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Decoding Replacement Window Industry Buzz Words

Confused by replacement window buzz words? We'll clear that right up.

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Decoding Replacement Window Industry Buzz Words

  1. 1. Decoding The Window Industry’s Top Buzz Words of 2014
  2. 2. Triple Pane Triple Pane Windows are replacement windows on steroids. They block outdoor noise, reduce condensation and add extra insulation.
  3. 3. $189 Windows $189 is the overly used bait and switch price point for companies to lure in customers with artificially low prices. You are normally upselled once the salesman arrives at your home.
  4. 4. Free Estimate Not to be confused with your invoice amount. The Free Estimate gives you a rough idea of what your total bill will be at the end of your replacement windows installation.
  5. 5. Energy Star Energy Star is a government-backed program that uses specific criteria to ‘grade’ the efficiency of replacement windows. Think of it as a status symbol; if you have it, your products are top notch.
  6. 6. Lifetime Warranty The Life Time Warranty for replacement windows is tricky; a lot of times it doesn’t actually mean for life. Some only last 5 years. Ask for your warranty terms in writing.