlighted gaps in the brand strategy and brand identity. The well-established company was delivering an outstanding service and product, however the brand image wasn’t congruent. Solution: A brand strategy to develop a contemporary, approachable and customer focussed brand. Results: The rebranding has boosted AddCash’s profile with Customers and Referrers as well as highlighted the excellent work of their staff, further cementing a culture of delivering outstanding service.
  4. 4. “ . ” We Create Brands are now our branding partners, everything goes through them to ensure is it congruent with our brand strategy and guidelines. Andrew Kelly, Director AddCash
  5. 5. Beyond Blue - The Shed Online Challenge: We Create Brands had the challenge of refreshing The Shed Online brand by re-designing various marketing communications including posters, postcards, fact sheets and email newsletters. Solution: Develop a corporate, fresh, and strong design, using the The Shed Online’s brand guidelines for brand consistency and brand awareness. Results: A series of appealing, corporate and fresh marketing communications were designed to achieve maximum brand awareness for the The Shed Online initiative and beyondblue.
  6. 6. “ . ” Outstanding communications skills to complement their excellent design work. Rachel Sheldon, Brand & Content Advisor beyondblue
  7. 7. Seeley International Challenge: We Create Brands were engaged to develop the branding for the Climate Masters of Seeley International dealer program that would create high brand awareness for the dealer program, and position Seeley International as market leaders in quality and innovation. Solution: Design a brand identity and logo design, press adverts and direct mail design for Climate Masters of Seeley International dealer program. Results: The branding has positioned Seeley International as a market leader, creating brand awareness and strong relationships within the dealer network.
  8. 8. “ . ” Great at communicating, keeping us in the loop during the whole process. Helen Hodges, Marketing Manager Seeley International
  9. 9. Training x Design Challenge: Develop and launch a new brand identity for Blackwood Family Medical Centre. Solution: A brand strategy to develop a family-orientated, caring, professional and approachable brand identity. Results: A caring and approachable brand identity that conveys the values and vision of the medical centre.
  10. 10. “ . ” Working with We Create Brands was an unbelievable experience... I’m finally proud of my brand and that’s thanks to We Create Brands. Gina Brooks, Director Training x Design
  11. 11. SunSafe Challenge: Develop and launch a new brand identity, logo design, corporate stationery design and web design for Adelaide's newest skin cancer and cosmetic clinic, SunSafe Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic. Solution: The brand strategy was developed to create a professional, reliable and friendly brand identity.  Results: We Create Brands launched the SunSafe brand into the market as a caring and approachable brand identity that conveys the values and vision of the brand.
  12. 12. Coperich Consulting Challenge: Develop a logo design and corporate stationery design that will launch the Coperich Consulting brand into the construction and building industry. The main challenge was to design a confident yet welcoming logo design. Solution: Design a confident yet modest and professional brand identity to convey Coperich Consulting as a trustworthy and community orientated brand. Results: Launched Coperich Consulting into the marketplace with a professional image and competitive edge, positioning the brand to increase brand awareness and market share.
  13. 13. Karratha Business Expo Challenge: Develop a brand identity and logo design for the KDCCI’s networking group to help raise awareness and increase membership for both the BAH and the KDCCI. Solution: A vibrant, engaging and friendly brand identity, logo design and brand communications. The identity was inspired by the Pilbara landscape, Aboriginal dot paintings and the various businesses operating in the Pilbara based on the theme of business growth and sustainability. Results: A professional and friendly brand positioned to increase membership for both BAH and the KDCCI.
  14. 14. “ . ” The service provided by Carrie and Astrid was second to none, with the final results far exceeding our expectations. Nelda Linklater, Events Manager Karratha & Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  15. 15. Conveyancing Matters Challenge: Develop a consistent brand identity from logo design, corporate stationery, brochures and social media. Solution: A brand identity review highlighted opportunities for brand management to redefine the brand identity and logo design by refining the colour palette to include a consistent use of colours, typefaces and branding guidelines. Results: A professional looking brand that is consistent, memorable and easy to manage. Conveyancing Matters have positioned their brand competitively in the market and are working towards protecting their brand equity.
  16. 16. “ . ” Thanks to their experience and honesty we have a professional looking brand. Penny Erskine, Marketing Manager Conveyancing Matters
  17. 17. harrison mcmillan Challenge: Design a series of marketing materials including a corporate sales brochure and stationery suite design for Adelaide’s newest recruitment company, Recruitment Review, while considering existing brand identity, logo design and brand guidelines. Solution: A corporate, clean and professional series of marketing communications using the existing brand identity and guidelines for brand consistency. Results: A professional, fresh and corporate sales brochure and stationery design launching Recruitment Review into the marketplace. Recruitment Review is positioned to increase market share and boost brand awareness.
  18. 18. “ . ” Used their knowledge to advise us what we should do and how we should do it. Dani Bieg, Director harrison mcmillan
  19. 19. Green Pritchard & Co Accountants Challenge: Develop a new brand identity for Green Pritchard & Co Accountants after a restructure of the company. Solution: A brand strategy to develop a modern, personal and relational brand identity. Results: A relational and customer-focused brand identity that conveys the values and vision of the company. Since the rebrand the company has recorded an increase in sales growth and market share.
  20. 20. “ . ” The team worked closely with us to understand our business and culture. Shane Pritchard, Director Green Pritchard & Co Accountants
  21. 21. Helen Bennetts Sustainable Design Challenge: Design an identity that wasn’t stereotypical of the imagery and colour scheme associated with the energy and green industries. Solution: A brand strategy to develop the brand identity, logo design, website and corporate stationery suite. Results: We Create delivered a down-to-earth, personalised and professional brand identity design unique to the business. Since its launch the business has increased its market share making it a very competitive entity within the energy sector.
  22. 22. “ . ” Communication was easy. Helen Bennetts, Director Helen Bennetts Sustainable Design
  23. 23. Southgate Real Estate Challenge: Rebrand Southgate Real Estate as a leading real estate agent in South Australia and increase market share. Solution: New logo and rebranding of signage and corporate stationery. Results: Instant brand awareness leading to an increased market share and competitive edge.
  24. 24. “ . ” Our rebranding has given us a real competitive edge in the market. Yvette Bartlett, Sales Consultant Southgate Real Estate
  25. 25. Customer Concepts Challenge: Launch Customer Concepts into the competitive marketplace of customer service training in Adelaide, Australia and Internationally. Solution: Create a customer focused, innovative and professional brand identity design to launch Customer Concepts into the Adelaide marketplace, while increasing brand awareness and client base. Results: Competitive product delivered to marketplace and has instantly gained international and national brand awareness and exposure.
  26. 26. “ . ” Carrie and Astrid have a unique passion for helping their clients achieve their full potential. I have found them to have excellent customer service skills, a keen sense of the customer’s requirements, and an ability to deliver on what they have promised. Deirdre Albrighton, Managing Director Albrighton Consulting and Training Service
  27. 27. Bookkeeping with Confidence Challenge: Launch Bookkeeping with Confidence into the SME market as a small business specialist. Solution: A brand identity, including a logo design, stationery suite design and direct mail campaign was designed to launch the business. Results: Launched Bookkeeping with Confidence into the marketplace with a professional and trustworthy image. The branding and direct mail campaign raised brand awareness and lead generation resulting in client growth within the first 6 months of the launch.
  28. 28. “ . ” We Create Brands are a delight to work with. They are professional, experienced & knowledgeable while at the same time sincere, friendly and down to earth. From the first time you meet Carrie and Astrid, you know they are listening to your needs and work with you to create your brand. Carrie & Astrid truly care about their business and their clients and the quality of service is what sets them apart. Lorraine Jast, Director Bookkeeping with Confidence
  29. 29. AGRIFY Challenge: Launch AGRIFY into the niche marketplace of the Australian Agricultural sector. Solution: Create an innovative and strong brand identity to launch AGRIFY into the national marketplace while building brand awareness and client growth. Results: A high impact and professional brand identity that has increased client growth, national brand awareness and brand value.
  30. 30. Maplewood Bookkeeping Challenge: Launch Maplewood Bookkeeping into the marketplace. The main challenge was to design an identity that was welcoming yet professional. Solution: A brand identity and logo design based around the Maplewood tree and its mission and values. Results: Launched Maplewood Bookkeeping into the marketplace with a professional image, raising brand awareness and resulting in client growth within the first 6 months of launch.
  31. 31. National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) Challenge: Design various marketing materials while considering existing brand guidelines. Solution: Corporate, fresh, yet consumer-focused marketing materials using the NBCF’s brand guidelines for brand consistency. Results: A fresh, corporate marketing communications designed to achieve maximum brand awareness for the NBCF and the Mother’s Day Classic (MDC).
  32. 32. “ . ” Our communications with We Create were handled with great efficiency and accuracy by the team. Gemma Sullivan, Marketing Manager National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia
  33. 33. City of Onkaparinga Challenge: Design a series of marketing communications and brochures for the council’s rebranding while adhering to the new brand’s extensive corporate guidelines. Solution: Use local imagery with the brand’s new identity to design a series of fresh and vibrant brochures and marketing communications. Results: A series of strong and vibrant marketing communications and brochures that contributed to the council’s rebranding.
  34. 34. “ . ” Contributed to building our revised brand. Nicole Kinnear, Marketing and Communications Manager City of Onkaparinga
  35. 35. Southern Women in Business Challenge: Redefine and rebrand Southern Women in Business as a professional and trusted business network while attracting new membership for SWIB and SSBEC. Solution: A fresh and friendly brand identity, logo design and brand communications. Results: A professional and trusted brand identity resulting in membership growth for both SWIB and SSBEC after the first networking event.
  36. 36. “ . ” Shining example of young women in business, setting the bar a little higher for small business. Deirdre Albrighton, Managing Director Albrighton Consulting and Training Service
  37. 37. Dr Tom’s Herbs for Health Challenge:  Launch a new brand of dried herbs and herbal extracts designed help people live healthier and longer lives. Solution: Develop a brand strategy and identity to reflect the brand’s key promise of providing a safe, effective and high quality product at an affordable price. Results: A health brand that conveys a caring personality and is and is positioned grow its reputation as being effective, safe and affordable in Australia and worldwide.
  38. 38. Udder Delights Challenge: Launch new cow cheese product and cheese cellar to increase market share and sales growth. Solution: Design cow cheese logo and cellar door logo based on existing brand identity for consistency and added brand value. Results: Increased brand value with the addition of new cheese product and added exposure with the cheese cellar, resulting in increased market share and sales growth.
  39. 39. Bright Wings Challenge: Develop a premium South Australian wine brand to import back to China. The project included wine label and packaging design, carton design, trade mark registration, sourcing wine suppliers and wine label printers. Solution: The Bright Wings brand was inspired by the native butterflies of South Australia. The design is clean, sophisticated and classic with the introduction of bright colours to increase the wines’ presence, online and offline, and to engage with its it target audience. Results: We Create Brands has positioned Bright Wings as a premium wine brand in China.
  40. 40. Lavina Wines Challenge: With a recent brand refresh and opening of a new cellar door and vineyard, Lavina Wines engaged We Create to assist with brand management and graphic design to continue the roll-out. Solution: Brand management and design of brand communications including wine label and packaging design, carton design, logo design, corporate stationery design, exhibition signage and banners and vineyard signage. Results: Since the brand refresh and the opening of cellar door and vineyard, Lavina Wines has positioned their wine brand competitively in the wine market and has enjoyed steady traffic through cellar door increasing wine sales.
  41. 41. Ivybrook Farm Challenge: To launch Ivybrook Farm Wines into the domestic market through cross-promotion with the Bed & Breakfast. Solution: Brand identity and wine packaging design to convey the history and story of the Hunt family and its connection with Ivybrook Farm. Results: Launched a family orientated wine brand with a rich story and history. The wine has enjoyed steady sales through the Bed & Breakfast and local retail stores.
  42. 42. Gemtree Vineyards White Lees Challenge: Reposition Gemtree Vineyard’s White Lees Shiraz into the high-end wine market. The design must reflect Gemtree’s brand identity and their environmental values. Solution: A screen-printed design replacing the traditional paper label for an elegant, innovative and sustainable design, complementing its brand identity. Results: A clear distinctive design that repositioned the wine into a higher price point and increased its retail price by 10%. By screen-printing the design directly onto the bottle we reduced paper, ink and production costs achieving a sustainable product, reinforcing Gemtree’s green values.
  43. 43. “ . ” We Create exceeded our brief and delivered a clear distinctive design that matched the price point for the wine. Astrid and Carrie have proven themselves to be very efficient and creative and coming up with solutions in a timely manner. Andrew Buttery, Managing Director Gemtree Vineyards
  44. 44. Tatty Road Challenge: Rebrand Tatty Road as a uniquely Australian wine brand to penetrate the overseas market. It needs to  have a strong shelf presence and appear more expensive than its low price point. Solution: A concept driven, street sign inspired label was developed to pay homage to the vineyard situated on Tatachilla Road, affectionately referred to “Tatty Road”. Results: The innovative concept was a major factor in strong sales results, and in its first year Tatty Road claimed victory with its Shiraz, winning gold at the New World Wine Awards in New Zealand.
  45. 45. “ . ” The team at We Create took a courageous risk in creating a label that was far from traditional. The pioneering concept from We Create was a major factor in getting the wines off the shelves and into the homes (and wine glasses) of thousands of happy customers. Andrew Buttery, Managing Director Gemtree Vineyards
  46. 46. Thank you. For more information visit wecreatebrands.com.au