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Ecological levels of organization

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Ecological levels of organization

  1. 1. Ecological Levels ofOrganization
  2. 2. Video Questions:Organisms in theirenvironment 1. The branch of biology devoted to the study of organisms in their environment is ________. 2. Two parts of an ecosystem are: a. ________ nonliving b. _______________ living 3. What is the difference between habitat & niche?
  3. 3. 4. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?5. Give an example of a substance being recycled by the environment.
  4. 4. Biosphere The part of the earth that contains all living things.
  5. 5. BiomeGroup of ecosystems that have the same climate and similar dominant communities.
  6. 6. Ecosystem All of the biotic and abiotic factors in a defined area.
  7. 7. CommunityPopulations of living organisms that live together and interact with each other in a defined area.
  8. 8. Population Group of organisms of one type that live in the same area.
  9. 9. Organism – an individualliving thing. Consists of: Groups of cells – includes tissues, organs, and organ systems. Cells – smallest functional unit of life. Molecules – groups of atoms; smallest unit of most chemical compounds.