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Multiscreen Experience Design (short presentation, English)

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Multiscreen Experience Design – Strategy and concept development for digital services for multiple screens (executive summary / short presentation). July 2013. English short presentation of the book and project by Wolfram Nagel and Valentin Fischer (authors) and digiparden (publisher/editor, an imprint of SETU GmbH). More information via info@msxbook.com

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  • Como diseñar apps teniendo en cuenta la persona y lo que hace
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  • Thanks for your comment, Bob. I just quoted Giles Colborne in that slide. And I think he isn't wrong. It's not about what you or any other user wants or what is the best available (!) screen in any situation. I think it's a fact, that people just use any device or screen (available in a particulare situation) to do anything they just want to do. Of course it's about context, too. See slides 26 to 39 in this presentation (unfortunately just in German): http://www.slideshare.net/wolframnagel/multiscreen-experience-design-september-2012-muc-up12

    You always have to consider the user, device and context!

    I just started a short article series on Medium. Perhaps you are interested in it.


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  • I believe your slide 'People use any platform to do anything' could be a little misleading. I don't want to surf the Internet on my TV, I can, but it doesn't make sense. I can watch a movie on my iPhone, but I would much rather enjoy a richer experience on a larger screen. You can use any platform to do anything but why would you? I think context plays a big role in what you do on what device. Granted, I only have your slide and not the dialog here to reference.
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Multiscreen Experience Design (short presentation, English)

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