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Hands-on Agile Webinar #1: Product Discovery Anti-Patterns

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Scrum has proven to be a practical product delivery framework for digital products like applications or apps. However, Scrum is equally suited to build the wrong product efficiently as its Achilles heel has always been the product discovery part. What product discovery part, you may think now. And this is precisely the point: The product owner miraculously identifies what the best way to proceed as a team by gating and prioritizing the product backlog is. How that is supposed to happen is nowhere described in the Scrum Guide. Consequently, when everyone is for himself, product discovery anti-patterns emerge.

From sunk costs, HIPPO-ism, my-budget-my-features to self-fulfilling prophecies — learn more about the numerous product discovery anti-patterns that can manifest themselves when you try to fill Scrum’s product discovery void.

BLOG: https://age-of-product.com/webinar-product-discovery/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=rW2kVanMxMM

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Hands-on Agile Webinar #1: Product Discovery Anti-Patterns

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