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Real Problems - Real Solutions - Don’t Get Blindsided

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Real Problems - Real Solutions - Don’t Get Blindsided

  1. 1. Real Problems, Real Solutions: Don’t Get Blindsided Social Recruiting Strategies Conference July 27th 2016 #SRSC
  2. 2. Agenda Candidate Ego is Out of Control Transparency Means Something Actionable Feedback Brutal Feedback Careerpathing Training Texting Beats Email Addendum Q&A
  3. 3. Candidate Ego is Out of Control Problem: Candidates know that the talent game has changed. Solution: Recruiters must stroke egos or take their marbles and go home.
  4. 4. Transparency Means Something Problem: Candidates want to know what the job, the company, the culture, and the values are about. Solution: Recruiters must be prepared to have (excruciatingly) robust & honest conversations.
  5. 5. Actionable Feedback Problem: Candidates don’t want status updates. Solution: Recruiters must talk to fewer people, and have better conversations.
  6. 6. Brutal Feedback Problem: Candidates aren’t made out of porcelain, if they suck, they want to be told they suck. Solution: Recruiters MUST be honest with their candidates.
  7. 7. Careerpathing Problem: Candidates have a “what’s next” mentality. Solution: Recruiters must be able to explain internal mobility (however that is defined).
  8. 8. Training Problem: Candidates want demand development of their skills. Solution: Recruiters must be able to delve into the specifics of a training and development plan.
  9. 9. Texting Beats Email Problem: Candidates expect text messages and regular status updates. Don’t leave me a voicemail dude. Solution: Recruiters must ask, “Where do you want me to meet you? You’re what’s important here, and I’ll defer to your communication style.”
  10. 10. Addendum... wait, what... 7 more Tech Machine Learning & AI (www.pocketrecruiter.com) Bot Technology (www.goarmy.com/ask-sgt-star.html) Financial Wellness (www.hellowallet.com || www.enrich.org) Referral Technology (www.teamable.com || www.simppler.com) Topics Geolocation Tagging (eg. how can we use Snapchat to source talent?) Croudsourcing (eg. how to we leverage the wisdom of the crowd?) Predictive Analytics (eg. What should our databases be telling us?
  11. 11. HR Tech Resources /pulse/hr-technologies-watch-q3-2016-william-tincup/pulse/hr-technologies-watch-q2-2016-william-tincup
  12. 12. Thank You William Tincup, SPHR, SHRM SCP Tincup & Co. Email = william@tincup.com Mobile = 469-371-7050 Twitter = @williamtincup Instagram = @williamtincup LinkedIn = linkedin.com/in/tincup Facebook = facebook.com/tincup Skype = williamtincup