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Wingss power point

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Wingss power point

  1. 1. Wingss Management Consultancy Requirement & Outsourcing
  2. 2. Wingss Management ConsultancyA Complete Staffing Requirement Solution In All Over Indian Group Strategy: Hospitality Around the World Construction & With the Customer Banking Engineering Our Quality Group Culture: • Determination Insurance Stock Broking Marketing • Integrity Sales • Professional, Reliable, Media & Production Trustworthy House • Pride • Spirit • Team Work Recruitment Solution
  3. 3. At Wingss Management Consultancy we offer some of the most sophisticated recruitment services enabling organizations to cut the turn around time, efforts & cost Our Vision: Management and Complete solutions staffing Work On provider All Requirement Our Mission: Strong Focus on delivering the Best, Cost Effective Services and solutions to cater to the needs of our clients.
  4. 4. Wingss Management Consultancy Our CommitmentTo continuously ameliorate and profligate client’s expectation with respect to Timeliness Quality of candidates and Ensuring minimal efforts by the client in the selection process.
  5. 5. Wingss Management ConsultancyWe target to achieve CLIENT SATISFACTION through our Quality,Efficiency, Cost E-effective and Support Services• Speed Multiple parallel project teams Component based Framework approach• Quality Robust Processes and Tested Methodologies Comprehensive quality system in place covering Processes• Cost Cost savings in Offshore Quality Support Development Lower defects, hence lower re-work Client Cost• Service Efficiency Satisfaction Effectiveness On-time, On-budget Project Delivery. Focus on Communication & Coordination Recruitment Solution
  6. 6. Wingss Management Consultancy Concept Recruitment:  Top Level  Managerial Level Replacement  Executive Level Planning Project Outsourcing: we personnel outsourced to clients on a contract basis (HR Management n Accounts Personals) Development Fast Service Recruitment Solution
  7. 7. Wingss Management ConsultancyServices we offer • We are a team of professionals with a mission to associate and assist the corporate in recruiting skilled human resources to meet clients requirements. We provides end-to-end staffing services. • We cater to the requirements of the industry segments like: • Information technology • Hardware/ Software technology • BPO • Engineering • Finance and Banking • Retail • Hospitality Recruitment Solution
  8. 8. Wingss Management Consultancy Our Expertise•Hospitality•Construction & Engineering•Banking, Insurance•Stock Broking•Advertising, Media•Communications•Marketing & Sales•BPO Recruitment Solution
  9. 9. Wingss Management Consultancy We Believe Being’ the Best is Not at all important. Doing’ the Best is all that matters!Success lies not in the result but in the effort. Recruitment Solution
  10. 10. Wingss Management ConsultancyCustom Application Development• Efficient and Cost effective business solutions• Strong Programming Logic and Concept• Develop Upgradeable Standalone Staffing Solutions with multi-platform compatibility• Customize existing solution Recruitment Solution
  11. 11. Wingss Management ConsultancyData BankWe retain in the data bank only such candidates whom we have met andevaluated as good. This gives the client immediate access to qualified andexperienced candidate. A fully computerized data bank of profiles ofcandidates for various functions including Accounts and Finance,Administrations and HRD, Commercial, Advertising, CustomerCare/Support, Material Management, Marketing and Sales, PublicRelations, Technical and IT Professionals. Placement Consultant as oneof the Indias fastest growing Manpower Placement Consultant forQualified experienced and right professionals for right jobs. We are knownas HR consultants Service providers. Recruitment Solution
  12. 12. Wingss Management ConsultancyOur QualityWe understand that you are currently in the process of recruitingpeople across various Middle & Senior Positions and would like tooffer our professional services to your esteemed organization in yourbest interest of searching most eligible candidates. Recruitment Solution
  13. 13. Wingss Management ConsultancyDomain Registration & Web Designing Domain Name & Web Hosting: • Domain Name Registration • Web Hosting – Fail over servers • Tech support via e-mails • Website Designing And Maintaince Recruitment Solution
  14. 14. Wingss Management ConsultancyE-MarketingOnline Marketing and Promotions:•Newsletters•Google adverts•Affiliate Programs•Email marketing•Web Marketing / Internet marketing•Online advertising (Banners, Rich Media Marketing) Recruitment Solution
  15. 15. Wingss Management Consultancy Wingss Database Solutions Framework Online Applications Internet Data Base Outdoor (Roadside Billboards) & Transit & subway CampusInternet Search Recruitment Media Job Fairs Data Base Trade Fair Business Fair Recruitment Solution
  16. 16. Wingss Management ConsultancyProject Management Provider • Metrics driven project management • Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) Client & End-User involvement Hospitality Management Retail Management in Requirements stage HR IT Management Management Change • Change Request Process Management Management Provider • Usage of tools to improve Procurement Management Staffing Quality Management Communication Human Management Resource Management Recruitment Solution
  17. 17. Wingss Management Consultancy Our team• Uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience.• Industry-certified and highly qualified people from best universities and institutions• Well-structured team providing increased resource bandwidth Recruitment Solution
  18. 18. Wingss Management ConsultancyWingssManagement Consultancy Some of Our Clients Recruitment Solution
  19. 19. Wingss Management ConsultancyDifferentiators…..• Excellent Service• Round the Clock Support• Value for Money - Delivering a true cost – benefit• Proven track record• Wide spectrum of services• Flexible business models• Continuous Technology Adaptation and InnovationWhy Wingss…..• Among the many HR agencies in the country, we stand out due to our unique deliverance of services. The main reasons why our customers choose us over others are:• High Quality Services• Speed & Efficiency• Trained Personnel Recruitment Solution
  20. 20. Wingss Management Consultancy Contact Us Registered Office:Wingss Management Consultancy No. 302, 3rd Floor, Manju Block, Chitra Avenue, No.9, 600094Mr. Ramjee Sharma Choolaimedu High Rd, Chennai, TamilEmail:ramjeesharma@wingssasia.com Nadu.India. Mobile:- +91-9382153541 Office:- + 044 23746299 Email:-rajeesharma@wingssasia.com Recruitment Solution
  21. 21. Wingss Management ConsultancyWe aspire to deliver a value system to thecustomer with excellent quality and costeffectiveness and with a focus on speed. Recruitment Solution
  22. 22. Thank you !Motivation gets you moving, Determination keeps you going !